Britney Spears looks sane, rational

April 1st, 2010 // 92 Comments

Here’s Britney Spears shopping in Beverly Hills yesterday and I seriously don’t know how anyone can sit there and say they’re not staring into an abyss of what the fuck? Sure, she’s wearing glasses to make us think she’s smart now, but that look only works when you’re not in a mini and grinning so hard someone could put coal in your mouth and goddamn diamonds would pop out. Which reminds me, I have some walnuts that need cracked. Don’t move.

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  1. jaradee

    Can’t keep crazy Britney down!

  2. Mike

    April Fools!!!


  3. arealcad

    No one is going to mistake her for a librarian

  4. kimberly

    Wow, those glasses are HEINOUS. If she’s going to attempt to at least look smart, she should at least opt for something with some actual STYLE. It’s not like she’s well to do or anything. Idiot.

  5. tessa


  6. jaradee

    Remember when Sharon Gless was on Nip/Tuck?!

  7. Deacon Jones

    hmmm, looks like Sally Jesse has been working on those legs! Bark bark!

  8. Beeotch

    what’s with the wound on her upper boob?

  9. Rough out the office

    Where are the peeps from Verizon Wireless. I need to fix the spellcheck on my BlackBerry…

  10. JoJO

    Her thighs are still rubbing together…. mmmm bacon

  11. GIRL

    She looks… confused haha

  12. I guess I will never understand the thoughts of these stars! IF you are going to go out in public could you at least pretend to care about how you look for one. And if you can’t seem to do your hair at least put it up in a ponytail! My god…Butterface

  13. The smile in the first picture makes her look like a dumb cow. Wait, she is a dumb cow.

    On top of that, it appears that the Crest Whitestrips (or industrial grade bleach?) are doing a nice job of transforming the tobacco & coffee stains on her teeth into an unnatural, blinding white. Way to go, cow… not fake at all.

    Then those glasses… talk about taking someone dumb, and making her look even dumber.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that this disaster area isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, nor the most attractive one.

  14. havoc

    That’s the new Slutty Easter Dress from Wal-Mart.

    I bet they just tweaked her meds…..


  15. GQ Guy

    She looks Sexy as Hell!

  16. pimp

    take a fucking shower you worthless fucking whore!

  17. JP

    Well. She looks better than she usually does on this page!

  18. God awful

    I wish Britney would hire me to be her stylist. I could make her look better just by combing her weave, covering her up with more clothes, putting sunscreen on her liver spotted cleavage, and putting neutral colored makeup on her rather than all that bright lipstick.

  19. Area Man

    Hey, that glass & grin look almost worked for Sarah Palin, too!

  20. Nome King

    Those glasses look straight out of 1989. Pop in Batman and see Kim Basinger and you’ll see what I mean.

    That being said, she looks pretty good, though.

  21. KIKI

    Where is Randy with his shining star bullshit now? She looks like a stuffed burrito in that getup.

  22. Manifesto-maker

    She’s lovely. I’d love to fuck her ass with my tongue.

  23. Jade

    I just don’t get how you can be a freakin millionare and still look like you just stepped out of a trailer park. I just don’t get it……..maybe daddy needs to open up the purse string a bit more buy that girl a stylist………just sayin

  24. Fysco Looser

    When I scrolled down to see Brit here, somehow Katy Perry’s body had Shitney’s head! I felt like I was on shrooms again.

  25. abby

    This girl will never win, she’s screwed.

  26. BennyfromThames

    Having sex with her must be awesome she’s obviously soooo fucking nuts! Seriously could you imagine that face (first pic) showing up for a PTA meeting? I luvs it!

  27. 23

    @23 – We have a saying here in the south: You can take the girl out of the trailer park but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl.

  28. chris

    man i would still hit more than once, love the leggs

  29. xylus

    Serenity now!

  30. Anon

    So she’s started wearing ok dresses.
    At least she could get ones that compliment or hide her chest. That dress makes them look more deformed that they actually are.

  31. Rasputins Liver


    I disagree.


    Trashney’s only on the high side of her manic depressive cycle.


    She’s still our beloved 5150 Britney, just one Frappuccino away from once again donning her pink wig and becoming Super Pink Wig Fake British Babblin’ Britney.


    I have confidence the trainwreck of all entertainment contemporary trainwrecks will once again grace us all with some daily whackiness again. She’s just gotta get daddy and the court off her linebacker’s back and shoulders, set the droopies a-floppin’ around, shave her weave off, get the rank stink boots back on and take t the night in her car to hit every sleazy gas station/mini-mart for some really great times like she and we all had a couple years ago.


    I believe! I believe that crazy Twatney will return, full blown and loaded for bear!


  32. Brutus

    @27. I’m from the South, too, dipshit and I’m here to inform you that trailer parks are everywhere.

  33. someone

    She needs more spots on her flabby skin.

  34. Jon

    At least her wonky old lady boobs aren’t flopping about and one nipple pointing up and the other pointing to her toes. Got to give her credit for that.

  35. Ilovefeet

    Great legs…. jacked up tits.

  36. Sally Jesse Raphael

    I want my glasses back!

  37. Daoud Mansour

    Dude you kill me, the grinning walnuts hit the nail on the head. You rock!!!!!

  38. egj

    Money cannot buy class. That cheap dress isn’t even strapless. She has her straps under her armpits….

  39. egj

    Money cannot buy class. That cheap dress isn’t even strapless. She has her straps under her armpits….

  40. She's an idiot

    Shitney needs to drop the facade of “I be sane!” and just let nature take it’s course. Honestly, she should get naked in public; it’s about the only thing left that she hasn’t done to get publicity I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; it’s not going to be long before we see shitney standing on a street corner, naked from the waist down, pissing on herself…

  41. GQ Guy

    If she was not Britney, and I saw her at a party I would try for her. End of Story.

  42. GQ Guy

    If she was not Britney, and I saw her at a party I would try for her. End of Story.

  43. herbiefrog

    hey babe : )))

    …how’s the mummy business

    [its how we spell it, she can just get over it

    remember youre a mpm [or a mom] , you dont have to be 18 year old luck all your life ?

    love n learn… )

  44. SATAN

    hahahah this broad’s been a vapid, ugly zombie for YEARS now… what makes her even close to being relevant enough for this site?

    she seriously is like the dead walking the earth at this point… just going about her day doing “normal” things so that she can appear as though she’s motivated, occupied, and busy, but she aint foolin anyone. it’s like she’s just been on auto-pilot for the last 5 years or so.

  45. TekMoney

    Uhh… I know it’s April Fools day, so who told this bitch it was Halloween?

  46. Haters Suck

    I love Britney, She is hot and she is popular
    Circus Tour sold out in North America. The tour spanned through North America, Europe, and Australia. It garnered positive reception from contemporary critics and became the fifth highest grossing tour of 2009 worldwide.
    Sorry your lives are so small.

  47. Nameless

    Meh…she should take a 9 Iron to the guy at Lenscrafters who suggested she get those big ass 70′s glasses.

  48. WhereSCinderalla

    It’s not white X’mas?

  49. DuffMan

    It’s Ed Begley Jr.

  50. DuffMan

    It’s Ed Begley Jr.

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