Britney Spears leaves rehab again

February 21st, 2007 // 237 Comments

Recreating her hijinks from last week, Britney Spears left rehab again less than 24 hours after checking in. She checked into the Promises treatment center yesterday but couldn’t deal with it and left for home. The usual stay is 45 days but she managed a whopping 1. Not even 1. She’s making Lindsay Lohan look like Captain America here. The next time she checks into rehab it’s gonna be a blow up doll with “Britney Spears” written on the back while she’s lying in bed half asleep with a bottle of tequila in one hand and a cigarette in the other.


  1. zarixx

    hmmmm, I wonder if it is too soon to check the kids into rehab

  2. Lowlands

    It should be forbidden for some people to get kids,even after they’re grown up.Ofcourse that sounds impossible and unnaturally but it isn’t that unnaturally.Some mammal-species they ‘re only able to breed in a prosperous year and when they feel safe.With prosperous i’m not talking ONLY about money.I can say this because i know everything about money.Because at the moment i’ve $368,79 on my saving-account.

  3. freakspeely

    People, please. Britney isn’t so far gone as to where she’ll kill herself (not on purpose, at least). She shaved her head because there’s something in there that wants to get out, but she doesn’t know how to express herself in any way but sexually.

    If she were really on the verge of suicide you’d see her doing a LOT more over-the-top things than this…she’d be giving shit away left and right. Now if Britney is walking the streets of Malibu one day next week and decides to cut me or some other random joe a check for 200 grand, then you can start to worry.

    For now she just needs to be alone and start talking real with herself, preferrably in a journal or diary or blog of some sort to where only she and maybe a few others she trusts can see it. I’d worry about her killing one of the camera guys than herself.

  4. E-Skee

    Is it just me or does it look like Brit forgot to remove the size sticker from a pair of new pants? Although maybe that’s just some weird zipper/escape hatch for her crotch crickets. But I doubt it.

  5. Libraesque

    Kmart, you’re comparing your white trash existence with that of a mentally stunted, emotionally cracked mega star.
    Don’t…….just..don’t, it’s ridiculous

  6. sexybitch

    #200 kmart, the apologists are using port partum depression as an excuse for her, like it’s already a diagnosed thing. How about she’s just incredibly immature and her alcohol and other problems are now logjamming together? She sounded just like a 12 year old when she was talking about having kids – no concept about what having them would mean. Big shock to find out you can’t toss ‘em under the bed when you’re bored playing with ‘em.

  7. Lowlands

    Some people just know how to put it…

  8. Libraesque

    206, what you fail to add to the equation is that she has the money to have people take care of her kids after she’s tired of playing with them, which doesn’t exactly help in the maturity/parenting department

  9. Lowlands

    $368,79+$30,00=$399,79-$4,75(starbuck)=$395,04 YAAAY!!

  10. carrie bradshaw

    Britney left rehab because Tom Cruise got to her and told her how he and Scientology can help her. She’ll disappear into the center for a month and re-emerge as a Katie Holmes clone, only with blond hair. She’ll be “cleansed” and will be “working hard” on “preparing for her comeback”. She’ll say her kids are “amazing” and being a mom is the “absolutely best thing ever”. She and Katie will be best friends and go shopping and have play dates at the park with their kids.

  11. sexybitch

    208 Judging by the nanny’s account, she doesn’t want anyone else playing with them for any length of time, either. Hope there’ll be enough money in about eight years to pay for therapy for dual detachment disorders!

  12. Libraesque

    211, whatever, if this “nanny” testifies under oath, great, otherwise it’s just another money hungry whore trying to sell a story.
    She seemed like a fine mother til she snapped her cap. It’s gotta be the yola makin’ her all hella crazy.
    It’s Paris Hiltons fault!!!

  13. LL

    Nice of Britney’s publicist to weigh in here. That is going above and beyond.

  14. D'oh Eyes

    Fine mother indeed. Dropping kids on their heads, letting Sean Preston ride in her lap, and leaving him slumped over in the sun in the backseat of her car are all exampled of proper mothering technique.

  15. D'oh Eyes


  16. Libraesque

    oh please duh-oh, the kid fell out of a high chair, she didn’t fucking drop him on his head you douche. Trying to get away from rabid paps….it’s not like she threw the kid in the trunk. And that picture of him in the backseat, kids fall asleep, whatever, and you were there I’m going to assume, right, so you can say for sure he didn’t have a hat on that fell off
    judgmental bitch

  17. Celebrienne

    There’s no way Britney will retain custody for her children.

    Instead of checking in and out of rehab every second day, she rather should’ve taken a break somewhere far, far away from the spotlight and just have some time for herself to clear her mind.

    But now, Britney has reached a certain point where she just can’t back off from her kamikaze mission anymore.

    After all she hasn’t only lost her mind, but also her career, her image and most probably will also lose her children.

    I can’t help but feel sorry for her. But then again – it’s not like she had no control about what she was doing, so…

  18. ADD: If Britney continues acting this way, there’s no doubt even such a greedy pig/douche bag like K-Fed will get the money he wants from Brit as well as the children’s custody.

  19. lovescontroversy1

    #70 you are wrong. money does cure depression. i was depressed… took meds every day… then i inherited big time… now i don’t work a day of my life…
    she’s a moron because there’s nothing in her life she can’t “fix” with money. she’s just too stupid to figure it out.

  20. here_ we _go_ again

    god brit looks fuckin disgusting!!!!!

  21. lovescontroversy1

    oh and #216… i love this moron… there was a seperate incident other than the high-chair when she was getting out of a vehicle and damn near dropping sean on the pavement- we’re talking inches from his brain being an omlet(even more than it already is due to the drugs she took while pregnant)and what about the pictures of him on the beach with momma spears and k-fed… they are BOTH wearing some sort of head protection from UV RAYS!!!! and yet little sean is hatless… roasting in the sun… in conclusion there is no excuse for allowing the child to ride on her lap- ESPECIALLY because of paps… i thought we all learned this with the death of princess diana when she wasn’t properly restrained in a seat belt… what do you think would have happened to that poor infant if dumbass spears slammed on the brakes?

    so please keep posting… you’re the very reason the general population shouldn’t have the privilege to reproduce.

  22. Libraesque

    you must be talking about the time she was being mobbed by the paps while walking in New York, right? And unless you were at the beach and you know he didn’t have a hat on the entire time they were there, or sunblock, and not just the 3 seconds while the picture was being taken, you need to shut up.
    I’m not going to speculate on a judgment call by a then 23 year old first time mother, raised in Kentwood, being attacked by paps, but you should, you seem to be absolutely without a flaw

  23. bunnyhugger

    forgive me if someone has already quoted this, but i just couldn’t make through all the “she’s a grown-up, nobody can force her…”
    in california, when a person of adult age has a history, or even if they suddenly become a danger to themselves or others, you can call 911 and report a “51-50″. this brings out the paramedics and a forced 72 (maybe 48, depending) hour lockdown situation.
    jrz, isn’t the same out your way??

  24. EJ

    Whew. I see Libraesque is on her daily bitch fest. It’s getting to be a compliment when she disses your post – it’s like you were so fucking awesome she just couldn’t bear it.

    Speaking of, mega kudos to PunjabPete, BarbadosSlim, and the ever-so-godly Kmart. Orgasmically awesome posts, especially Kmart’s. What else is there to add? Britney is a wreck and she should seriously just deal.

  25. wtfiswrongwithppl

    She looks like her babies now. Maybe she’s tryin to steal the attention from them too.

  26. drewmansgirl

    Before I comment on the Britney situation, I just want to point out that ClockworkAnge basically called herself a retard in comment#70. Ange dear, you’re #61, and since you made fun of the person posting that comment, you are essentially calling yourself stupid. Way to go…

    Now, the Britney situation… Depression sucks. I know it does from personal experience, but somehow I am feeling less than sympathetic. I didn’t have any of the resources she did when I was suffering from it, but I was also nowhere near as self-destructive as she is either. And I can confidently say I was in a much, much worse situation. She’s had the opportunity to fix her life twice now with Rehab, but instead of putting the welfare of her kids ahead of her own selfish needs, she decides that she would rather continue to screw her life up worse than it already is. Kinda hard to feel bad for someone who doesn’t want to help themselves when they have all the resources and means in the world to do so. As for her mother stepping in, she already did, by asking her daughter to go to rehab, but she cannot guarantee that Britney will stay there. Besides, Britney really is an adult, and part of being an adult means taking responsibilty for your life. So make all the excuses for her and sympathize with her all you want; fact remains that she is a terrible mother and quite a basketcase who is stubborn and selfish and unwilling to accept help. And I hardly think that is reason enough to feel sorry for her. However, I don’t wish her death, inevitable as it is. That is reserved for Paris Hilton and Paris Hilton alone… And jrzmommy is now my personal hero. Love you!

  27. drewmansgirl

    and I agree with #221. Her parenting skills are absolutely, unjustly horrifying (correct spelling?) and there can be no excuses made for ‘em… I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I hope for the safety of those poor children K-fed gets sole custody.

  28. drewmansgirl

    Barbadoslim, marry me?

  29. drewmansgirl

    #196, you got right. My feeling’s are exactly the same…much respeck…

  30. missmsnt

    oh no….
    this only inspired cuteness in Natalie Portman.

    FOR BRIT… she’s a man now.

  31. Libraesque

    #224……..daily bitchfest????? yea, no, I haven’t posted for awhile. Orgasmically awesome posts by Kmart? wow, that’s just…sad. But if some po’ white trash idiot, talking about how…well, poor she is and comparing her sad sack life to BS turns you on that much……

  32. lovescontroversy1

    Libraesque… you’re such a fucking nut. Let me guess, you had a bad childhood didn’t you… or better yet, you’re severely overweight and bitter about it.
    Whatever your reason for being a belligerent idiot, let it go. No one cares. Furthermore, I would like to verify that yes, I am, without a flaw.

    Please, please keep posting, your misdirected anger on here makes my fucking day!

  33. kmart

    I just can’t figure out how you’re so sure I’m white.

  34. QUEEN

    Everyone need GOD”S LOVE. Britney have a DISEASE of ADDICTION, that need 2 be arrested 1 DAY @ a TIME. People u all know there is no big I and Little u. It is not what u say, it is all about whom is saying it that might get her ATTENTION. People don’t HATE instead MOTIVATE. If there is a Recovering Addict that feel they can help the NEWCOMER they need 2 do say.Britney I am praying 4 u. Britney, MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU IN HIS CARE. BRITNEY GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME. BRITNEY WHEN YOU GET IN A BAD SITUATION DO THIS (A.S.A.P.)Always Stop And Pray.
    Keep the FAITH
    Queen(GOD”S CHILD)

  35. sharpei dude

    She’s failing rehab because you can’t get drugs or booze there!!! C’mon people wise up!

  36. Libraesque

    lovescontroversy, I think your idiotic screen name says a lot about you. You may want to check yourself when you talk about other peoples misdirected anger, that was your rant @ #221, wasn’t it?

    just shut up

  37. in and out….just keep her in

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