Britney Spears loves her dog more than her kids


I wouldn’t exactly call this shocking news, but it appears Britney Spears cares more about her Yorkie London then her own children. Britney lost her cool at a Mexican restaurant when she wasn’t allowed to eat there with London in her lap. Ok! Magazine has the details:

“It set her off into hysterics,” the source tells OK! about the scene at the Marina del Rey, Calif., eatery. And a friend of Brit adds, “She cares more about London than her boys! She’ll let anyone hold Preston and Jayden, but has to really trust you for you to even touch London.”

The friend also reveals to OK! that, “If one of the boys is crying and London is barking, she’ll pick up London while the nanny calms the babies.”

Britney seems to love a lot of things more than her kids these days. I’m just waiting to read a story about her trading Sean for an extra packet of hot sauce at Taco Bell. But, c’mon, she can’t be that bad. There has to be something Britney loves less than her kids. Besides wearing clothes, long drive-thru lines and stupid judges that make her pee in a cup. What about that guy who gave her the small slice at Pizza Hut? I hear she jumped over the counter and tried to stab him in the face with a fork.