Britney Spears knows she’s crazy

Britney Spears’ conversatorship was made permanent recently to absolutely no one’s surprise – including Britney. Turns out she knows she’s a bowl of nuts and is still having “episodes,” according to Star:

“Everyone who knows Brit isn’t surprised that this happened,” a source tells Star. “Thankfully, she seems well enough to know she still needs help.”
So what’s troubling her? For one thing, her possessiveness with sons Preston, 3, and Jayden, 2. According to a family insider, Britney is making up excuses to be with them even when it’s inappropriate. For example, while working out at a dance studio last month, Britney called her ex Kevin Federline, demanding he bring the kids over immediately. Kevin said no, and Britney burst into tears, according to the insider.

Wow, that’s really sad. She must miss those kids a lot. Jesus, I actually feel sorry for Britney.

UPDATE: Apparently, the phone call was to Domino’s and they wouldn’t deliver. *sniff* That’s a pain I know all too well. Damn you, cruel world!

Photo: WENN