Britney Spears kicked out of Four Seasons

Britney Spears is no longer welcomed at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills which has practically been her home the past several months. The five-star hotel is tired of the paparazzi swarming the entrance and has asked Britney’s people to make sure she doesn’t return, according to TMZ:

On top of that, the spectacle that is Miss Spears has been garnering so much negative press around her erratic rendezvous, that the hotel no longer desires to host the wayward popwreck.
This isn’t the first hotel to close their golden gates on the ex-pop princess. Brit was asked not to return to the restaurant at the swank Chateau Marmont — after allegedly smearing a plate of food on her face in front of guests.

Aw, poor Britney. I guess she’ll actually have to live in her million dollar mansion. That’s some cold-hearted shit. I mean, I at least share a one bedroom apartment with my pot-smoking roommate. It’s pretty awesome. The toilet doesn’t flush which is all kinds of hilarious and, one time, the heating bill was so high I got to eat Easy Mac for a whole month! Sweet, huh? But, wow, living in a mansion around the holidays? I don’t know anyone who could do that. It’s almost like torture.