Britney Spears & Kevin Federline have ‘camaraderie’ which apparently means phone sex (Good to know…)

May 12th, 2008 // 33 Comments

Kevin Federline’s lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan paid a visit to this morning’s The Today Show where he elaborated on Britney’s new custody situation. He also dodged around questions of Britney and Kevin getting ready to make some more Cheetos porn. (Fingers crossed!) Here’s the details via People:

“If you’re going to have two parents participate in the lives of raising their children,” said Kaplan, “there has to be some camaraderie between them for that to be a meaningful expectation and reality.”
But are things better between the ex-husband and wife?
“When you go from where things were, when there was no visitation, to where they are now,” said Kaplan, “there will be some contact … there’d be some ability to exchange a camaraderie that is necessary and a function of co-parenting together.”

Britney and Kevin are definitely getting along – all the way to PhoneSexBurg! A source for Star says Kev and Brit go at it AT&T-style once a week:

While they initially chatted about their boys — Preston, 2, and Jayden, 20 months — the conversation shifted. And as Britney hoped, Kevin knew exactly how to tire her out — with hours of erotic talk!
“They have phone sex often — at least once a week,” an insider tells Star. “The one thing those two have in common is their need for sex, and after they get going, there are no holds barred.”

I don’t know about you guys, but I fully support Kevin and Britney doing it over the phone. Wanna know why? No chance of pregnancy – I think. Hold on, let me call this girl I had phone sex with once. *beep boo bop boo beep* Hey, how are you? Long time no phone sex. Say, you don’t have any kids do you? Uh huh. Your lawyer is tracing this call? Back child support, you say? Uh huh. Well, I had no idea my sperm was that strong. Uh huh. I tried putting a condom on the phone but you sounded like Darth Vader! Okay, tell you what. I’ll get my checkbook and do the honorable thing. Just, uh, give me a sec here.. *runs to Mexico*

Video: MSNBC

  1. veggi

    I love these 2 crazy cunts!

  2. Corlyss

    Is this seriously news that MSNBC should be covering? I really thought they were above stories on douchebaggery.

  3. kat

    i can only imagine the things she shoves up there during the phone sex. is it just me, or does Jayden’s hair seem a bit slicked back at times?? mommy’s all natural hair gel???

  4. It's me Fuckers

    “I tried putting a condom on the phone but you sounded like Darth Vader! ”


  5. It's me Fuckers

    I noticed that the Megan Fox topless pictures aren’t on here yet… TMZ has them but they have big yellow stars over her nipples… we need the full monty pictures!!

  6. The sad truth is that Kevin is every girl’s secret trailertrash fantasy, the dumb good lookin’ redneck who can’t do anything in life but bring the purple hammerhead. He’ll probably impregnate a dozen girls before he accidentally shoots himself during a botched robbery at a convenience store (caught on tape, of course). Hell, I’d fuck him, if I were drunk (so, if I were awake…). But only once. Maybe twice. Dunno…how big is it, again? I heard 8″.

  7. I’m surprised they enough brain cells to have a successful phone sex conversation.

  8. ItsNickiBitch

    Picturing Cheetos cheese-stained fingers wandering aimlessly as they search for the magic spot.

    ** shudders **

  9. veggi

    #1- moron..

    I think she’s too lazy to put forth effort in a phone sex conversation.. I’d say she gets exhausted dirty talking her bowl of cereal..

  10. justifiable

    Fish guy, if that girl had call waiting it might not be yours.

  11. The best part is that Kevin still has Jayden on his lap, playing their “Lick the Lollypop” game.

  12. Verizon Guy

    Can you rear me now?

  13. fygu

    #2 CNN is reporting on a girl not being allowed into her prom for dressing in a sluttly dress with no underwear. Because you know that this is the first time that’s ever happened in history and that is BIG NEWS. What has America come to?
    Excuse me while I go see Megan Fox’s tits at TMZ……

  14. Blu

    How DARE you underestimate K-Fed’s sperm? They will kill you with their ninja abilities. Telephone sex? A mere inconvenience. The K-Fed Sperm overcomes all obstacles.

  15. justifiable

    #13 Are you serious? Wow, if they allow that and if she’s not wearing underwear she might actually be prompted to have SEX on prom night! Thank God MSNBC is keeping us abreast *cough* of breaking news.

  16. #13 – I saw that! Quite the shocker that she was black. Brought back memories of one of my all time favorite stories, the “Ghetto Prom”:

    In case you wondered what to wear if you were invited to a party at the zoo…

  17. Is the phone already SMELLY?

  18. @11 You are a sick fucking troll..

  19. mamadough

    #13 since when did girls start wearing underwear to prom? i certainly never did….

  20. Auntie Kryst

    I’m told the phone sex gets really creepy when a hungry Britard conferences in the Chinese Take-Out for a 3 way..

  21. A sex tape would make this whole little courtroom drama just go away…

  22. restingonlaurels

    hahaha chinese take-out… oh, that’s rich. as for cnn, half the most popular/most viewed stories on that site are from the entertainment section, which speaks volumes about the readership. i guess they are catering to the apathetic.

  23. Anexio

    I hope that brit never reads because this is not somethign that she should read. kFed is mean to her and now the fish is mean to and that is somethign that I cant say is okay noway.

    Fish is mean becauuse he do not not want brit preg but that would be the best thing cause she can be the best mom of course.

  24. Fatal Admission

    So Frist, you are a slut then I take it? As for me, I don’t fuck whores and trailer trash. Just saying. I mean we can still be dear friends and all here and you may worship my keyboard and so forth, but I don’t think I would have admitted to finding that dirty baby machine sexy.
    Of course we all know you now sweet thang.

  25. andie

    #6- I know that guy! I swear, every chick he ever slept with got knocked up, and he’s as dumb as a rock and a raving alcoholic. He has SEVEN children from FIVE different women. He’s a good looking dude, though, so he continues to get laid. Eventually he’ll just be one more toothless redneck.
    Dude must have supersperm like F-fed.

  26. Randal

    Ah, this is a great way to start off a Monday and the week.

    I am so thrilled that these two are slowly pulling themselves back together again and working to make their family, children and own relationship work.

    Kevin has shown he has a lot of character by taking care of two children on his own, cleaning up his act and realizing that he’s just not the musical genius he wants to be.

    Instead, he plays the Dad card and earns lots of respect from everyone around him.

    Britney, you need to take a page from Kevin’s book and walk down the same smooth road he’s upon and your career will soar again.

    Love ya both! xoxo


  27. justifiable

    #26 Randal, you put the “sac” in “saccharine”.

  28. Randal Must Die

    MIght I suggest manhunt for this leak of douche?

  29. Anonymous

    Randal Must Die,

    I get to take the first shot. Probably the last too, there wouldn’t be much of this gay boy to pick up after that.

  30. nolagal

    their kids are four months apart?? Preston is 24 months and Jayden is 20 months? I think not uless Brit is magic. Hmmmm….

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