Britney Spears loses custody of her kids

September 18th, 2007 // 229 Comments

Well, it finally happened – sort of. Due to the claims of Britney Spears’ former bodyguard Tony Barretto, Kevin Federline has been given temporary custody of the children. FOX News reports:

Commissioner Scott Gordon will order the boys, 2-year-old Sean Preston and 1-year-old Jayden James, turned over to Federline based on information that Los Angeles Family Court received over the weekend about Spears, the sources told
During Monday’s custody hearing, Spears’ former bodyguard accused the pop star of having “issues of nudity and drug use” since she returned from rehab.

You know we all joked about this day for months, but seriously, there’s nothing funny about this. Not even the fact that Kevin Federline is considered a morally sound and intelligent human being capable of rearing two children. Nothing humorous there. Nor is there anything remotely funny that Britney has now lost her lawyer, manager, and kids. I just don’t see the comedy there. Thank goodness Lindsay Lohan and her dad are prayi — Hahaha! I’m sorry, I couldn’t keep a straight face any longer. Do you think Hell is as hot as they say it is? I’m just curious. Will they let me bring a cooler?


  1. eMM

    frist. on another note, hopefully…

    this will be sobering enough for her. If losing her kids didn’t do it, I don’t know what will.

  2. jersey

    oh i am soooooooooo shocked!!!

  3. Dave


  4. Dave

    crap to slow!

  5. Katie


  6. jersey

    there is no chance that these kids will ever have respect for woman.

  7. grobpilot

    You know that the desperate-cry-for-help overdose/suicide attempt is next. I can’t wait.

  8. It is about time that these losers get the same treatment the rest of the world gets when they turn into fucktards. This long over due and pretty sad that K-Fed is a better parent the Britney

  9. Athena

    Oh well

  10. Moe

    yea #7
    as soon as i saw the headline… “suicide watch” automatically popped into my head. i can’t wait to see her coping mechanism for this one.

  11. Commissioner Gordon? Seriously?

  12. 10-1 says she tries to snort the kids before she has to give them away.

  13. p0nk

    I would have expected Commissioner Gordon to turn the kids over to Batman.

  14. mr sensitive

    With any luck, Britney will now commit suicide – and for real, not Owen Wilson style – and the hitman for KFed will put a bullet in KFed and each of the kids. Then we’ll finally be rid of all of them. And don’t whine about the innocent kids – have you actually looked at any of the pictures? Genetic retards. Consider it a very late-term abortion.

  15. G $

    now theres a fucking suprise!!!!

  16. Annie Rexia

    Christ! What will Britney have to put her cigarettes out on now?

  17. PunkA

    Poor kids are gonna be really messed up. I really hope Brit pulls it together for “her babies” . She said that is what she wanted, that they were most important. But her lifestyle is totally contrary to that statement. She needs some good drug and lifestyle therapy, to stop acting like a spoiled narcissist, and to get a reality check. Her career needs to take back burner, she needs to learn who she is and to get some self esteem back. Then, she might be ready for a real comeback, and not one where all she wants to do is shock people with stupidity and slutiness.

  18. Willravel

    When I was younger, I didn’t think that people should have to get a license and pass certification to have a kid. Now I’m a little older and a little wiser.

    This is an example that happens to be on the level of celebrity of how some people should not have kids. What I hope people realize is that this doesn’t just happen to train wreck pseudo-celebrities. This happens all over the world every day, and (not to be a wet blanket) it’s a tragedy. I don’t particularly care about BS or her ex, but these kids really never stood a chance. Leaving alone the poor genetics they’ll have to work against, now they don’t have one responsible parent? Jesus.

    BTW, that picture is the first time I regretted seeing side-boob.

  19. Sidney

    I hope she uses the time away from her kids to pull herself together and get help, but she seems to be spiraling more out of control which could possibly lead to her death. I’ve never liked Britney’s bubble gum music or her antics but she is a human being and all people need a second chance.

  20. Hemlock Queen

    I was waiting for Fish to post this shit.

    Seriously, I’m not a Brit fan. But her life is turning into a tragedy. It’s really not even funny anymore. And I still think Fed-Ex doesn’t give two shits about the kids. Only the money. If he did, he would have wanted custody of his FIRST TWO kids. Golddigger all the way. Brit’s just mananged to screw herself enough that the Golddigger is winning at this point with his better legal team.

    I just hope the girl gets her shit together. asap!

  21. Kevin Federline

    “Whoa, whoa…Gordo, dude, let’s not carried away here. I said I *might* have to try for full custody if it means I’d get enough money…” (lawyer whispers in ear) “…to raise the kids, right, that’s right, to raise the kids.”

  22. Meg

    I can only hope that someone helps Britney find the help that she so desperately needs. I hope no one thinks that this young lady is of her right mind, because she obviously isn’t. These two children deserve a loving and stable home – hopefully K-Fed will be able to provide that, at least for the time being. I’m hoping that Britney doesn’t turn into another Anna Nicole and managed to find happiness somewhere, even if it’s working at the local Piggly-Wiggly and living in her parents house.

  23. Poor kids. I feel for Britney, she is going through a tough time. Leave Britney Aloooooone!


  24. touchy feely

    Jesus, what’s happened to this site??? First, Britney’s NOT FAT!!! Now, her life is tragic and sad. Fuck all of you – go to the 1 million other fan/support group websites to write that weepy drivel. I hope Britney never sees KFed again, never sees her kids again, hires a new manager, drops a lot of weight, gets in shape, and makes the successful comeback that was impossible with those 3 dead weights hanging off her neck. Or dies of an overdose while sitting on the toilet in the middle of a savage attack of the Cheeto squirts. Either way.

  25. eMM

    Honestly, Kevin Federline seems like he has the potential to be a dedicated parent. He cared for the children while she was in rehab and is with the kids 3 out of 2 days of the week. Days that he isn’t pictured partying, running around naked and getting drunk.

    Britney Spears is obviously mentally ill and has no clue how to be a woman or a mother, because her own parents were more set on building their nest egg than building their child’s character.

    Reciprocity’s a bitch.

  26. zil

    #14, that’s sick…about the children. Don’t bring them into the fact that Britney and Kevin are the world’s worst human beings. Seriously, that was sick that you want the two boys to die.

  27. mari

    I find it very interesting that Kevin F. only figths for the custody of his kid’s from Britney!!! He doesn’t even care about his two other kids from his previ. girlfriend b/c she’s not rich like britney so he can’t use the custody of those kids to gain all that money! ITs SOOOOOO obvious that he just wants the custody of his kids from Britney so he can keep Britney in his life as long as possible so he can get money from her!!!!!

  28. eMM

    LOL…3 out of FIVE days of the week…

  29. pointandlaugh

    YAY! GO K-FED! He worked all the right legal channels, and got what he wanted. I never thought I’d say this, but the kids will be MUCH better off living with K-FED.

  30. PrettyBaby

    #26 Just ignore that asshole.

  31. eMM

    Perez Hilton interviewed Shar Jackson and asked her about her child support…she said Kevin has always paid it and is a great daddy to her children..spends lots of time with them and such. We just don’t hear about it because she’s B List. duhz.

  32. Fish Doode

    You call these “comments”?!?

    I said: Man-up, you sissies!

    Fuckin-A. This better be a NyQuil hallucination…

  33. ssdd

    What a fucked up mess. Sad thing is when they come get the kids, their clothes, toys etc… I don’t think she’ll be feeling any remorse over what she has caused and created. After she split with Federline she could have turned her life around and began “touring” and making the “music” that her bubble gum groupies like so much. But no, it was like she intentionally made it known to the paparazzi where she was going to be and how often she was going to be out…all the while letting her “career” fade away…..Time after time she was without her kids and it looked very planned and manipulated in a -sick-whore-i-don’t-want-my-kids-anymore kind of way.
    I was beginning to feel sorry for her before thinking she just didn’t have the brains she needed and kept waiting for the light to go off in her head to get her shit together………. but, a woman losing her kids is the ultimate in showing and proving just how low a spineless worthless bitch can turn out to be.
    I don’t have very much respect for Federline …but maybe somewhere there will be some good to come out of it and perhaps maybe, just maybe he can raise those kids the way they should be raised. I don’t know though… the odds are not in his favor. If anything he will put on a good act with all misguided intentions involved that center around money, and money alone.

    I just feel sorry for the kids.

  34. Annie Rexia

    22? You know what I hope for? I really hope to see Britney’s death certificate published on TMZ!

  35. ish

    That kid looks like something out of a horror movie!

  36. teddy

    maybe now she’ll off herself.

  37. Ooba Gooba

    I’m sure Twitney could care less about losing her kids. They were just publicity tools for her all along. This will just give her more time to hit the clubs and do even dumber things. She will look at this as being free.

  38. combustion8

    nice side tit shot.

  39. havoc

    She made her bed, now she has to lay in it…..

    Consequences are bitch aren’t they?


  40. That’s fucking harsh! #34! So fucking harsh to wish a mother of two kids dead. And you WANT to see that? Get a life loser!

  41. PrettyBaby

    well…. she has had numerious fucking warnings and tons of chances. Holy shit- I admire the Commissioner for doing that, usually Hollywood types are favored so much. But wow… ummm she’s gonna NOT do well with this, yeah, she might be cashing it in.

    Hey and you fucktards, quit ripping on those kids, for fucks sakes.

  42. PrettyBaby

    #39 Yep, that’s true…..

  43. PrettyBaby

    #33 Yeah, that’s right.

  44. Sa

    Fast forward five years and those kids will both be in retard school, Kevin will be living with Jamie Lynn in Vegas and Shitney will be strapped in her bed in the mental ward still bitchin about how everything is her mom’s fault.

  45. zil

    #41, yes. All true.
    And really, the poor kids didn’t choose Britney for their mom. It’s not their fault, I just feel so bad for them. I have since the day they were born.

  46. Angelina's Lips

    At least now no one can say she left the kids at home while she eats shit and barks at the moon.

  47. Dr. Kevorkian

    Let’s not be so soft-headed about this. The two kids are tards. Their lives already are miserably unhappy, and it’s only going to get worse, right up to when they go to jail in their early 20s. The kind, decent, forward-thinking solution is two mercy killings. Waiting until they’re old is simply sadistic.

  48. Mdiz

    But what about that kickin side tittay shot of Brit? milky milky round….

  49. Jus' Wonderin' iz all..

    I cannot help but wonder why no one has mentioned that if K-Fed is $o concerned for hi$ children’$ well being, he is only asking for 70% custody rather than 100%.????

    He deserves em anyway….before Britney powders them in cheese, rolls them up and smokes em……or simply drops them head first into their shoes, cracking their skulls because she forgot which end is up.

    Isn’t that like saying he’s only 2/3rds worried about their welfare?????

  50. yogi

    So that is what a baby looks like when the mother does drugs during the pregnancy. The kid is ugly as sin and probably mentally handicapped. Britney is the most deserving candidate for ass cancer that there has ever been.

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