Britney Spears loses support of gays

May 23rd, 2007 // 105 Comments

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  1. Did they pick her up off the corner of Canal and Bourbon St., begging for tricks?


  2. Angela


  3. Kristin

    Ewww… They should put her on the show, “What Not to Wear”.
    And why the wig? We all know what she did, shaving her head and all. Why hide it? I mean, if you’re gonna hide anything, hide the belly roll.

  4. adeliza

    God Dang this friggin’ SEA HAG!!! I wanna beat her ugly ass upside her head with those nasty white GO-GO boots.

  5. Flavio

    I`d pay $200 bucks to fuck this bitch… and no more… it´s a genuine whore.

  6. wedgeone

    Harsh! Those sound exactly like the comments that appear on this site on all the Britney threads. Does that mean…we’re all a bunch of trannies and gay guys???

    I’m soooo not talking to you.

  7. Dawn

    Why does she have to wear a microphone to lipsinc????? Things to ponder……

  8. My sister would and has gone on stage looking like that.
    She’s Lita Ford.

  9. Dawn

    also…..lets just thank the Goddess she decided to put on some friggin’ underwear…

  10. CtK

    ewwww still nasty!!
    Why does she even bother wearing a
    microphone?? EVERYONE KNOW SHE CANT SING!!

  11. Aurélie & Sylvain du 29

    Mais quelle connasse cette pute. She’s so ridiculous with her bitchy look. We fuckin’ hate her. She’s just a “GROGNASSE” with no brain. Her I.Q. is the same that her friend’s one: Paris Hilton! She should go to jail with her or better, in psychiatric Hospital…

  12. The goodfella

    Me? i think Britney looks great!

    for a beaver that is.

  13. Sj

    oh Britney, Why must you humiliate yourself even more?


    #5: I’ll see your $200 and raise you 10 cents.


  15. Alayney

    I thought she got lipo. Well, they forgot some. She’s an embarrassment. Hasn’t she got any other moves? They’re always the same. Yeah, lets wear our fur coats over our bras. Pfft.

  16. Justin

    I think you all should give her a break and get a life. I can only imagine what some of you look like! Trolls.


    #7: It’s one of two things.

    She either thinks she’s working the drive thru at Mickey D’s, OR, she’s calling ahead to Mickey D’s to order 4 of everything on the menu… and a Diet Pepsi.

  18. Frankrizzo

    Its so sad that when I was 16 I used to wack off to her.

  19. blondewithnobrain

    i don’t think her legs look bad at all. i think they nice…actually toned and shapely…the boots are hideous though!

  20. brad nadon

    and that marked the first time since a pity appearance in “truth or dare” that christopher ciccone saw his name in print.

  21. isitin

    I’d hit that…………..

  22. isitin

    And if you wouldn’t hit that, you must be part of the “trannies and gay guys” that went to the show.

  23. ME

    wow its like she’s a spoof of herself now. i remember when dressin like a slut used to work for her.

  24. lollydoodle

    She looks like Daphne Aguilera.

    Naughty Baby Did A No-No …

  25. ME

    wow its like she’s a spoof of herself now. i remember when dressin like a slut used to work for her.

  26. BeSmirched

    The girl has more money than god and yet her extensions still look like they were ripped out of old plastic Barbie heads.

  27. Allie

    Why is she still around? Does she not understand that she has lost her sex appeal? After showing off her nasty cooter to the world I don’t think ANYONE cares about seeing her do the humpty dance all over some stage while she pretends to sing.

    And if she ever does make it to What Not to Wear, I hope Stacy and Clinton just shoot her. It would be the right thing to do.

  28. Chauncey Gardner

    I am so glad I never jacked off to that fat monster and her weirdly arranged face. Here eyes are so lop-sided, if you fucked her and looked at her face, you’d be staring into an eye and a cheek. Fucked.

  29. lawpunkut

    Umm, yeah. she better not run for President because no way she wins without the gay and trannie voting swinging her way. Get it? Swinging.

    I will now go throw up in my mouth after seeing more Brit with no makeup.

  30. Ooba Gooba

    Why doesn’t someone in her “posse” tell her to just stop? Fuck Twitney, it’s OVER. You made your money, you got your headlines, your picture has been everywhere…..but it’s come and gone….it’s OVER…..someone really needs to tell her what a dumbass she really is, but they would be dropped from the payroll in a second. That’s probably why we’re being punished like this.

  31. doogleberg

    No matter how good or bad she looks from now on, all I will ever be able to remember are the upskirts photos from a few weeks ago…it looked like someone taped two ballpark franks together and laid them on her crotch.

    I miss hot Brittney. I think #18 feels the same way.

  32. LL

    You know, I think Britney is finally sad enough that it’s just not funny anymore. When you’ve lost the gays, that’s it, you’re done. When trannys think you look bad (not that there aren’t any attractive trannys, I’ve seen some who look hotter than most women), then you know you need to give it up. Remember this the next time you make fun of somebody who used to be a pretty big star but then got married and had kids and kinda dropped out of sight and stopped working out so their ass isn’t quite as rock-hard as it used to be. Britney is what happens when you DON’T do that, but instead insist that you’re as hot as ever and people should be happy to pay to see you lip-sync to your own bad music, wearing those fucking WHITE go-go boots. Really wasn’t all that hot on Nancy Sinatra, hasn’t really gotten hotter since then.

  33. DahliaRose

    It looks like someone isn’t on the Dr. Atkins diet.

  34. Binky

    -Now that Falwell died the gays and trannies didn’t think they were going to ‘get off easy’ did they ?
    ( Why doesn’t this woman just retire the ‘VS-lite wardrobe’, sit around, and write children’s books or something.
    Well ok, maybe that’s what I feel like doing…)

  35. BarbadoSlim

    She’s just about done then, once those fags hate ya, yer over.

  36. ToiletDuck

    She is such a cupid stunt…

    She needs to be bitch-slapped…

  37. Pikachelsea

    Get off the stage RETARD!!!!!!!

    srsly, get your rolls off the stage, Fatty McFatFat. Nobody wants to see your has-been, used up fake self pretending to sing to your old material which was never good to begin with.

  38. JohnsWorld

    Man has Brit gone down hill FAST.
    She should really kiss the feet of her agent/management who really knew how to exploit a very average talent.

    BTW her backup dancer is a hottie in the 4th row 3rd pic from the left. Give her a month of singing lessons and help her “craft” her “own” identity with the help of marketing savvy musicless souls and she could be the next former Brit.

  39. caveman

    thats britney imitating ms piggy

  40. Tootie

    You can not be serious about her legs. Now, her stomach? Not the best. Her fashion sense? Abysmal. And her career choices? Let’s not go there.

    But no sane person could criticize her legs. They’re fucking incredible. They look sort of out of place on her otherwise fat body, but nontheless incredible. I’d rather have her legs than just about every supermodel I can think of. In fact, I run 9 miles a day hoping mine might someday turn out as awesome as hers… Which makes me bitter because I seriously hate her more every day. She’s the worst thing ever, but she’s got fantastic legs.

    I just had to defend those gams.

  41. mrs.t

    Nothing like a bad wig to piss of some trannies. Even more, a shitty lip-sync will push them right over the edge. She’s insane trying to pull that shit, what with the gay mafia and all.

  42. shu9er

    she makes brooke hogan look hot

  43. H.A.L.9000

    hmmm where to begin..this shit is just too easy//

    i’d start her at cornerback — she can probably work her way up to free safety by midseason

    seriously, why doesn’;t she just go natural with the hair & show it growing out & stuff?
    anything would look better than the recent series of wigs

    these extensions make her look like john travolta in Battlefield Earth

  44. allyrising

    I like how her flabby gut is hanging over her waistband and how her calves are too thick for her boots, which are causing them to become unzipped. Would someone just shoot her already and put her out of her misery?

  45. Me

    she looks like she’s having fun, good for her!

  46. gioconda

    Even Madonna had the brains not to hire backup dancers that are better looking than you.

  47. This is so sad: she wants “it” back, and she’s not going to get it.

  48. If she really did have lipo she should sue the doctor cause it did NOT work!

  49. frenchie

    What the……..what is this turd doing now? Those fishnets make her look like a glazed Christmas ham that fell into a bucket of peroxide.

  50. Cynthia

    Maybe she should try a more mature act, one suitable for a late 20′s mother of 2 and not the slutty, trucker-jail-bait routine.

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