Britney Spears loses custody of her kids

September 18th, 2007 // 229 Comments

Well, it finally happened – sort of. Due to the claims of Britney Spears’ former bodyguard Tony Barretto, Kevin Federline has been given temporary custody of the children. FOX News reports:

Commissioner Scott Gordon will order the boys, 2-year-old Sean Preston and 1-year-old Jayden James, turned over to Federline based on information that Los Angeles Family Court received over the weekend about Spears, the sources told
During Monday’s custody hearing, Spears’ former bodyguard accused the pop star of having “issues of nudity and drug use” since she returned from rehab.

You know we all joked about this day for months, but seriously, there’s nothing funny about this. Not even the fact that Kevin Federline is considered a morally sound and intelligent human being capable of rearing two children. Nothing humorous there. Nor is there anything remotely funny that Britney has now lost her lawyer, manager, and kids. I just don’t see the comedy there. Thank goodness Lindsay Lohan and her dad are prayi — Hahaha! I’m sorry, I couldn’t keep a straight face any longer. Do you think Hell is as hot as they say it is? I’m just curious. Will they let me bring a cooler?


  1. She did not lose custody.

  2. TS

    #3, are you a man or a woman? Your name implies one thing but your coment suggests the contrary.

  3. Dave


    Here is a hint:
    I <3 teh cock n ghey butt secks =)

  4. billy

    dude you just quoted Fox News as a source. lol.

  5. Linda

    According to other sites she did not lose custody and she will be regularly drug tested.

  6. hgsgangsta


  7. HotDips

    Kids shouldn’t go to Britney or Federline.

    If you want them to have a chance in life they should go to a 3rd party completely out of the lala scene.

  8. Kareem Ofwheat

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  9. Yeah, Okay

    Okay, for all the Brit defenders that say lay off because she never had a childhood and that’s why she’s jacked up today, ummm . . . does that mean we should give good old Wacko Jacko a second shot at stardom? I mean sure, he sleeps with little boys in his bed and what not, but he does it because he never had a childhood. It was hard living in the spotlight and therefore it’s COMPLETELY understandable that he went bizarro, mutilated his face and had happy fun pajama time with little boys in his bedroom unsupervised. Give him a break! Leave Michael aloooonnnnneeeeee!!!!!

    Child abuse of any kind (sexual, physical, emotional) is inexcusable. Stop defending this washed-up, no talent has been. And please stop bashing K-Fed. Yeah he’s a douche, but that was no secret. Any one with two eyes could tell he was a money-grubbing leech yet Britney STILL insisted on marrying his wigger behind. (Clue No. 1 Your Future Husband’s a Douche: He leaves his 8 month pregnant girlfriend for you.) No one twisted her arm and forced her to get hitched, that was her doing and her doing alone. No sympathy for this skank.

  10. Katie

    #14 – I would be thrilled if someone put a bullet in YOUR head! If an adult can say something like that about 2 adorable baby boys, they don’t deserve to live! Please, do all of us a favor and go play in traffic, you fucking moron!

  11. Funny, all the signs of the apocalypse are there, and yet here I am, still alive. Hmmm…..

  12. Skip Smith

    I hope someone smothers those kids with a pillow tonight, for their sake.

  13. sherrif joe


    Sorry that you hate Fox because it actually shows both sides. I challenge you to give evidence (not opinion) as to why they’re not a credible source.

    Disagree with them all you want, but claiming that their reporting is inaccurate only proves how much of a pinhead you are.

  14. Big Mama

    So, who gets the cute puppy with the broken leg. We all know that she fed the bird to her cat. I hope the dog goes to a good home, and that is not with K-Fed.

  15. Big Mama

    #208 -

    You are a jerk off with your stupid cut and paste crap. No one reads your crap, and you are just wasting space on this site and on this planet.

    Stupid Foreigner. Go waste space on a UK site.

  16. Well all I have to say is “Thank God!”

    I got my wish, Britney’s been left alone!

    Come watch my videos, cornhole eaters!

    Click my name!

  17. jake

    Praise The LORD save those babies from her!
    the tides are in jail HALLEJULAH!!!

  18. memyselfandi

    OMG… Does anyone else think that child looks spookily like an oompa loompa? I gues that is what you get when you cross a wigga with trailer trash.

  19. Poor girl will it ever end

  20. Kareem Ofwheat

    #215. learn to read you fat cunt.

  21. I actually feel sorry for her now, who would laugh at someone who’s just lost their kids?

  22. Kareem Ofwheat

    #222 – I would you stupid fat cunt

  23. FromOutOfNoWhere

    Out of the frying pan into the fire I say.

  24. Zoey Lund


    Okay – 225th.


  25. Proud Parent

    My 11 year old daughter is concerned with her future generation by those who are influenced by the likes of Britney, Paris, and Lohan. Hopefully there are more young people like my daughter.

  26. dr phil

    Your daughter will be ostracized. She will work at the library and live alone with many cats.

  27. carsten5577

    How did a white-trash fat pig and a stupid white-trash ni**ger-loving wigger make such a cute kid?

  28. devon

    Are you serious. Mr. Sensitive..wishing death on children, your a bigger loser than anyone you talk about. Yes, this dumb ass made her choice and got what she had coming, but death to her kids!! You ever stop and realize what a retard you are, you talk trash about people that have done more with their lives than you have..then again I guess it would hurt you knowing her kids and dumb ass KFed will make more money this year than you will you entire useless mortality!! Britney needs to suck it up and grow up.

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