Britney Spears isn’t dating her agent

Hey guys, great news! Britney Spears isn’t dating her longtime agent Jason Trawick! That’s right, something you didn’t even know was happening isn’t happening! Us Weekly has the “exclusive”:

“They are absolutely, 100 percent not dating,” the source tells Us. “He is her agent, and that is it.”

E! News reported Wednesday that Spears was secretly stepping out with Trawick, but the insider tells Us, “They have never gone out on a date.

“He has been her agent for four years, and they are very close friends,” the source continues. “He gets on with her family, but there is absolutely categorically nothing romantic going on.

“Jason was on the road with Britney for three of her tour dates, but that is because that’s what agents do — they support their clients,” the source goes on. “Any stories of them being together are completely and utterly made up.”

So there you have it. Britney Spears isn’t dating the person you didn’t even know Britney Spears was supposed to be dating. I know how anxious and worked up you guys were over that so now you can rest easy. So, uh, is this how reporting works now? Hey, I’ve got an exclusive: Megan Fox isn’t married to a horse! Or is she? It’s news and a mystery.

Photos: Flynet