Britney Spears & Kevin Federline are having a trial! YEAH! GET SOME!

June 27th, 2008 // 24 Comments

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline met yesterday for a private mediation session in an effort to avoid bringing their custody battle to trial. It didn’t work. But, however, Kevin’s lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan spoke to E! News and says the talks were productive and both sides left happy. There was no mention of whether that involved giving Britney a Happy Meal:

“The mediation didn’t result in an agreement that would avoid the trial set in August… The mood was comfortable, positive and it was a mood that was consistent with opening at least a great dialogue, which is necessary.
“Kevin has had sole legal custody since January. He wants that to become the permanent order at trial, and the visitation to be consistent with what the court expanded it to this week.”

Of course, my sources tell me that part of the reason the talks failed is because Britney kept demanding “custardy.” “Custardy!” she’d cry. “I want custardy!” Realizing things weren’t going as planned on her Etch a Sketch, Britney switched to Plan B: Vadge in the eye. Everyone quickly turned in fear but not Kevin. No way. He wasn’t backing down this time. Not now, not ev – Jumpin’ Jesus it winked at him. SECURITY!


  1. her

    talk about pink eye

  2. Lola

    ha ha ha ha ha….. nothing surprises me about these 2 anymore

  3. Larry

    I’d fuck her

  4. Ted from LA

    I wouldn’t fuck her with Larry’s dick.

  5. nipolian

    If both sides left happy……we know two things for sure:

    1. Kevin was promised a large part in Verne Troyer’s next sex tape.
    2. Britney was promised a large bucket of Extra Crispy and a $50 gift certificate to K-mart.

  6. Ok ok ok ok ok...okay

    Not bad, Fish. Not bad at all.

  7. cate


    Sounds like Mr. Superfish watches the Office ;)

  8. Call me KFed!

    Actually, call me KFed’s bitch…


  9. WTF

    your brittney stories are getting fucking old…..move on.

  10. Jones

    Ya know, I can’t help it – I’d still hit her pooper. Everything else seems shot, but it only seems right to pay homage somehow to all those videos from back in the day. It’d be the Britney-style way of shaking her hand and saying “nice job”.

  11. @rooney

    330,000 starbucks cappuccinos, 250,000 bags of cheetos, 110,000 happy meals, oh and 2 children later… she’ll never look like that again.

  12. Grunion

    The donut shops near the courthouse must be wetting thier pants over this news

  13. Edwina

    I hoped that it wouldn’t go to trial to save money and drama. It would nice if Britney would accept the current visitation set up until she is fully stabilized for whatever her problem is. I think it’s a waste of time for her to go to court, because the court will probably leave things as they are until she has a long track record of stabilization. I’m sure the court will want to see how she does if or when the conservatorship is over.

  14. meee

    uh did you mean “vag”? because there’s no ‘d’ or ‘e’ in vagina so i don’t know why you’d include them in the abbreviation.

  15. Thanthan

    But and however are basically the same word. You don’t have to put them side-by-side Mr. Superficial Writer.

  16. T

    Keep Fatney away from those kids. They will end up dead if that whore
    is left to care for them.

  17. …………….WE MUST CHEER NOW?

  18. CVS

    Leave Britney alone!

    She’s obviously preparing for the role of Mimi in the movie version of “The Drew Carey Show”. And doing a great job, IMO.

  19. Britney

    oh,Britney, i have not seen you for a long time.

  20. Grunion

    Her hairline is fading faster than McCains election hopes.

  21. I’m glad to hear Brit and Kev are rekindling. I think they just needed a break for a while b/c they were too young But, they’re not getting any younger. This is great for the kids. They need their parents. I wish them the best. Brit and Kev- take care of each other!

  22. sweetest life with britney spears and kevin also great..Oh god,I must see that amazing songs that`s great huh..

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