Britney Spears leaves rehab again…sort of


This barely counts as news, but Britney Spears left rehab last night to attend an AA meeting in Santa Monica. She was escorted to the support group by her assistant and returned to the Promises treatment center right after the meeting ended. And because she’s lost her mind, Britney had weird scribbles all over her hand and even drew a fake ring on her index finger. I wouldn’t be surprised if that thing went completely up her arm. She’s like this close to snapping and probably spends all her time in rehab rocking back and forth while chanting, “They’re all gonna pay.” And when the doctors ask “Who’s gonna pay?” she growls at them and says, “I’m a tiger!” And then starts pacing around on all fours while the doctors stare at each other confused.

NOTE: That’s not her wedding ring. Not the one on her ring finger and not the one drawn on in pen.