Britney Spears’ lawyer quits

January 2nd, 2008 // 47 Comments

Britney Spears’ lawyer filed a request today to be withdrawn from the ongoing custody battle between Britney and Kevin Federline. TMZ reports:

In the legal papers, attorney Tara Scott from Trope and Trope wrote, “There has been a breakdown in communications between [Britney] and Trope and Trope making further representation of her interests impossible.”
Sources tell TMZ the reason Trope and Trope withdrew is because Britney just didn’t listen to her lawyers’ advice, and her behavior was generally sinking her case.

Britney Spears also failed to show up again for a deposition hearing today which prompted her lawyer’s request to withdraw:

As one connected source put it, “Her whole life has become insane and it’s impossible for anyone to get through to her.”

You know what will get through to Britney Spears? A prison shower if she’s finally held in contempt of court. And I’m not talking the group one. I’m talking the fire hose through the cell bars one. That’ll either wake Britney up to her situation or leave her needing a smoke and a way stronger showerhead at home.




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  3. Pop Lover

    Great 411. Also look up Brittany and others on

    People put some good stuff out there.

  4. Cate

    lmfao…. priceless. We all saw that coming. Can you blame her?

  5. tinkel


  6. Ally

    Poor Britney… she is so out of this world!, her career and life are so screwed and over!

  7. Tom

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  8. The Truth

    Who cares, she lives in CA and nothing will ever happen to her. Even if she killed someone she’d probably only do a years time due to all their overcrowded prisons. It really is too bad her two kids have such SICK parents.

  9. ph7

    She’s in contempt of court for failing to appear at the deposition. Which, in the world 99.99% of us live, means she would be spending her time in jail until the deposition took place.

    But as crazy as Britney is, she still gets a break……

  10. The Truth

    Tom – # 7

    Fuck off – no one is going to go to your stupid sites. Everyone on this blog is smarter than you. Leave us alone, you jerk!

  11. I’m sorry…but I stopped reading at the ‘TMZ’ thing … Like, is that TV show still on ?
    (Well.Ok – i could figure out the ‘writers’ thing wasn’t a problem.)
    The last time I fumbled to that channel it reminded me of being, like,trapped in a jungle, and you’re like chop, chop, chopping with the machete – and still not getting anywhere.
    But ‘Tarzan’ is, like there, like offering ‘branches’ and crap. But when you focus – ‘Tarzan’ looks a bit like Ron Paul…And the Ronny branches don’t do ‘evolution’.
    Cliff Notes: This is called ‘metaphorical.’
    Binky: WTF? – how would I know Cliff ? – I’m from Canada and had to take French. (Merde)

  12. ack

    does she really need lawyers? can’t she just keep paying whomever it is she’s paying to stay out of jail?

  13. ack

    oh yeah, and nice shirtdress, brit, niiiiice.

  14. L.Linus

    This looks like the start of the end for Britney and her kids, like she really cares. It’s probably cheater to pay K-Dirt to take care of them than to care for them herself!

  15. Michael Vick must Die

    Bitch is so fucked up, imagine being fired by your frickin lawyer? You gotta have to be really bad to fired by someone making millions from you.

  16. ph7

    She should declare war on, say, Paraguay.

  17. 10pound

    I blame Michael J Fox and his shaking bad ass self.

  18. Sheva

    Even lawyers have a line when their clients actually make them look incompetent in high profile cases. This lawyer decided that it just wasn’t worth it to be attached to a train wreck.

    A reporter asked Brit why she’s being such a jerk and the photo caught her reply,
    “Cuz I’m an idiot.”

  19. Ash Frog

    Why would her lawyer turn down free money? it doesn’t make sense….

  20. FromOutOfNoWhere

    Dear dumb lawyers and dumb judges for all us smart folks.

    Brittney does not want the kids, so stop being shocked by her stupid attics. Just get her 3 huge guys that would take shifts boning her morning, day and night. She’s happy, you’re happy, everyone’s happy.

  21. jason

    i don’t think she is beautiful, but many friends from said she is good. for god sake i don’t know the reason, but i think they are reasonable for i know they are picky. you know it is a site where rich women can seek young cute men and men can find extramarital affairs….and they are beautiful and charming….

  22. pjfan281

    a celeb spending a day in jail for contempt? do you know what country this is??

  23. I can pretty well understand the man(or woman). She’s getting in all kinds of troubles lately and even trying to clean her name isn’t an option. I think she really likes it to be a LOSER!!

  24. marcschon

    She’s a a drug charge away from giving a guy like me a shot!!!! SWEEEET. Come on ‘brit, pick up a tasty coke habit! PURTY PLEASE????

  25. Things must REALLY be bad for a Lawyer to give up a client like THAT .

    I mean REALLY bad!

  26. …again!

    You must really have to p*ss these lawyers off if they would rather QUIT than make money off you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. storm

    well i’m sorry to say that i couldn’t happen to a nicer person or family for that matter,..her mother should be soooo great parenting skills ass! it’s too bad the rest of the world couldn’t get the same treatment as the stars do,.. you know for drug stuff people only have to be in jail for 87 hours and it’s *poof* on the streets we go,.. or “hey i don’t really feel like showing up for court today, that judge boy he’s so mean to me any ways,.. so i think i’ll go shoplift at a gas station(of all places) and run over some more poperatizi and maybe then go shop at the mall,.. yeh thats sounds like a funner day then sitting at some boring deposition for my dolls,..*oops i said it again* i mean my kids,.. and my ex faggot husband. what a great time we’ll have come on jamie-lynn lets go and after wards at star bucks i’ll teach you all about safe sex the same story mom told me,…. what do you men you’re pregnant?!” boy wat a good time we’d all have if the world were as nice to us as them huh? oh well,… it’s still nice to dream i guess.

  28. mcbeef


    nobody gives a shit what you think.

  29. veggi

    What a fuckup! Just reading this, you’d think she was a n i g g e r.

  30. MT

    There are two reasons why lawyers quit:

    A) Their client lied to them.
    B) They aren’t getting paid.

  31. Britney Queers

    Tom – #7 and Jason – #21: NOBODY is going to go to your idiotic spyware-and-adware-bombarded websites. Go get yourselves a brain.
    On to britney, What kind of crappy judge is responsible for this trial? If I were the judge I’d simply just rule that she get neutered. Simple as that. She’s on the verge of committing suicide anyway.

  32. D. Richards (Mother.)

    Britney! She never ceases to amaze her public. 2008 is going to be a fantastic year!

  33. Cliff Notes: Wait a sec -the left corner of FREEDOM has on it – consistently – American Gladiators Sunday…9pm. 8pm central
    Binky : Well thanks for that Cliff….
    (for those of you keeping score at home)

  34. I dunno, I think 911 may have been an inside job..

  35. mcbeef

    Cumster McDumpster

  36. She is not so pretty here, it can’t show a good figure. But how can her photo on another bisexual community bimingle.comm can be so hot. especially the one in red. It’s totally different. Why??

  37. Gabriel

    911 was an inside Britney Spears job

  38. latty

    so, how many days before we get a press conference on this lady, where she finally outs britney as the antichrist?

  39. Jenna

    Throw the dumb bitch in jail! This stupid slut is rich and dumber than an ant. God I hate her.

  40. Michael Vick must Die

    maybe she wants to get set to jail, she might think she gets some “sympathy” votes and more attention, a la Hohan, Bitchie, Parisite. Although of course they got no sympathy, hehe!

  41. Anonymous

    Hey Tom #7:

    Hi there, I’m a loser with no life. I’m paid $3.50 per hour to post idiotic drivel, directing you to some lame dating website that takes your money and gives you nothing in return. I have no job, so I sit around all day and post this garbage on as many websites as I can under many different aliases. I don’t have any friends, so I must rely on these moronic posts to make myself feel better about myself. My mother hates me and dropped me on my head as a child. You can find me at I’
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  42. stephanie

    Okay, people need to stop leaving her… and they need to get her help. If her life has become “completely insane”–in which I am not arguing that–then she needs some medical/psychological help.
    I guess the people who “loved” her, only loved her when she helped make them famous. When she was thin, blonde, and making “great” music videos. I feel sorry for her. Her family and friends are definitely worthless.

  43. Matthew

    how many lawyers is that quit on her? 2 or 3? that dumb redneck don’t ant kids and WAY TO GO Lynn you scrrewed up 2 kids!!!!!!!!!

  44. hendero

    “she’s not a girl, not yet a convict….”

  45. sharpeidude

    What I find truly amazing is where do they get these fucking shitball judges to sit on these cases! Seriously, are the courts cruising the local pie contests and randomly asking these asswipes; “Hey, are you busy this coming Tuesday? Wanna oversee Britney and K-Feds child custody hearing? It’s okay, she won’t show up and you can issue a really harsh reprimand for all the news outlets! Get your name in the paper and stuff!” Jeez! Throw this cunt in jail for contempt already!

  46. Anonymous

    For one Britney Spears can’t sing she need her kids taking away from her and go to jail for two years.

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