Britney Spears’ lip-syncing pisses off Australian gov’t

An Australian government official has made the astute observation that Britney Spears fans are basically morons who have no idea she’s lip-syncing her entire stage show, according to People:

Virginia Judge, the Minister for Fair Trading for New South Wales (the Australian state that includes Sydney), said she is considering options to make sure fans aren’t misled when buying tickets to Britney’s Circus tour concerts. Some seats are going for more than $1,300.
“It is Britney’s ‘prerogative’ to lip-sync, and it is my job to make sure consumers know what they are paying for up front,” Judge said in a statement released by the government.
One idea is to require disclaimers on promotional materials and tickets indicating that portions of a show will be pre-recorded.

Here’s what I don’t get: With the vast array of technology used to make it look like Britney Spears can sing, dance and not murder her children with a bucket of chicken, do they even really need her at this point? They could probably replace her with a cat and save a shitload of money on Starbucks expenditures alone. People would be like, “Hey, did you get the new singing cat album?” and I’d be all “Meow, yeah!” because that’s how popular it would be. True story.

Photos: Splash News