Britney Spears loses support of gays

May 23rd, 2007 // 105 Comments

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  1. I think that half of that audience only showed up because the Improv next door was closed and they were hungry for laughs.
    I mean, this is a joke, right?

  2. HotDogger

    Damn, she still has some nice legs on her.
    Too bad they lead up to a bastion of nasty diseases.
    What a waste.

  3. Or maybe…it was the S&M shop that was closed….I dunno, but clearly no one would be stupid enough to pay actual money to see that!!! Not on purpose. Please tell me they were drunk or high and didn’t know who was “performing”.

  4. K

    You can totally see armpit hair in thumbnail #9. When you’re that rich, shave your damned underarms bitch.

  5. K

    Ironically, as soon as that posted I noticed the banner for the schick quattro at the top of the page.

  6. dogbert

    Its not over till the fat lady sings

  7. jenna

    Its amazing how people can be so cruel. When people spend so much time and energy bashing successful others it is usually do to jealousy.

  8. Webster

    Um, Jenna, dear…..get yourself a dictionary and look up “homonym.”

  9. captain obvious

    Wow, she is seriously making a fool of herself. Just because it worked in 2000, doesn’t mean that look is gonna work 7 years and 2 kids later. She looks like she belongs in an Austin Powers movie…
    as fat bastard’s sister!(Okay, maybe not that bad, but she looks ridiculous none the less)

  10. frenchie

    #57- Well…I understand being envious of someone that has talent. It’s human nature; however, Britney’s abilities (raw talent) do not merit her sucess. She has always been a manufactured tool. The music industry used her to make tons of money with the hopes they can still profit on her with a comeback. Her road to “sucess” is pretty pathetic – wouldn’t you agree? Yeah there are crude vultures out ther willing to exploit for quick gains; however, she made the choice to sell herself out from the very start. Her career was not rooted to retain any sustainability. GET RICH QUICK BABY! Now she wonders why she’s a joke.

    One trick pony.

    So…jealousy is not the correct word. subcontiously people know she represents the decaying fiber for all that is good. She is an insult to the hard working American with her public conduct of slovenly gluttony.

    If you do not understand a reason for this disgust than you must not be conscious of our current events and the downward spiral we are all living. She is a symbol you genius.

  11. dc

    The chick dancing with her is hotter than she is. Thats a bad sign.

  12. Codefire

    Maybe It’s me but I’m a bit confused at to the meaning of “impromptu.” Doesn’t that typically mean you don’t go around with your backup dancers waiting for 10 seconds in the limelight?

  13. Jen

    I think we can all safely say now that, with boobs like THAT Brit never got implants….

    my 6 year old niece has bigger boobs that than….

  14. AnnaDraconida

    Dozens of celebs-hell, even “normal” women get preggers, give birth and return to their normal shape without much ado! I mean,look at Heidi Klum, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jen Garner, even Madonna-and the list goes on and on. Britney is definitely not doing something right. There is no excuse for going onstage looking like THAT in such…umm, REVEALING clothes.

  15. shanipie

    Why doesn’t someone tell her to lose like 15lbs before she dresses like this?

    Oh my, poor girl, does she actually think she looks sexy now? Poor thing, should we tell her? Nah She’ll probably do something crazy again like when she shaved her head and we’ll have to cart her ass to “rehab” again.

    Oh and seriously When I was a stripper I wore more expensive looking outfits. That school girl one the back up dancer is wearing is like $20 at Pricillas.

  16. bungoone

    suprise performance? why would she assume people want to see her show? dumb fuck.

  17. bungoone

    hey, 57, before you start giving out what you might think is sage advice, perhaps you should learn the difference between “do” and “due.” Maybe then people might listen…probably not though.

  18. O=My=God==pleaze help her
    she is so skanky….
    As much az I can’t stand
    Madonna anymore…
    At least shez knowz what
    reinvent meanz..WTF….?

    Thiz bitch will end up
    back in New Orleanz
    where she belongz….

  19. WowJustWow

    Trannies aren’t going to take any shit.

    Not from Britney, not from anyone.

  20. Dirty Sanchez

    She ate a baby.

  21. Phoebe

    I’m starting to think that K-Fed was the one with the talent.

  22. Rick Rubin

    why don’t people get bored with writing the same Britney comments over and over again? fat hick inbred shitney blah blah blah zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    you people are why TV sucks, or at least why “Everybody Loves Raymond” was a long-running hit.

  23. jenster

    she still looks like she smells. and i bet her feet are still the grossest in hollywood.
    seriously, ever take a look at those thing?
    it looks like she tapdances on broken glass…..

  24. jenster

    oh and give her 8 more months; she’ll be preforming at state fairs for free. I can see it now; she’ll weight like 300lbs, and she’ll still be in a that stretched out uniform from “hit me baby one more time”
    lip synching with that little ear peice on her head, thinkning she fools everyone. hope fully, she’ll go into a diebetic coma induced from too much funnel cake….

  25. Michael

    I don’t know if I’d agree the backup dancer looks better than Britney, but she definitely doesn’t look worse either.

  26. HelloRussia

    Britney Spears is watching you poop.

  27. bday55

    Ha, you internet faggots are funny. Why don’t you ladies post a picture of the last thing your dicks have been in. Now that would be funny!

  28. #77 – here ya go

  29. bluecrush

    Why do her shows look like amateur porn videos..Is she doing porn next? I thought the smaller thumbprints of her looked bad but when I click to make the picture larger, I cringe!

  30. Meth… Cocaine… TrimSpa… Death….
    In that order…

    Britt is one step closer to realizing it’s over…..

  31. I doubt “The Gays” were big fans to begin with. Posing in a catholic school uniform all pouty really doesn’t do much to get gay guys to like you.

  32. moralglue

    #60 all I can say is AMEN!

  33. Pope Benedict

    #81 – I dunno, it used to get the priests at my school rock hard (well, when the boys did it).

  34. divvy

    Well, we’ve got the gratuitous twat-shot but it surprisingly doesn’t belong to either Britney OR Lindsay. Check out the last photo (bottom right) of the back-up dancer. Looks twattish to me…

  35. wedgeone

    OK, #78 – that was just fucking WRONG! WTF was up with that?!?

    The gays are only interested in real performers, not fat-assed, lip-syncing twatwaffles. That’s why you find the gays dominating the fashion and performance industries.
    Don’t go slagging on me now, people; you know it’s true.

  36. Danielle

    and HOW is this different than ANY OTHER DAY in the life of Britney the Wig Wearer?…

    AND I SERIOUSLY hope that’s a wig and not extensions, because I coulda sworn that her shitty painful extensions were the reason she shaved her weird mishapen head in the first place. So extensions would just be stupid… oh wait, we’re talking about Britney…. never mind.

  37. Danielle

    *these are seriously the same clothes she wears EVERY DAY!!!

  38. JILL


  39. BlohansDeviatedSeptum

    #77 I would put up some pics of what my dick was in last but your mom is a little camera shy, and now in need of a nice douche.

  40. #72==clearly didn’t get any
    last nite..too bad…………..

  41. I’d hit that like Fred hotdogwater Durst did. In other words I didn’t but I’ll tell all of my friends and the whole interweb I did just to get shot down. That said, I hit that.

  42. Wayne Moores

    Sweet Jesus, she is so over. Why can’t she take what’s left of her fortune, which I hear is still considerable, invest it wisely and get her life back together, and mersifly dissapear. Looking after two children she brought into the world should be high on the agenda, one would think. At least Federslime had the deacency to drop of the face of the Earth after he got a couple of mill out of her.

  43. Sara

    So, who else wants to jump off the deep end?

  44. buttman

    What I’m waiting for is 30 years from now, when Britney is fat, bald, can’t walk from arthritis, and in a wheelchair doing her baby one more time act onstage wearing a fake wig and a miniskirt 2 times too small. That’s gonna be something.

  45. OJ Simpson


    Can someone explain to Britney that as a mother of 2 children and a multi-millionaire she should not be wearing the same outfits as a street prostitute.

    Have a little respect for yourself Britney and also a little morality so your kids can grow up to respect you.

  46. Lonnie Pacifica

    How come she looked good in San Diego
    2 weeks ago and now she’s a bloated hag?

  47. ctti

    Eww…that would be a trashy outfit, even for a hot girl. But Britney Spears…uhh…I don’t know if you can even consider that thing human.

    And what I could never stand about her bald stunt wasn’t that she looked terrible with no hair – although it did absolutely nothing to improve her deteriorating looks – it was that she did it, then almost immediately after, started wearing the most ridiculous wigs to cover up her baldness.

    If you’re gonna do it, make sure you don’t regret it. Disgusting.

  48. Jack Mehoff

    Britney wears the bus station hooker look better than anyone. I jerked off to these shots!

  49. Jay

    Again, whats the point of wearing a microphone when your not going to use it? There’s no reason to have it Britney everyone knows that you lip sync.

  50. aurélie

    no comment

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