Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake want to remind you of all that sex they had

November 6th, 2008 // 45 Comments

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake are supposedly performing tonight in Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet Tour at Dodger’s Stadium, according to Ryan Seacrest (via Us Magazine):

“They are going to be onstage performing with Madonna,” Seacrest said on KIIS-FM host DJ BoyToy Jesse’s Wednesday-afternoon show.
The exes have both collaborated individually with Madonna.
Added Seacrest, “If Justin and Britney end up on that stage with her … I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything quite like that before.”

You’re right, Ryan Seacrest. That’d be like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez starring in a movie together – about a dancing corpse. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston presenting an Academy Award together – to a dancing corpse. Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson singing a song together – with a – I think you get the picture: Which is let’s bury Madonna. I mean, seriously, how long could she haunt my dreams afterward? Like a week? Two weeks? What if I drank my weight in NyQuil before bed?

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  1. 1st

    What? No one wants to be first???

  2. Vince Lombardi

    You can’t bury Madonna. You have to drive a wooden stake through her heart, cut off her head, burn her, then hold her under running water, followed by wrapping her in chains made of pure silver, and then leaving the remains in direct sunlight.

  3. kate

    oh my god, they look so young… cute

  4. kate

    vince lombardi: you’re a sick man

  5. The Jessica Simpson Hotel Sex Tape at

  6. Your Daddy

    I wish they would have done this in the Oakland show!

  7. f

    Britney is ugly and look twice her age.

  8. Ted from LA

    #7, What’s your native language? I predict a wardrobe malfunction in which Britney’s pussy jumps out at the end of the song.

  9. Celine Motherfucking Dion

    Hey! Remember us? We used to be relevant!

  10. jennykilyy

    Britney is so beautiful and charming. She is my favouriate, Just saw she has a personal blog on ^^^^^^MillionaireLoving. C O M^^ ^^^^, a private site for millionaire & celebrity I heard of from a friend of mine. Does she want to hook up with rich guys?

  11. sam

    Really don’t know about this!!
    But it seems all hot people on ” ” talking about this! I prefer to date a hot cougar there, what about u?

  12. hehe Look at Justins face! thinking he was getting a “virgin”

  13. #3 that’s because that picture is like 15 years old..

  14. mike

    #10, I bet she does. Douchebag.

  15. what the fuck…i hate typos…

  16. dork

    Wow, thanks for this flash back!

    I think you found the defining moment when Britney got her crazy on.

    What a couple of dorks.

  17. Because you’re ugly.

  18. ms farrell? That halloween costume looks expensive,,, are you aware we’re in a recession?

  19. Douchie, are you aware that you are a cocksucker?

  20. Max Planck

    He wants to have her baby.

  21. Shut up,it was 15 bucks.

  22. Shut up,it was 15 bucks.

  23. That’s weird, I didn’t even click it twice that time.

  24. havoc

    The Cryptkeeper backed up by Mousketeers….

    Sounds interesting enough……


  25. OJ's Mom

    I forgot how goofy his ‘honky-fro’ looked back then.

    I blame him for her breakdown. He should have punched that bitch in the throat when she looked at Kevin. Bastard,

  26. Lola

    LMAO…. Look at the 3rd picture, there’s Jamie Lynn’s ugly whore-ish ass smiling…. Dumb rednecks.
    Anyone care about this news because what??????

  27. Tim

    To Justin, Britney will always be a MILFADAM (Mother I’d Like to Fuck After the Dad ATM’s Me).

  28. This should be interesting. I don’t think Justing particularly likes Britney at this point, or maybe he feels bad for her with all her problems.

  29. Sport

    Vince Lombardi made my day! Nailed it – nothing more to be said on the matter.

  30. Randal

    Britney my dear, do you not see it? Justin is attempting to latch on to your continued success because he’s been nothing since you left him. Do yourself a favor and distance yourself from this guy, you’re better than that.


  31. Lisa

    Is that a Young Jamie Lynn in the background wearing the glasses…

  32. MO

    There is something about Justin that makes him sexy. He can dance, sing, play the piano, he’s tall, attractive, and has the adorable southern charm. I bet he is great at oral and knows how to move during sex too.

  33. Uncle Eccoli

    Damn, that kid is a shurm.

    @32 Funny, I was thinking the exact opposite (except for the piano – I’ll give him that) just before I read your post. There’s really only one reason Justin Timberlake could conceivably be considered sexy: his money.

  34. lol It looks expensive Frist!!!!

    Hey mineymimi? whats your problem? whos typing to you?

  35. malicious

    they were so cute then, Brit’s always been a bit of a dawk though, I expect a big haaaw haaaw to come out of her mouth when ever I see her laugh. Jamie Lynn looks totally in awe of Justin in the 3rd shot.

  36. MO


    No seriously, I think Justin is sexy. Money does not make a man sexy in my opinion. What makes a man sexy is his character, humor, talent, and intellegence along with being fit and attractive. I know some men find sexy just based on body parts, but for most women like me; it’s not just about body parts. Some guys can actually jerk off to a female body part like tits or ass which is strange and this is not my kind of lover.

  37. imasterbateto$$

    @36 Admit it: No broke man is sexy.

  38. #36 if not to your tits and ass what do want them to jeck off too? your brain?

  39. Hamburgertrain

    I’d split your head open with an axe and jerk off into your brain, and when asked for justification, I’ll say I’m bringing sexy back.

  40. 1moreidiotintheworld

    What a splendid opportunity for a rogue meteorite to fall from the sky onto that stage and obliterate all 3 of those fuck stains……. now THAT’S entertainment!!!!

  41. Balls McCoy

    She’s been doing so well, why the fuck is that seahag Madonna going to fuck around with Britney’s head being that she started going loopy after she and Justin split up.

    Anyway…Fuck Madonna, as an encore I hope she clutches her chest and falls face first into the photo pit and then for no explainable reason 3,000 miles away, Obama’s anus starts bleeding profusely…

  42. What do we see here?

  43. F-Obama

    as fucked up as she is, she can still do better than that Afro headed no talent ass wad

  44. anna

    yeah she is beautiful and sexual . she had o profile on . on her profile there re some pics about a guy, he is indeed handsome . but i dont know who the guy is ?can u tell me something about that guy ?thank u ?

  45. bELL


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