Britney Spears isn’t dating her manny


There’s been speculation that Britney Spears has started dating her bodyguard/manny, Daimon Shippen, but a source close to them says their relationship is purely professional. People reports:

“He’s her bodyguard and manny,” says a source familiar with Shippen’s employment. “They’re not dating.” Shippen, a California native described by the source as “funny, but on the quiet side,” is “tickled” by the attention from the media. “But he really wants to focus on his job: taking care of the kids and of her,” says the source.

Apparently this is the same guy who saved Sean Preston’s life when Britney almost dropped him about a year ago. Although considering this is Britney Spears, saving Sean Preston’s life probably isn’t that big a deal. The 7-Eleven guy who found him in the hot dog case has saved his life. As has the cabbie who noticed him on the hood of the car. I saved his life twice this morning on my way to get coffee.