Britney Spears leaves rehab again

February 21st, 2007 // 237 Comments

Recreating her hijinks from last week, Britney Spears left rehab again less than 24 hours after checking in. She checked into the Promises treatment center yesterday but couldn’t deal with it and left for home. The usual stay is 45 days but she managed a whopping 1. Not even 1. She’s making Lindsay Lohan look like Captain America here. The next time she checks into rehab it’s gonna be a blow up doll with “Britney Spears” written on the back while she’s lying in bed half asleep with a bottle of tequila in one hand and a cigarette in the other.


  1. I think even she is too crazy for Scientology.

  2. veggi

    @4. applause applause.

  3. jrzmommy

    see, told ya. fuck ‘em.
    She would have been cool if she said, yeah I shaved my head, wait til you hear my new music I’ve collaborated with Henry Rollins for my next album. And then, of course, rushed right over to Henry Rollins and said, dude, help me out, let’s do some spoken word or maybe write some lyrics or some shit for me.

  4. PunjabPete

    Amen #49… I salute you…

    Those who get everything and piss it away are not worthy of pity… Fuck them all…

    Again, I never thought I would say this…

    TEAM K-FED….

  5. ~*SpiritoLibero*~

    She has no one to blame for this constant display of ridiculousness but herself. She is 24 years old, an adult, and a waste of human flesh. People should be asking HER, “Where are YOUR children?” She should be sober and home talking care of her rug-rats, not acting like a druggie, cum-guzzling-gutter-slut.

  6. MadPet

    If her manager was smart that’s what he’d do. She should cross over to a rocker chick and totally embrace it.
    Own up to it Brit!

  7. fergernauster

    To the ones proclaiming, “She needs to just stay at home with her kids, where she should be!”… Do you really believe she should be anywhere near them, considering her present mental state? How much help to them is she now?

    Don’t be such Double-D-Cup Boobies.

    And while yer at it, go birth two children within a few years, experience post-partum depression and then post here again.

  8. MadPet

    #55 I TOTALLY agree with you, but I still can’t help but feel sorry for people hurting. Shit I still get upset when I see homeless people at my fcuking post office KNOWING that they themselves are the only ones to blame for where they are in life and that @ bucks I gave away probably went to smack-rock … but I can’t help feeling bad.
    fcuking-A maybe I’ll go back to being a silent reader.

  9. polypam

    It’s not Post Partum Depression…more likely Post Popular Depression.

  10. ClockworkAnge

    No matter your age- your mother should be a guiding influence. If you have a healthy relationship with your mother, that is- and I think it’s been proven in the past that Brit and her mom are pretty close.

    It’s sad that so many people don’t know what having empathy means. It would make the world a better place if more people would take their heads out of their asses and learned what it meant.

    It’s also pretty funny to read comments from certain people that put Britney down when their past comments only show how ignorant they are in their own lives.

  11. PrettyBaby

    I hope she’s found at home tomorrow morning, dead from wrist-slash suicide, with her hungry babies crying and sitting in pools of her blood while clinging to her cold lifeless body.

  12. PunjabPete

    58 – When was the last time you met a baglady with 40 million dollars? Talk about apples to oranges. Shitney Spears has more money than all of the users of this board COMBINED and she cannot figure out how to live a decent and happy life? What the fuck does she have to worry about? Public opinion? Yeah fucking right… Hard life. Smile, laugh, make a record, and quit wasting time with loser “pants hanging off the ass” wigger wannabe shitheads… The solutions is so fucking simple, even a moron like this cumbucket should be able to figure it out….

  13. veggi

    yu gots a pinch a tard in ya?

  14. PunjabPete

    Holy fucking shit Pretty Baby!! Did you wake up cranky today sugar? You know I love you but DAAAAMMMMMNNNN….

  15. Alandra

    What #36 said…

  16. MadPet

    She obviously cannot figure that out …
    With her kind of money she should have no problems at all … like any other celeb who makes it big then offs themselves … obviously they see a side of that life we don’t … it looks easy from over here … maybe its not what the fuck do I know I’m poor.
    But I’m happy and not in rehab.

  17. jrzmommy

    61–We have empathy for people who deserve it. For teenyboppers, basically, who marry impulsively (K-Fag was #2), bring children into the world impuslively, and then flaunt the fact that they have the parenting skills of a post-it note by being seen in bars more than at home……No empathy. She’s a selfish, spoiled little girl….with lots of impulse control issues…shaves her head…goes to rehab, leaves rehab, goes to rehab, leaves rehab….fuck her. And fuck you, too for being such a crybaby.

  18. ~*SpiritoLibero*~

    #58- I agree…
    Sure, it’s sad. But
    1) In order to get help, you have to want help. She obviously does not want it yet at this point of her life.
    And me personally, I tend to not feel sorry for people who do things to themselves, and she did this to herself. Many, Many people balance children, careers, daily demands, and go through divorces and death of loved ones. They generally come out stronger people when it’s all over. She’s just letting herself become a train wreck.

    Is she depressed? Yeah probably, Divorce is one of the MOST stressful things one will go through in their life. But seek help, and I don’t think “help” constitutes as: going out to clubs, drinking yourself into oblivion, flashing your “junk”, and possible drug use.

    Now that K-Fed has been kicked out of the house, and she seems to have little to no dealings with her kids, it’s like the poor babies lost two parents, not just one useless douche bag.

  19. ClockworkAnge

    #61- you are the shining example of what I’m talking about. “yu gots”? Hahahahaha

    #63- money doesn’t make depression go away.

  20. BarbadoSlim

    @62 your bloodthirsty post literally gave me goosebumps….

    …and wood.

  21. ClockworkAnge

    #68- you must be so angry all the time because everyone hates you.

  22. KimIsSarcastic

    #64 Are you implying that by a “pinch a tard in ya” that she is being sodomized by Rich’s troll?

  23. fergernauster

    PunjabPete – Shitloads of money do not protect a person from his inherent human condition. Money does not, in itself, equal happiness. It always surprises me how many people firmly believe that it does.

  24. MadPet

    Money doesn’t make depression go away?
    Shit give me 1/3 of what she has and my depression will disappear.

    I hate how you fuckers are actually changing my mind about this bitch.

  25. KimIsSarcastic

    #72 Jrz hated? wtf? She has a fan base and trolls! pleeeeaaaaaasssseeeee.

  26. jrzmommy

    72–And you must say stupid shit all the time because some jerk off like your hero Britney here raised your sorry ass.

  27. KimIsSarcastic

    And I love licking her bitter puckered anus!

  28. MadPet

    New or not.

    You still get fucking trolled.

  29. lustpockets

    Somebody shoot this bitch

  30. KimIsSarcastic

    Wow! I got trolled, too

  31. fergernauster

    Wasn’t Britney raised as a child prostitute… er, I mean “Mouseketeer”? You know… that Wonderful World of Disney kiddie porn ring thing.

    I believe her present woes are at least partially rooted in that. As are Lohan’s… and perhaps countless others.

  32. KimIsSarcastic

    Nice try, scumboot.

  33. danielle

    Hello! The bitch isn’t staying in Rehab because the bastards don’t know how to “trick” her into staying.

    All ya gotta do is throw up a 7-Eleven sign on the front of the building and stick a hot dog stand out front.

    The broad will think its a second home.

  34. I take it “trolled” means you post under my name?
    Cause I didn’t post #79.

    Hey can you “troll” into my ex husbands bank account?

  35. KimIsSarcastic

    Wow! I got trolled, too

  36. KimIsSarcastic

    Nice try, scumboot.

  37. I take it “trolled” means you post under my name?
    Cause I didn’t post #79.

    Hey can you “troll” into my ex husbands bank account?

  38. veggi

    @70- It’s called sarcasm. Tard.

  39. KimIsSarcastic


  40. KimIsSarcastic


  41. Cosmo

    You know, I used to thing losing his meal ticket had to really suck for K-Fed. But now I bet he gets down on his hands and knees and thanks God every day that he’s not riding the Britney Spears Crazy Train anymore.

  42. KimIsSarcastic


  43. KimIsSarcastic

    Is there anybody in there?

  44. KimIsSarcastic

    Just nod if you can hear me.

  45. KimIsSarcastic

    My troll is retarded. :(

  46. KimIsSarcastic

    Is there anyone at home?

  47. KimIsSarcastic

    Come on, now, I hear you’re feeling down.

  48. KimIsSarcastic

    Well I can ease your pain.

  49. KimIsSarcastic

    Why do I have to get the small dick troll?

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