Britney Spears lies to Matt Lauer

June 12th, 2006 // 147 Comments

In an interview with Matt Lauer to air on Thursday, Britney Spears denies rumors she has Kevin Federline living in the basement and insists she’s a good mom.

In the interview with Lauer, Spears defended her parenting skills following the outrage sparked earlier this year when photographers snapped her driving down the Pacific Coast Highway with baby Sean on her lap. “I can’t go anywhere without someone judging me. … I did it with my dad. I’d sit on his lap and I drive. We’re country,” the Louisiana native said. “I know I’m a good mom,” she added.

I’m pretty sure Britney’s dad didn’t sit her on his lap when she was 5 months old and let her drive the car. They can barely hold their own head up at that age, let alone have the motor skills to operate an automotive vehicle. 5 years old I can understand, but not 5 months. Either Britney Spears is a lying whore or her dad has somehow topped her as the worst parent in America. Although judging from the picture I’m going to assume Sean Preston was just using the powers of Satan to control her mind.



  1. Steph

    Its one thing to make a mistake once, but to nearly drop your kid in public, have them fall on their head, not be put into a car seat properly, it starts getting a little sad

  2. jane's eyre

    Yeah, ‘cuz if Papa Shitney did it, then it MUST be okay. It’s called the LAW, idiot.

    And I never dropped my kid, even when he would unexpectedly throw himself backwards when he was having a fit.

  3. Doxes

    I know quite a number of “country” people who *aren’t* blithering idiots. I imagine they’ll be really happy about Britney’s lame excuse.

  4. jane's eyre

    Oh yeah, and does “we’re country” automatically make you inept at being a parent? Seems to be the case.

    I really detest her.

  5. Italian Stallion

    I bet it took a long time for others to do the Star Trek hand sign. Sean P. seems to have it down at a young age, pretty amazing for a Spear/Federline……….

  6. jessieo

    What happened to her excuse about the paparazzi following her? Why didn’t she bring up that excuse instead? Doiiii

  7. TheHappyRobot

    i’m pretty sure jesse james said it best -”choppers for life!”

  8. pinky_nip

    “We’re country”. Does that also mean Daddy had his pants around his ankle while she was driving on his lap.

  9. flamarkel

    When she went to grade school, the driver used to sit her on his lap and let her drive the special bus, too. That was last year.

  10. Icognito79

    There are way worse parents than her. I’m in no way defending her, but seriously, can’t we keep attacking her clothing, hair and choice in husbands? Even the best mothers make mistakes.

  11. Chicagoboy

    The look on young Sean Preston’s face makes me think he’s the freakin’ Anti-Christ! Creepy!

  12. CrazyDaddyXenu

    Sean Preston is the REAL omen. He is stealing the photog’s soul with the use of the anchient hand sign curse of baphomet. Look at the glare on that kids face, I got the chills……

  13. waterranger

    SP: why are you just standing there taking bloody pictures?!? Get me away from this maniac!!!

  14. jane's eyre

    I have a picture of my 2 year old son, riding the Dumbo ride, and giving the finger. Seriously.

  15. All this Britney crap is getting boring… i’m yawning

  16. carmachu

    Wow, she manages to slur a whole host a people with a wave of ehr hand and a couple of comments……

    Even if thats the case, most folks didnt have their kids on interstates on their lap and tehir cars didnt have airbags dumbass…..

  17. jane's eyre

    S.P. is pissed off because CPS hasn’t taken him away yet.

    Because you can’t separate Britney’s parenting skills from who she is as a person, and what it says about her. And yes, the best mothers make mistakes, but Brit’s had more than her fair share, and the baby isn’t even a year old.

  18. Ramdonomo

    ((And I never dropped my kid, even when he would unexpectedly throw himself backwards when he was having a fit.))

    She didn’t drop her kid either. *rolls eyes* I’m not one to defend any kind of bad parenting, but what we have here is people taking a bunch of NORMAL parenting stuff and blowing it WAY out of proportion because she has a ton of photographers dogging her every step.

    Who hasn’t seen their child all crooked in a car seat while driving? Come on. That baby is huge. When my son was 8 months old, he was too tall to be in a backward facing carseat.

    Enough with the Britney bashing. Not only is it hard enough being a first time mom without the press hounding you, it’s getting old.

    PS: Before anyone goes to jump on it, the ‘front facing’ carseat thing isn’t the LAW. It’s reccommended. Check it out.

  19. tsarinaamanda

    Was this already on? I saw the commercial for it on Saturday’s Dateline, but it didn’t sat when it was coming on. Damn, I really wanted to see this, IMO, there is NO ezcuse for her terrible parenting. It doesn’t make sense that people need a license to fish, drive, own a gun, etc, but any asshole can breed. And Brit Brit is definitely any asshole. I truly fear for that child, if it doesn’t end up dead or retarded, it will end up a lowlife pile of white trash like it’s momma or poppa. Ugh. Poor ugly baby. And Brit Brit gets NO sympathy from me.

  20. Little Sean Preston is looking quite devious in that photo, actually. Then again, it could just be him showing how pissed he is that he lost the good parent lottery.

  21. BigJim

    Yeah, daddy let you ride on his lap. That was before an air bag could decapitate you. Instead, you’d get squished to a pulp between your dad’s fat ass and the steering wheel.

  22. DrDanny

    >Either Britney Spears is a lying whore or her dad has somehow topped her as the worst parent in America.<

    Couldn’t both be true?

  23. BigJim

    Is this the coob?

    If it is, it sure explains a lot.

  24. Ramdonomo

    17 ((And yes, the best mothers make mistakes, but Brit’s had more than her fair share, and the baby isn’t even a year old.))

    No, you just know all about them because of the photographers and reporters. Otherwise, who’d care? No one takes photos of all the babies asleep in carseats, or of every mother that stumbles, or every baby that falls. Come on, you’re telling me that no baby ever… say, fell off a bed? A couch?

    My first child climbed out of a grocery cart at nine months. Damn monkey.

  25. Pearly

    #8 Bahahahah that’s the best!
    The look on that kids face says it all..he looks so pissed!!

  26. bigponie

    I think she is getting ready to breast feed and the kid is giving the “peace” sign with a “don’t hate me cause I’m about to suck on mommy’s tits” look.

  27. tsarinaamanda


    I’m sure the Britney fan club would be THRILLED to have you as a member. And YES, she IS a bad parent, it’s all documented. Yes, a lot of first time moms do make mistakes, but I’m sure they actually LEARN from them and don’t keep on making them over and over, and then get on national TV and make a million excuses for their bad parenting. I think most of us would respect her more if she just admitted that she isn’t perfect, but she is doing the best she can, and she is learning how to d the right thing. But she’s gotta blame everyone else for her stupidity, and THAT is what pisses me (and probably most other people)off. It’s NOT the paparazzi’s fault that you are a shitty mother, it is YOURS. And she has nannies, maids and the like to watch this kid, which is way more than normal people have, so she really has no excuse. And that is one UGLY kid.

  28. Spacedog

    “We’re country” is really Southern hospitality for “We’re stinkin White Trash. Please send the doctor because lil Ilene picked up ringworm from swimmin in the mudhole again.”

  29. Jacq

    “Look, May-ut, my day-ud would let me drive like thay-ut when he wuz drunk. I was drunk thay-ut day and thay-ut was the responsible thang to do. You know what I mean, ya’ll? Ever-body should be pro-love.”

    #8 – How else can you get to the stick-shifter?

  30. mobilus

    Would it be fair to say her father’s car didn’t have an airbag in those days? Just asking….

  31. LinguisticAnthro

    Will any of the Britney apologists justify the real dangerous issue, which is that she put her infant son on her lap while driving? Yeah, maybe almost dropping a kid is par for the course, but I want to see you folks defend THAT.

  32. tsarinaamanda


    And it has the nerve to talk about others being ugly? What a fatass! It looks like the kind of bitch that would get off by being a troll. And it definitely looks like an attention whore. An attention whore with no friends. Now I actually pity it, being so ugly and all.

  33. jane's eyre


    Yeah, Britney hasn’t dropped him, because someone else was there to catch him. Pff. And I pulled over to straighten up my slumping, sleeping baby, then got those little things you stick on the straps to keep his head from lolling over. She has no excuse.

    Britney, is that you?

  34. Shelley Bonnechance

    It is a really dumb thing to justify a dumb thing by citing a dumb thing your parents did that you’ve decided, in your dumbness, to emulate.

    There’s never a good reason for driving a car with a baby on your lap and there’s never a good reason for not having a child sitting properly in a car seat, or in not having the car seat installed properly in the car.

  35. tsarinaamanda

    Oh, and I don’t think it can get away with calling the former Feed_Me “Mexican trash” any more, since it seems to be of a Latino descent itself. Maybe we should call INS on its ass?

  36. tits_on_snack

    like omg she said she DID IT WITH HER DAD lololololol

  37. jane's eyre

    Darn, I’m at work and myspace is blocked. I want to see.

  38. jane's eyre

    But I think it has multiple myspace accounts set up for its multiple personalities. It’s only fair.

  39. Icognito79

    Driving with him on her lap was retarded, I’ll give you that, but it’s getting old. She tripped while carrying him…um…ok?? Lock her up.

  40. Jacq

    #30 – Probably not, but it did have a whore-bag. Much softer landing.

  41. BoardBetty

    If you guys think SP looks evil you need to check out this baby. BEWARE!!!

  42. Iambananas

    Okay, she’s a bad mom.

    1.) Driving with the baby on her lap… ITS JUST NOT SAFE (then lying about it).
    2.) Not putting a hat on the baby in the summer beach.
    3.) Dropping the baby from the high chair.
    4.) Almost dropping the baby(and appearing drunk)

    When will CPS take this baby away? Do we have to wait until there is a fatal accident she causes? And there’s another one coming!

  43. Icognito79

    i agree 42. take away time and resources from getting children who are molested and beaten out of their homes and take this kid. i mean, why should britney take care of her kid when my tax dollars can do it?

  44. HollyJ

    “You know.. I’m not a bad mom for anally raping my child with a baseball bat. I mean, when I was a kid, my dad anally raped ME with a baseball bat and stuff. We’re country and all. So I know I’m a good mom.”

  45. HollyJ

    PS Are we sure that baby’s name isn’t ROSWELL (based on the size of his unusually huge noggin and the absence of any palpable nose)?

  46. smaddox

    ok, what’s that myspace profile?? First of all it’s set to “private” secondly it seems to be a (asian?) 14 yr old girl from Texas… explain?!

  47. RichPort

    Britney is a great Mom, who sings great, timeless classics. She is married to an equally great man who rapping acumen and street cred are unparalled in the history of the genre. And I have an 28″ cock that I use to slap strippers silly.

  48. Icognito79

    She didn’t get the Hollywood mom manual. She’s totally fucking up because she’s daring to raise the kid by herself. She needs to hire a team like every other star out there and spend one day a week with the kid.

    I used to love watching that Meet the Barkers show when the mom would ask the nanny every morning if her baby woke up during the night. I don’t care how effing rich you are. Raise your damn kids.

  49. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    ‘We’re country’ is how Louisiana folks say, ‘we’re white trash, so we’re licensed to do whatever the hell we want because it’s God will’. I hope she doesn’t have them snake hunting with Pa and beatin’ up nayggers by the time they’re 12 like a lot of the more ‘country’ individuals I know in Louisiana.

  50. TaiTai

    Every time I hear about K-Fed being kept in the basement, I think of the Gimp from “Pulp Fiction,” and what a great Quentin Tarantino film this whole thing would make.

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