Britney & Kevin Reunited: A Love Story

Kevin Federline is babysitting his way back into Britney Spears’ vagina. The two are apparently getting closer together while traveling the US for Britney’s Circus tour. Star reports:

“The truth is, they’re falling in love again,” says an insider. “I don’t think they ever really fell out of love to begin with!”
Kevin has actually been gushing to his mom that being with Britney now reminds him of when they first fell in love in 2004, a family insider tells Star.
The family friend reveals there’s been “some kissing. It started when they agreed that Kevin would take the boys on tour. They’ve shared a lot of flirty moments.”

I hear he’s even going to ask her to the mall! NO WAY! But, seriously, I don’t see how Kevin could be reminded of when they first got together. A.) He couldn’t dance right now even if you told him there’s a bucket of KFC duct taped to his shoulder blade. B.) I’m pretty sure he needs a court order signed by Jamie Spears before he can get to second base – and there has to be a lawyer present.

Photos: Splash News