Britney Spears’ lawyer quits

Britney Spears’ lawyer filed a request today to be withdrawn from the ongoing custody battle between Britney and Kevin Federline. TMZ reports:

In the legal papers, attorney Tara Scott from Trope and Trope wrote, “There has been a breakdown in communications between [Britney] and Trope and Trope making further representation of her interests impossible.”
Sources tell TMZ the reason Trope and Trope withdrew is because Britney just didn’t listen to her lawyers’ advice, and her behavior was generally sinking her case.

Britney Spears also failed to show up again for a deposition hearing today which prompted her lawyer’s request to withdraw:

As one connected source put it, “Her whole life has become insane and it’s impossible for anyone to get through to her.”

You know what will get through to Britney Spears? A prison shower if she’s finally held in contempt of court. And I’m not talking the group one. I’m talking the fire hose through the cell bars one. That’ll either wake Britney up to her situation or leave her needing a smoke and a way stronger showerhead at home.