Britney Spears lets guests snort coke off her chest


I’m not sure how valid these claims are, but 29-year-old guitarist Scott Kohler says that Britney Spears invited him and ten other strangers to her Malibu mansion two days after she lost visitation rights with her kids. During the party Britney got tanked on coke and booze, according to The Sun:

He said the 25-year-old downed vodka, then stripped to her underwear and said: “Let’s get in the Jacuzzi.”
Kohler said one man offered Britney cocaine and “joked he wanted to do a line off her chest, and she agreed.”
She “seemed drunk” and took coke herself, he claimed. But she still passed a court-ordered drug test the next day.

Here’s what I don’t buy. First, that somebody was able to do a line of coke off of Britney Spears’ chest. I mean, how do you not accidentally get a Taco Supreme wrapper stuck in your nose? That’s gotta hurt. Hot sauce in the nasal passage is no picnic. Second, Britney Spears doesn’t take drug tests. That would indicate she actually wants full custody of her kids. Then how would she be able to have sexy nude parties and eat fried chicken? You can’t do that with kids around. I guess she could lock her sons outside by the pool – unattended. But, then you’re just spoiling them.