Britney Spears’ lip-syncing pisses off Australian gov’t

November 6th, 2009 // 73 Comments

An Australian government official has made the astute observation that Britney Spears fans are basically morons who have no idea she’s lip-syncing her entire stage show, according to People:

Virginia Judge, the Minister for Fair Trading for New South Wales (the Australian state that includes Sydney), said she is considering options to make sure fans aren’t misled when buying tickets to Britney’s Circus tour concerts. Some seats are going for more than $1,300.
“It is Britney’s ‘prerogative’ to lip-sync, and it is my job to make sure consumers know what they are paying for up front,” Judge said in a statement released by the government.
One idea is to require disclaimers on promotional materials and tickets indicating that portions of a show will be pre-recorded.

Here’s what I don’t get: With the vast array of technology used to make it look like Britney Spears can sing, dance and not murder her children with a bucket of chicken, do they even really need her at this point? They could probably replace her with a cat and save a shitload of money on Starbucks expenditures alone. People would be like, “Hey, did you get the new singing cat album?” and I’d be all “Meow, yeah!” because that’s how popular it would be. True story.

Photos: Splash News

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  7. soopa

    Fist first!!!!

  8. Dave

    What did they say about her boots?

  9. Kermit1

    soopa should die

  10. fearsarewishes


    Poor soopa. Frantically clicking submit, submit, submit! Must be first! Must be first!! Must be first!!!

    You’re missing first period English to do this? You are a filthy, moronic cunt.

    BTW…Stacy said you were a total bitch in homeroom this morning. This “first” futile fuckup will not improve your mood, will it?

  11. barf

    all the pop stars today lip synch. not the rock bands, but the vegas dancer pop shows do. they cant sing and need auto tune anyway.

  12. Phil

    God, you “first” retards really need to get laid.

  13. kris

    She’s a fuck-in retard and so are the people that post “FIRST”, in fact they are the ones that go to see her phony concerts!

  14. kate

    nice super troopers reference

  15. Jon Gosselin


    You are not pretty any more and your bi-polar. If I took a crap on a plate and put it in front of you then you would ask for the hot sauce. We should date. I’m a celebrity too you know and as you can tell from my big tummy I have gigantic bowel movements. Call me. I’m easy.


  16. The cat would probably look better in her costumes…sound better too.

  17. Sport

    I am sure it was better than her actually singing. They should be thankful.

  18. gigi

    haven’t loved a frumpy grey cardigan more — yes Britney, cover that sh** up [Iand I DO mean droopy bralessness]

  19. Nameless

    This Minister of Fair Trading just wants the press because she about 10 years too late for this party. EVERYONE knows BS lip-syncs and has since the beginning of her career.

    BS can’t sing without hundreds of thousads of dollars in equipment processing her voice.

  20. saywha

    I’m surprised her bodyguard isn’t carrying her teacup.

  21. Jon

    @11 – Gaga sings live and sings it a different way each time. Sometimes with a completely different theme and musical backing.

    Aussie government should also put a disclaimer about Brit’s saggy old lady boobs with nips that point towards her toes. The mindless teenage girls might not care but the preteen boys might.

  22. jojo

    Voice isn’t even real to begin with- all the electronic effects, the auto-tune etc. I guess they figure if you’ll buy that junk, then running the same sounds while she lipsynchs to it isn’t a far reach. Go blow your 1500 big ones just to watch her prance around with her starbucks!

  23. jubjub

    Just how much are the taxpayers paying this idiot to state the obvious? Anyone willing to pay that much money to watch some white trash mouth-breather lipsync, deserves to lose their money; hopefully they’ll all lose the rest of their money to Nigerian 419 scammers.

  24. Rough, break his silence

    What a strange place this Australia, watching out for their consumers. Ill bet they have comprehensive, free health care for their people too. Eff you Australia….

  25. bubbles

    “The Australian state that includes Sydney”. It’s the capital of NSW, Superfish :p

  26. Rosie

    There are very few entertainers I would pay to see sing live and my girl Brit is included. However for the “show” some put on it may be worth forking over some coin but nowhere near $1300.

  27. Why doesn’t anyone who pays for a Britney concert just get a video of her “music” instead?

  28. Tera

    Oh boo-hoo she lip syncs. DUH! Why on earth would a government official waste her time making this a priority. Big deal? Doesn’t she have more important things to worry about or is Austrailia really that boring?

  29. netstarman

    Do you pay for live singing or a music CD playing in the background at the theater and watching a retard trying to dance her folds of fat shaking the stage. Might as well watch you tube or other video sites to see a fake trying to lip-sync.

  30. she looks fat than before but its still sexy for me lol

  31. elena

    she actually looks nice here (:
    probably because only 20 percent of her skin is showing..

  32. sharkbite01

    She has fat knees.

  33. Sue shitney!

    This lady has something. I think everyone should sue shitney, as she is a liar and fraud. If she wants to play somewhere, there should be warnings about her fraudulantly fake singing. Her “performance” is not only a joke, but it’s also a lie, and consumers should be protected from her fraudulant actions.

  34. Sean

    Nice boots. They’d be hotter wrapped around my neck tho.

  35. minx

    That was actually funny Fish.
    But yeah, this is pointless. I’m pretty sure everyone has been aware for a long time now that she lip-syncs at her concerts. It would sound terrible if she actually sang live, especially while dancing and running around the stage like a maniac the whole time. Well, it would sound terrible regardless. People go to her concerts to see that hot mess in person, not to listen to a talented singer. ha.

  36. Rasputins Liver



    ….simply put:

    Britney Spears is a no-talent, fugly, psychopathic, country-ghetto neanderbilly from the Souf with all sorts of smart people and gadgetry in the recording booth to make it seem she’s got some talent.

    She’s a waste of the Earth’s valuable natural resources and should be put out of our collective misery.

    I’m just sayin’…..y’all.


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  38. Hey this stunning one to me and really having a breakfast on the street side is ridiculous.Anyways thanks for the post.

  39. Britney is looking quite milfy.

  40. natty

    We do have FREE health care here in Aussie. The minister can bother with this Britney lip-syncing business because THAT IS WHAT SHE IS EMPLOYED TO DO – PROTECT AUSTRALIAN CONSUMERS. Also because this is the safest country in the world to live in, we can pay attention to the fine details for our people.

  41. natty

    I meant to say.. the finer** details… (typo woops)

  42. BTW…Stacy said you were a total bitch in homeroom this morning. This “first” futile fuckup will not improve your mood, will it?

  43. Britney Spears is a no-talent, fugly, psychopathic, country-ghetto neanderbilly from the Souf with all sorts of smart people and gadgetry in the recording booth to make it seem she’s got some talent.

  44. WhoIsTheMoron

    Do you mean an Aussie Judge so free, nothing to do, spend time making comment on celebrtiies and may also be one of the moron paying $1300 for the concert? In America, the court room were also specially reserved for Britney big custody payout, biggest legal scam and extortion, even abusing human rights, DNA rights? In 2007, she has to fight to live her life and elope with an acquaintance she hardly knew and what a joke they claimed they save her life from drugs? Why would a rich woman kill herself over love? Who can afford to send hooligans disgussed as papz to harass woman and kids and claimed kids being a danger with their parent?

  45. Turd the third

    She looks like a tired old hag in these pictures. Half of the 40+ women on the superfish look better / younger than her and she is how old???? I magine what she would look like at 40, assuming she can even make it that far.

  46. Ghey Tranny

    Leave Britney Spears along…RIGHT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Ghey Tranny

    Leave Britney Spears alone…..RIGHT NOW !!!!!!!

  48. Bosco

    @40 Well kangaroo breath, if the US had a totally racist and restrictive immigration policy and couldn’t be reached by walking we would have low crime and great health care too. And by the way Aussie poon tastes like vegemite…just saying……

  49. she is cute

    32 – i love her knees, beyonce has fat knees and swollen bowed legs – britney has awesome legs

  50. Of course she lip synches

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