Britney Spears leaves rehab again…sort of

March 1st, 2007 // 59 Comments

This barely counts as news, but Britney Spears left rehab last night to attend an AA meeting in Santa Monica. She was escorted to the support group by her assistant and returned to the Promises treatment center right after the meeting ended. And because she’s lost her mind, Britney had weird scribbles all over her hand and even drew a fake ring on her index finger. I wouldn’t be surprised if that thing went completely up her arm. She’s like this close to snapping and probably spends all her time in rehab rocking back and forth while chanting, “They’re all gonna pay.” And when the doctors ask “Who’s gonna pay?” she growls at them and says, “I’m a tiger!” And then starts pacing around on all fours while the doctors stare at each other confused.

NOTE: That’s not her wedding ring. Not the one on her ring finger and not the one drawn on in pen.



  1. Philip Ramirez

    First! I used to write on my hand in 2nd grade. Then I started riding the short bus.

  2. PrettyBaby


  3. PrettyBaby

    lmao, today’s not my day…

  4. Philip Ramirez

    Oh wow. Nice Try! lol, that was pretty close.

  5. brujeriadiosa


    well, almost….

    she’s not orange enough…..put her back in!

  6. pppaaaiiigggeee

    is that her wedding ring?

  7. brujeriadiosa

    the hand art…LOL

    She got a Coloring Diploma from Kentwood High and their mascot is “fighting crackheads”

  8. Stink

    I bet she holds up her scribble ring and screams WONDER TWIN POWERS, ACTIVATE! and then runs around gibbering like a monkey and flinging poo.

  9. brideoffrank

    At least her face is not looking so gross.

  10. jesseeca

    those are her idea of prison tats.

  11. murmurzz

    *sigh* All is well in the world. Hmm, perhaps not… Fa fa!

  12. gatorgirl

    She’s a white trash idiot – she didn’t even remove the plastic ring that holds the price tag from her belt – of course, they probably can’t allow her the use of scissors in there…

  13. D'arcy

    That ring — Britney must’ve been hanging out with another looney during playtime in the room with the soft walls, and they decided to get married by drawing wedding rings on the other’s finger.

  14. julia-sexpot!

    i was going to write some mean things about her….but in the first pic she almost looks like the old Brit…pretty smile and happy. i just hope she gets her shit together (and starts bathing once in awhile).

  15. gatorgirl

    But at least someone gave her a little purse to put her stuff in – normally she carries cigs, lighter, phone, dog, keys, white trash spray, all in one hand. What’s the issue with carrying a cute purse once in a while, Brit Brit???!

  16. BarbadoSlim

    She’s gonna die like the stink pig she is.

  17. Lowlands

    The weddingring which is drawn must be the ring which K-fed gave her years ago.

  18. Proteon

    Drawing on her hands? BURN HER!

  19. Mr. Goat

    #12 – and then she would have a harder time trying to return it.

    And… I’m not sure what it means but if you look closely there’s a scribbled button with “Push” written over it.

    Push? How bout push you out of a moving car!

  20. PrettyBaby

    At least she’s not wasting her time doing situps.

  21. Libraesque

    she looks good, it’s remarkable what a few days of rest and some happy pills can do.
    that drawn on ring means she’s someone’s bitch in rehab

  22. Push me baby one more time.

  23. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    She’s the picture of stability. Kind of like an anchor or a rock, only with more class and self-respect. And less hair.

  24. karifarrell

    I like the new “Schitz-ney” she’s cool. And where’d she get that new wig?
    Oh yeah, and that’s funny whoever said that about the drawn on ring being the one K Fed gave her years ago, haha!!!
    I wonder if she rented the entire AA meeting hall and just sat there alone with the speaker???

  25. Looks like she finally sprang for a better Wig.

  26. fergernauster

    Does not her “rehab” treatment facility treat alcoholism? Guess not if she’s skipping out to AA meetings. Man, that is WHACK. What the f*ck is she paying for, then? Hourly massages and aromatherapy sessions?

  27. D'oh Eyes

    What have you got to smile about Britney? Really? You suck and I’m glad.

  28. NicotineEyePatch

    If anyone needs to dry out at our place, I am only charging $47,000 (US) a month.

    I’m a good cook, and we usually watch movies on weekends. There’s an AA down the street. We’d put away all of the sharp objects and pills, but you’d be too happy to commit suicide anyway, because we get some of the best weed in the city.

    *offer not extended to B. Spears

  29. Forbidden

    Looking very good for how she’s been looking lately.

  30. LilRach

    She looks better but then it’s just a front for the cameras – “Just smile and try to look happy, just smile and try to look happy” is what she would have chanted 50 times in the mirror before leaving rehab.

    Wonder how many wigs she has?

  31. claire bear

    Dare I say it? She almost looks decent. The outfit is crap, but she looks healthier.

  32. sexybitch

    What do you want to bet it’s just hair sewn onto the hatband?

  33. chiris

    She’s got a PlayBoy bunny hanging from her belly button.

  34. becca11

    i like her hat

  35. Lowlands

    I’ve a doghouse in the back of the garden,but the dog has gone for some reason.If Britney want she can use this biologically correct rehab made out of oak.I’m only charging $25.000,-,if you wanna get chained is $2500,- extra.

  36. julyper

    Love the scribbles, they are like the ones my son does and says that are tattoos. Soon, she will write her own name, with last name and all!.

  37. AmandaEqualsWhat

    maybe britney’s hand is a map to a magical land. i don’t know anyone brave enough to go there though. wow, i love how she used to be a pop star and now she’s like, an autistic 4-year-old.

  38. She has to leave rehab to go to AA because the rehab isn’t for alcoholism or drugs, it’s to rehabilitate her into taking a shower. The AA isn’t even Alcoholics Anonymous, it’s Anal Attackers, a new nonprofit organization that teaches people to appreciate getting rammed up the ass by umbrellas and other unwieldly instruments.

  39. I’m surprised she’s not carrying Lisa Frank folders too.

  40. heyheyhey

    she looks good again. who pulls the david copperfields on this bitch so that she can turn into hideous trailer park trash one day and look gorgeous again the next???

    alright that was a stretch…gorgeous?? i must be feelin nice today

  41. 86

    FRIST is the new FIRST.

  42. CodeNameWench

    Frist is the new black.

  43. Lambency

    I adore her hat and coat.

    She’s still a loose cannon. Honestly, I wanna slap her.

    Sometimes I wonder if she even wants her kids in the first place. It’s almost like she’s doing all of this on purpose so that she doesn’t look like the bad guy for giving them to KFed.

  44. culinaryprincess

    She looks happy and healthy, I wish her the best of luck.

  45. D'oh Eyes

    Um, she’s NOT happy and healthy. Hence the “post-partum depression”, AA meetings, and rehab. A smile does not a happy person make.

  46. Manistoned

    Remember after 9/11 when The Onion said that people were caring about the important things again instead of Britney Spears? That lesson was well-learned.

  47. licklick

    #26 nailed it…WTF!

    And is writing on her hands part of therapy? Britney is such a stupid piece of trash.

  48. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I would like to know where in L.A. there is a rehab center for Quesadilla Addicts with Bells Palsy.

  49. MsKarii

    Actually, that IS her wedding band.

  50. they don’t have AA meetings in rehab?

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