Britney Spears looks surprisingly good on David Letterman

November 7th, 2006 // 75 Comments

Britney Spears popped in for a surprise visit to David Letterman yesterday to show off a new bob (is that what it’s called? I usually just call it hair) and her newly slim figure. And if you ignore the painfully rehearsed dialogue, Britney actually looks pretty decent. Judging from her more recent appearances I would’ve expected her to roll onto stage without any shoes on and then perform some armpit farts for the audience.


  1. jay leno is better.

  2. kristin

    she has to get out there and defend her turf. there are just too many of us hotties lining up to suck kfed’s enormous cock.

  3. Pagan Queen

    Holy cow – a celebrity that actually uses their money on dieticians and personal trainers. Good for her!

    Earl is still a tool!

  4. jrzmommy

    could her tits hang any lower?

  5. I’d fuck her so hard she would lose her accent. I hope.

  6. She’s fatter then Kirstie Alley.

  7. DancingQueen

    Her hair looks like a weave to me. I’m just sayin. And what is UP with that black jumpsuit/short thingy? Ugh! HEINOUS!!! She does look a lot trimmer, but yeah, with her money and personal chefs and trainers who wouldn’t? Although I personally think she had lipo when they extracted that last demon seed from her belly.

  8. PapaHotNuts

    I’m from Louisiana, and I know she is the reason God directed Hurricane Katrina towards us.

  9. slantingthroughdarkness

    Britney washes her face and goes on the TV.

    “Tell Britney not to pop her gum when she’s on the TV with the David Letterman!”

  10. Italian Stallion

    @8 I thought it was all the blacks, thanks for clearing that up for us………..

  11. HollyJ

    I didn’t know Ann Jillian was in NYC.

  12. RichPort

    An juhst hayed ta stop bah

    I thought people only talked like that in fucking cartoons.

    I’d hit that as soon as she gets her stitches out.

  13. BigJim

    What a fat bitch. She needs to lose 170 pounds of wigga Earl trash.

  14. Binky

    They’re playing ‘Thanks for the Memories ‘ in the background.
    (I guess the band are hinting that her career is over.)

  15. Thunder…Thunder…Thunder…Thunderthighs

  16. Mya

    She should go to school instead of some talk show. Get some brain action going. Or is that too late?

  17. PapaHotNuts

    @10- That’s why he directed malt liquor and turkey necks toward us.

  18. She looks better blonde, and of course great for having had two kids… but I think she needs to lose another 170 lbs… KFed.

  19. This kind of staged shit makes me wretch. Like she would ever “think” to stop by.

    There are probably 50 clothes-pins on her back and thighs holding all of her body back so she doesn’t smother Letterman.

    And PS, Letterman – retire already, you old dried up wretch of a man.


    10) Earl
    9) Earl
    8) Earl
    7) Earl
    6) Earl
    5) Earl
    4) Earl
    3) Earl
    2) Earl

    ….and the #1 Reason Britney Sucks Ass:

    Nipple Cooties. That’s right, nipple cooties. Look it up.

  20. commissioner

    Now she needs to add a divorce attorney to finish her metamorphasis into a MILF.

  21. BeautifulNightmare

    @2… GET OVER IT! No one cares about you wanting to suck Earl’s cock! What is wrong with you? Do you have some sort of death/STD wish?

    And on Brit… she will NEVER be the same, NEVER.

  22. PrettyBaby

    #2 I just get a kick out of you. You continuosly mention Earls’ enormous cock. And again I ask you, where is your proof? Come up with some and then everyone will probably still hate him, but we will acknowledge his giant member.

    K? Come on Girl, Produce!!!

  23. Wow. So we can finally masturbate to her again?

  24. PrettyBaby

    She looks cute by the way. Remember folks, the cuter she gets the more likely it will be that she will kick Earl to the curb. So encourage this people.

  25. bigponie

    I bet if the cameras weren’t rolling he would of kicked her ass out of the studio.

  26. jrzmommy

    Thanks to Victoria Beckham for the rebirth of the ugliest fucking hairdo ever known…the Bob. Longoria has one, Brit’s got one. IT’S UGLY AND UNFLATTERING, HELLLLOOOOO!!!

  27. 86

    I’m from Louisiana too. I’ve met Britney and Jamie Lynn and Lynne…they’re very nice.

    Can’t wait till she gets hot again.

  28. Wild Rose

    And this, folks, is why I rarely watch network television….

    FUCKING LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. danielle

    typical, typical.

  30. susan

    #22 careful, you’ll slide right out of your chair if you get any wetter pleading to see pictures of kfed’s giant cock

  31. sassy


  32. RichPort

    #23 – As we speak…


  33. PrettyBaby

    #30 “pleading to see pictures of K-Fed’s gigantic cock” Very interesting, that. I don’t usually have to plead for cock pics let alone the real deal. But if that is what I must do, then I will happily do it.

    P.S. I would be wetter if you would show us some pussypics lady.

  34. susan

    sorry, didn’t know you were a hairy heifer.

  35. happy hands club

    I don’t think she looks good at all. Improvement yes, but that’s not saying much. When she was walking off stage, she looked like a cow walking though the pasture. The bob haircut also makes her nose look big. I would also think she could pick a better outfit to show off her new/improved self.

  36. biatcho

    speaking of pigotry…

    hhmm, what do I do to make my droopy titties look not so droopy? YES, I will wear a belt right underneath them so as to make my tithips complete.

    She’s nasty.

  37. PaisleyMoon

    She looked fabulous. I knew she’d be back, and she is. Glam, hot, slim, stacked, and cute as hell. Go Brit! I hope she makes another billion dollars and you all choke on your dicks.

  38. suzy

    britney looks really good…

    she’s not a real blonde though.. and she’s a brunette.. if you’ve seen pics of her when she was younger and on the mickey mouse club.. she was never a blonde.

    she just dyes it blonde.

    but she looks good, and good for her for finally waking up and taking care of herself again

  39. Coolguy8621

    she looks good, its nice to see her taking care of herself again

  40. Please banish all Britney fans from theSuperficial.

    Thank you.

  41. jrzmommy

    37-39–I feel like I just walked into my nieces’ room about years ago and the three of them, ages 11, 13 and 15, are sitting there watching a Britney video. Good God girls….

  42. MalynLaReina

    #1- leno sucks, his bit is horrible and ontop of that he is “the guy who laughs at his own jokes” at least letterman is going senile which is a +for entertaining, in the end though Conan out does both of them.

  43. ErikaJulie

    Why hasn’t anyone noticed how much she resembles He-Man?

    The outfit, the hair, the too tanned skin?

  44. mrs.t

    Britney? I mean, Paisley Moon? You do look hugely improved what with the weight loss and showering, but words like ‘glam’ and ‘cute’ will never be associated with your appearance.

    Inbred grits. I swear, somebody combs her hair and applies some Bonne Bell lipsmacker and they think she’s ready for runway work.

  45. mrs.t

    #43-yes. And the body-builder arm-flexing thing she’s doing.

  46. PrettyBaby

    #34 Tried to joke with you, now just think you are annoying.

  47. PrettyBaby

    #34 ever heard the song “My Name is Not susan” you are stupid

  48. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I am also from Louisiana, and my grammama told me Britney was the inspiration behind the ol’ creole term, “hooterlicious”.

  49. PrettyBaby

    I ignore trolls

  50. NipsyHustle

    Do your titties hang low?
    Do they wobble to and fro?
    Can you tie them in a knot?
    Can you tie them in a bow?
    Can you throw them o’er your shoulder
    like a continental soldier?
    Do your titties hang low?

    all that money spent on her physical “comeback” and this bitch still has flappy titties. either she’s breast feeding both kids or kfed is really milking her dry.

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