Britney Spears in a bra is shattering my world

March 23rd, 2010 // 102 Comments

After frightening the entire modern world with her nipples, someone on Team Britney managed to get her in a bra yesterday which probably explains the bruises and why she’s knocking back a Starbucks with two smokes. Because containing Britney Spears’ breasts has to be like trying to put a cat in a tub full of water, but with more stun guns and promises of soda pop.


  1. K

    First! And she looks horrible.

  2. Sport

    Poor girl is not attractive. If she wasnt rich and in the spotlight nobody would give her a second look.

  3. Maniacfive

    For her age I think she’s looking pretty good. What is she now? 40? 45?

    Aaaah, remember when she was hot?

  4. bi chick

    starting to look like Courtney Love…

  5. 40? 45?Aaaah, remember when she was hot? …

  6. Nameless

    x 1000 on her face looking beat these days. Her face is aging fast.

  7. First! And she looks horrible. Poor girl is not attractive. If she wasnt rich and in the spotlight nobody would give her a second look.

  8. ???

    Why does she have lipstick on in some pics and not the others?

  9. Stephanie

    Christ what a mess. She’s lucky she can shake her ass and act like whore. Sadly, that’s what sells. Welcome to America!

  10. Anon

    Remember wheneven Brit-ards would blindly support her on this site?
    Two days they haven’t now.

  11. She looks happy

  12. Rob

    Bra on, nips still visible. Remarkable.

  13. TVD

    God, I used to whack off to THIS? My youth… : (

  14. Cartman

    Britney and Lohan appear to have the same manicurist. Or crack dealer.. it’s hard to tell.

  15. angela

    Actually in the 5th picture she looks good which makes me realize… she looks not half bad in the dark.

  16. a tan and a smile would work wonders

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  18. Fuxy

    That lipstain does not look good in natural light… Britney would probably benefit from like, a 2 week health spa venture, and maybe the hairstylist that does posh’s hair. I don’t understand how one could look that bad and have gazillions of dollars. Celebrities can afford to be clean and godly so fucking do it so us peasants don’t have to be bombarded by your ugly. Leave that to us.

  19. G

    Bra doesn’t do much good….hoist the twins up!

  20. pimp

    take a shower you busted up whore…

  21. note to smokers


  22. Rogue

    Since when is a nip show “frightening”?

    Might be scary to a, um, 6 year old?

  23. SO RIGHT

    She looks a little sad. But I think she still looks good. She just needs to clean up a bit.

  24. redlipstick2lipsync

    Braless, red lipstick, haggard face implied “hearing voices” to justify for endless c-ship for endless legal extortion. Every alternate day in court to pay for visitation right, every alternate day lock with kids with an paid acting father to kids, while kids’ real father continue to f–k himself with alimony paid and a home provided for kids so that they can’t differentiate which home they are being toggled to and fro? Why the call for divorces if you expect to live like you are still trapped in the marriage? Pay for your ex-spouse traveling expenses for him to f–k more in order that his children can even get leverage for tours, otherwise lock them up in home to be as psychologically abused as their mother during the 2 yrs of marriage and yrs of divorce?

    With c-ship and no custodian right to kids, cars no longer get banged, tire no longer puncture on the road for no apparent reason, home no longer being kept under surveillance, by video camera at neighbors’ home, by fly helicopter?

    Doctors and psychiatrist to be persecuted in court for profession misconduct should death occurs so everything covered up? Now no doctors or psychiatrist could prescribe any drugs to end up like Mr Murray no.2 so persecute the conservators, any friends, relatives, nannies, bg? How could an medically intoxicated, mentally ill person know where the beauty salon, where to get drugs unless being pushed and forced down the throat?

  25. F*ckRandal

    Sheesh she looks horible…

    Just for the sake of my penis, can you do a side by side of her now vs baby one more time video…

  26. Jules

    Did anyone else notice the creepy guy over her shoulder in pic 5? Seriously, that shit is frightening.

  27. Anon

    Forget what I said about brit-ards.
    There’s one above me

  28. Anon

    I meant #24

  29. Greenman

    She’s starting to look a little Courtney Love-ish.

  30. IKE

    Someone take these damn things (bras) away from her!!! Hide them, burn them, who cares. She looks better without one on, actually.

  31. I just feel bad for her. At first, when she was running around with the pink wig and bashing cars with an umbrella, I just thought she snapped for a minute and it was hilarious. But now, it’s obvious she’s seriously mentally ill. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen her look anything other than completely out of it. At least when she was crazy she looked like she could at least feel something. Now she just looks like they feed her her pills so she’ll be a good girl and doesn’t go batshit again and fuck with everyone’s money. I knew this shit wasn’t going to end well. No one gets that famous that young and doesn’t end up totally fucked in the head. Good job Papa Spears.

  32. Andrew

    Absolutely disgusting.

  33. Omar

    Wow here face looks haggard. Quit smoking girl.

  34. Jade

    I think she still have that I am about to bat shit crazy still in her eyes. Love ya Brit, but ya worry me…………just sayin

  35. Lenny

    With all the smoking, bad food and lack of exercise, girlfriend is dropping faster than a turd.

  36. jewel

    How she can look better:

    drop the candy store bright red lipstick

    wear tops that cover more of the arm

    don’t go from blond to brunette a lot (damages hair like a mutha)

    sleep regular hours

    smile even if you hate the paps

    Not sure that she’s mentally ill, but wouldn’t you be pissed if ten guys followed you around with cameras everywhere you go? I’d go bat shit. And i might stop giving a fuck about how I look too.

  37. mikeybikey

    id hit it

  38. Beebaby

    Wow, look at how quickly coke ages you…. tsk, tsk….

  39. terry

    I notice her nipples are still showing through…they must be huge and easily excited! Would like to feast on them just because she is Britney!

  40. terry

    I notice her nipples are still showing through…they must be huge and easily excited! Would like to feast on them just because she is Britney!

  41. Celebutard

    I can easily forget the sum total her broken exterior shell when I consider how broken she is on the inside. This woman has been taken advantage of by an industry that props up the fallen star myth purely for it’s own financial benefit.

    I firmly believe that she; like many other child “stars”, is a person dealing with mental illness, drug abuse, emotional abuse and a dependency on the many prescription drugs that are used as a management tool; endorsed by her friends and handlers, to quite simply maintain the stream of cash that flows in year to year.

    Having said that…..whats with the crystal meth hobo hands?

  42. Josephine

    See? You complained too damned much about her nipples, and you’ve ruined it for everybody now! >:-(

  43. lol

    ugh… she looks like those nasty smoker girls form back in high school.. dirty…

  44. Jays

    Fuck me she looks terrible

    @ 24 – What is this jibberish? What are you on about?

  45. Darth

    Some winters are long but you wouldn’t know when it’s spring when you don’t know winter.She knows spring has finally kicked in,it shows.

  46. ciner

    why is the iron man guy in pic 5?

  47. k-dawg

    wow, I didn’t think I would see the day where I would look better than Britney Spears…my husband’s heart is shattered. I guess it’s back to Jessica Alba or Jessica Biel or Jessica Simpson, oh hell, it’s not like it matters.

  48. frankw

    “Having said that…..whats with the crystal meth hobo hands?”

    Well said. I notice with all her money she almost never manages to keep her hands/nails looking good… Would still bath her and hit though…

  49. demse


  50. Rhialto

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