Britney Spears lies to Matt Lauer


In an interview with Matt Lauer to air on Thursday, Britney Spears denies rumors she has Kevin Federline living in the basement and insists she’s a good mom.

In the interview with Lauer, Spears defended her parenting skills following the outrage sparked earlier this year when photographers snapped her driving down the Pacific Coast Highway with baby Sean on her lap. “I can’t go anywhere without someone judging me. … I did it with my dad. I’d sit on his lap and I drive. We’re country,” the Louisiana native said. “I know I’m a good mom,” she added.

I’m pretty sure Britney’s dad didn’t sit her on his lap when she was 5 months old and let her drive the car. They can barely hold their own head up at that age, let alone have the motor skills to operate an automotive vehicle. 5 years old I can understand, but not 5 months. Either Britney Spears is a lying whore or her dad has somehow topped her as the worst parent in America. Although judging from the picture I’m going to assume Sean Preston was just using the powers of Satan to control her mind.