Britney Spears loses custody of her kids

September 18th, 2007 // 229 Comments

Well, it finally happened – sort of. Due to the claims of Britney Spears’ former bodyguard Tony Barretto, Kevin Federline has been given temporary custody of the children. FOX News reports:

Commissioner Scott Gordon will order the boys, 2-year-old Sean Preston and 1-year-old Jayden James, turned over to Federline based on information that Los Angeles Family Court received over the weekend about Spears, the sources told
During Monday’s custody hearing, Spears’ former bodyguard accused the pop star of having “issues of nudity and drug use” since she returned from rehab.

You know we all joked about this day for months, but seriously, there’s nothing funny about this. Not even the fact that Kevin Federline is considered a morally sound and intelligent human being capable of rearing two children. Nothing humorous there. Nor is there anything remotely funny that Britney has now lost her lawyer, manager, and kids. I just don’t see the comedy there. Thank goodness Lindsay Lohan and her dad are prayi — Hahaha! I’m sorry, I couldn’t keep a straight face any longer. Do you think Hell is as hot as they say it is? I’m just curious. Will they let me bring a cooler?


  1. Br1t1shS1ut

    What have I done to deserve this? I just wanted to make some friends. I’m so very lonely. All of you are a bunch of mean jerks and stupid faces. I hate you with a passion. You will rue the day that you mocked me. A pox on your houses and may your children be ugly and sterile!

  2. bob

    20, 27 etc., now i’m not k-fed fan, but you don’t exactly need to fight for custody of your kids if the mother is competent. Do you hear about Shar Jackson and near child abuse? no. do you hear about Britney & definite child abuse, yes.

    There is a huge difference. Plus, it’s rare that judges will take away kids from the moms.

  3. Arden

    I feel bad for her.

  4. pity d lil’ boys with awful mom. god bless the kids!

  5. Ok, I just booked a flight on Southwest to Albuquerque. Do you have Astroglyde or should I bring it? It’s sort of a pain in the ass (hahaha) with the new security regs about liquids and gels in carryon bags.

  6. Mike

    #99 The hell if you do. My web page is set on one of my web browsers, just seen that……haha. Oh well wished I worked for City of Albuquerque.

  7. what about the children WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN

    I feel so bad about those 2 little doys. Did I say doy? I meant boy. Except maybe it should be doy. One usually looks like a doy, while the other varies between a duh and a der.

  8. Mike

    Actually my home page isn’t set to on that browser. Fuck if I know why when I click on your link it takes me there.

  9. Tatiana


  10. And, this better not go down like last time. I starred in a Dateline special: “To Catch a Predator.” I just got out of jail and am not wanting to return so soon. The inmates passed my ass around like a communal sex toy.

  11. veggi

    Whenever I click on Jimbo’s link it takes me to Gayville.

  12. Sarah

    What does prayi mean?

  13. Missystar

    This is all very entertaining, but the glaring truth is that this young woman is mentally ill. I would guess major depression with anxiety/panic disorder. It explains all her recent behavior. How do I know this, you ask? It takes one to know one, baby!!!

  14. Roger's

    prayi is Italian for “head like cement”

  15. Mr. Missystar

    Kill me now. Please.

  16. Samantha Jones

    BRITNEY SPEARS’ new attorney MEL GOLDSMAN tells “The Insider” that the joint custody agreement between Britney and KEVIN FEDERLINE has not changed. The judge affirmed the decision in court on Monday. They continue to share 50/50 custody.

  17. jrzmommy

    Sean Preston: Yo, yo my main man JJ, we done up and copped a final outta mom’s crib!

    Jayden James: Yo Sean, word…props to daddy for gettin down wit the lock up on that, yo. Daddy’s place is bumpin’!

  18. Samantha Jones' fallen ass

    “Mel Goldsman” is in every joke about a Jewish lawyer.

  19. Fumus


    Exactly, the Devil strikes again.

    On another note, anyone notice how slow the superficial is to post stories lately, the guy even made some story about being sick…lolz…superficial just waits for the real gossip sites to post stuff and then steals it. This story was up an hour before they posted it. I love the commentary on this website…but c’mon chop chop

  20. LOL

    Check it out: a picture of the 3 “winners” in all this. Unintentional humor at its finest!

  21. LightenUp

    #79 – All that gay airport sex with that Senator from Idaho has turned you into his babbling ho. I wear gloves around the likes of you. No itch here. By the way your son’s homegrown is premium weed.

  22. jersey

    FEEL BAD??? i have HAD IT!!!! with these fucking sympathetic assholes who feel bad for brit.small fry and tater tot. these kids will never worry. they will alwyas have whatever they want. they will never need to worry about paying the bills or real issues that effect real people. they are just pawns in the publicity stunt that is brit and kfed. fuck them both. I feel bad for us. the people who have to see britney’s pre-pubescent snatch everytime we go on the internet.I should rent brits snatch for advertising purposes. it could read “support our troops” or “get it on ebay” or “half price haircuts at the hair cuttery” i could do this all day. really though i still stand by my genius idea for VH1′s CHARM SCHOOL WITH BRITNEY SPEARS….next on charm school brits learns to use a napkin and learns that underwear is not a tool of thedevil.

  23. this is sad, i hope she gets some help soon.

    i like that you have some class about the situation, makes me love “the superficial” even THAT MUCH MORE!

  24. The Insider

    Then Mel Goldsman said “I’m in it because I love the law, not for the money” and we all laughed.

  25. adeliza

    That fat fucking sea cow is not going to give a rat’s ass that those kids have been taken away.

    In fact, I bet she does not get more depressed and does not try to commit suicide.

    I bet she just get wilder, and fatter, and uglier, and more skanky, and ends up pregnant again by some 2 bit Las Vegas D-list back up singer.

    And don’t look for the fashions to get any better either.

    Trust me, that bitch don’t give a damn.

  26. When the verdict was announced, Britney screamed, “I LUV MAH BABIES!” until her lawyer handed her a bag of Cheetos, which she cradled gently and cooed, “Don’t you worry, Sean Preston, yer comin’ home with Mama.” She then tucked a bottle of Jim Beam into the stroller and walked out of the courtroom with a smile.

  27. bottlesandcansjustclapyourhands

    “Hay ya’ll…wherez them liddle fellas at?”

    “Do you mean Jayden and Sean Preston? Um, they live with their father now, Britney, remember… lost custody of them?

    “Custody? Oh…yeah…that thar stuff is lak puddin’.”

  28. sharpeidude

    Hopefully, this will serve as an example to mothers everywhere that are whoring their kids out to photographers and talent agents just so they can fullfill there own fucked up failures in life. Brit is an adult with the mentality of a 15 year old, but an adult none the less, but we should include her fuck up of a mother when mentioning how fucked up Britney is. Same goes for the Lohans as well! These fucking hags should’ve been more concerned with the wellness of their daughters than how much fucking money they could bleed out of them.

  29. MrSemprini

    Hey, what if KFed gets permanent custody? 20 years from now, the kids will be asking him, “C’mon Dad, who’s our real mom. And, don’t hand us that Britney Spears story. No way do we believe THAT one. It was Angelina Jolie wasn’t it? Oh, wait, sorry Dad but no way on that one. So long as it wasn’t Paris Hilton or Pink. The only one worse than that WOULD be Britney Spears. Isn’t she in Japan working a McDonald’s now?” KFed would just lean back in his Lay-Z-Boy and just smile a contented, soft little smirk.

  30. Howard C

    I’ll bet anyone $20 that it takes 3 weeks before Britney even NOTICES that the kids are gone.

  31. bob

    LOL 127. i sure would loves me some custody!

  32. Tits McGee

    I can’t stand reading any more comments, sorry if this one is already out there – IF ONLY THE PUBLICIZED THIS HAPPENING TO ALL THE OTHER WHITE TRASH MOTHERS OUT THERE. And by the way, the deal is you don’t get any news on them, because there are PLENTY of HORRIBLE parents out there, who never get investigated, and abuse, and fuck their kids up worse than this whore.

    God bless em for taking those trailer park retards away from her.

  33. Kristen Dei from LA (Louisiana that is)

    Oh, I really hope this is true. This bitch needs to disappear~seriously…I am so sick of hearing about her. She never was a true artist, just some sort of teeny-bopper icon.
    Basically, she isn’t even famous for being an on-stage entertainer these days….just a tid-bit for tabloids cause that’s all she can produce is articles and posts…
    She is a fucking back-woods loser who chose to reproduce and become one of society’s few “dead-beat Moms”….
    #27 and all others that have pee brains and make the comparison: K-Fed probably isn’t fighting Shar because she is a legitimate mom of his first two kids, unlike Britney who appears to be mentally unstable and uncapable of taking care of herself let alone two small babies…
    Team K-Fed!!!!!!!

  34. my comment

    No tears for the creatures of the night.

    No tears.

    My eyes are dry.

  35. JJ

    She is a mental junkie that’s stupid, and wasn’t raised very well. This goes on all the time, but most of the crazy moms aren’t rich and famous enough so the bio dad wants custody to enrich his pockets. So the judges in the non-famous cases just give the child back to the mother (if she’s not torturing the kids, or put in jail), then the kids grow up to be thieves, gangsters, and killers.

    I don’t think Brit will pull it together anytime soon; she’s probably never been right in the head, but as long as she was a minor, they could control her craziness (and hideous wardrobe selections). Now that she’s old enough to make her own decisions, she can’t keep her career, assistants, lawyer, career, friends, parents, husband, and now kids. She’s too far gone — her own worst enemy.

  36. JJ

    Oops, I put in career twice, and left out her figure and hair.

  37. supes

    That kid inherited Briney’s mongo ears. Poor retarded doomed bastard.

  38. BunnyButt

    Per the current issue of Entertainment Weekly, “Accuse Britney Spears of many things — but don’t count a lack of self-awareness among them.” This statement is based on their review of the song lyrics on her forthcoming CD. While I find it hard to believe she doesn’t lack self-awareness, if that’s the case, she certainly doesn’t bother to learn from her mistakes and problems and just keeps on doing the same old shit or worse. I can’t see her learning anything from this situation either.

    Also, I’d like to know the details re: the “nudity”. Not all nudity is sexual or pornographic. If the kids spot mom scooting naked from the bedroom to the shower, or they walk into mom’s bedroom while she’s changing into her pajamas, that’s a normal part of life and not inappropriate. Unfortunately, a lot of people in this country (U.S.) think any nudity is perverse.

  39. snood

    fetal alcohol syndrome

  40. smegma

    It’s not scooting naked from the bedroom to the shower – she’s been scooting on the rug, naked.

  41. Christina

    I think that NYC artist is making another sculpture, this time it’s “Naked Scooting Britney”.

    Let’s all thank #140 for that image.

  42. BunnyButt

    Where the hell is Texas Tranny?!?!?? S/He’s been MIA for a few days now. The site isn’t the same without TT’s commentary. Maybe s/he’s recovering from surgery. ;)

  43. Commissioner Gordon!!! Hahah!!!!

    Where the fuck is Heath Ledger when you need him?

  44. Don'tPanic

    #133 I agree, K-fed didn’t fight Shar because Shar is doing a good job with her kids. Chances are he wouldn’t be fighting with Britney at all if she’d stop slutting around and take care of her kids!


    this downward spiral began when she fired larry rudolph for telling her how to behave. she needed that. she is done now. sloppy hippie junk food eating careless lazy slob! i can’t believe this britney is the same girl from 2001.

    this downward spiral began when she fired larry rudolph for telling her how to behave. she needed that. she is done now. sloppy hippie junk food eating careless lazy slob! i can’t believe this britney is the same girl from 2001.

    this downward spiral began when she fired larry rudolph for telling her how to behave. she needed that. she is done now. sloppy hippie junk food eating careless lazy slob! i can’t believe this britney is the same girl from 2001.

  46. 1MILF Hunter

    Any day now that has-been skank will be living in a trailer back in Bumfuck, Mississippi playing with the coondogs, chewing tobacco and listening to “Dueling Banjos” on the front porch. She’ll be getting porked by Jed the mechanic at the gas station and remembering when she was living like a celebrity.

  47. doubt it #146

    despite her sloppy appearance she is still rich. she’ll prob still have her mansion in malibu… she’ll destroy it and buy another one. that pattern will continue, and she will die.

  48. ONe word: Celebritards

  49. FromOutOfNoWhere

    #133 I totally disagree. The reason K-Fed is not fighting Shar is because she doesn’t have any money. The reason he fought Britney is because he didn’t end up with millions from here like he thought he would. K-Fed is all about the zeros, if Britney’s wealth had tanked along with her career, K-Fed would have treated those kids like ebola.

  50. run

    this information is false…..she did not lose her kids….get your facts straight before you post information about something that REALLY is no ones business, You all are pathetic….don’t you have anything going on in your own lives?

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