Britney Spears gets a mistrial

Britney Spears’ court case for driving without a California license case has been declared a mistrial today. After three days of deliberations, jurors couldn’t reach a unanimous decision on a verdict. Though most of them agreed the trial was a giant waste of time considering it was for a misdemeanor charge, and she had a valid Louisiana license at the time. E! News reports:

After five votes, the jury foreman confirmed they were deadlocked 10-2 in favor of acquitting the pop star. All told, the jurors deliberated slightly more than eight hours over a verdict–more time, incidentally, than the lawyers took to try the case.
“A lot of people had their minds set from the beginning,” he said, adding that many of his fellow jurors agreed that the trial was a waste of time.
He also said that the main sticking point for the panel was the issue of residency versus domicile, something the jury took to the judge earlier today.

Yeah, residency versus domicile. Shit happens to me all the time. Anyway, if you’re wondering why Britney is crying in these pictures, they started charging for extra whipped cream at Starbucks. Her accountant informed her she’d be bankrupt by Friday unless she pulls back to the regular serving and, no, she can’t sell her children on eBay – even if “they be all dressed like puppies, ya know?”