Britney Spears is very truly out of her mind

August 4th, 2006 // 287 Comments

If at any point in your life you ever thought Britney Spears wasn’t insane this video should change your mind. You know you’re pushing the limits of human stupidity when you make Kevin Federline sound intelligent. It’s hard to fathom that this is even real. If you read a transcript you’d think it was a draft for a new Kevin Smith movie. And the fact that this woman has more money than the GDP of Albania (that’s probably not true) is depressing on so many levels. If you don’t normally watch the videos on the site I highly recommend you check this one out. If nothing else because the very meaning of life is contained in it somewhere. Along with burping, moaning, and the strangest behavior you will ever witness in your entire life.

Thanks to the saucy Kirsten and Selene for the tip.


  1. ER

    #29 – I think she’ll be doing TIME in a few more years. It’s scary that Kevin’s the smarter one of the two.

  2. parishaswarts

    SPUN is a movie about METH addicts…why pretell would Shitney want to see that unless she uses? The only people I know who saw spun are tweakers, its a cult classic with them. think about it, people who watch the movie half-baked are potheads. people who DONT do drugs DONT watch cheech and chong.

    the video itself is exhibit a. and i rest my case. what a drugbag

  3. GorillaGrod

    Now Gorilla know where bananas went. Britney smoke them.

  4. beesknees

    OMFG. I’ve always thought K-Fed was the bigger douchebag of the two, but that’s obviously not the case. I’m from Georgia, but listening to that drawl has caused my ears to spurt blood. Thanks, Shitney.

  5. Spunkbubble on J. Alba's chest

    I saw “spun” and I never touched that shit in my life so your rationale is retarded. I have done E though and she is definately not on that shit. She is drunk and stoned.

  6. ffordegroupie

    “Mmmmmm… mmmmmmmm… BUUUURRP…. huuuuh? Huuuuuuh? BUUUUUUURP! Lahk THANGS…. lahk THANGS…. huuuuuuh? Huuuuuuuhh?”

    Was she deprived of oxygen at birth, or did she just inherit the stupid gene? When she isn’t grunting in a redneckish dialect, she’s announcing that time travel is possible.

    Maybe intelligence skips a generation. It’s SPF’s only hope, with a mother like that, who manages to make even his brain-dead dad look smart.

    Wouldn’t it be funny if SPF grew up to be a model of class, sophistication and personal virtue? His mom would be so ashamed of him! She’d probably think he was gay, if he didn’t act “jus’ like yer paw.”

  7. ffordegroupie

    Oh, and WHAT is with all the twitching and hand-bangiing? She looks like a stroke patient. When does she start drooling?

  8. Hopeless_Screenwriter

    @98 What are your views on POLYGAMY???

    just curious.


  9. Is that common in America to hit a table before answering a question ??

    Looks so cool, I’m thinking of introducing it in Sweden … but slowly …

  10. Wanna Pet My Beaver?

    @109…Oh christ, please don’t think anything Britney does is customary here in America.

  11. What’s missing from her life is to release a sex tape

  12. ffordegroupie

    Most Americans will actually change their behavior patterns if someone says, “I saw Britney Spears do that.”

  13. Jedi Kevin

    You gotta love it when stereotypes become real.

    She really is a dumb, burping, cheetoes-eating redneck moron.

  14. pixel killya

    imho…the girl has NOTHING going for her. No looks, no talent, no brains….nothing.

    the hundred million is all just a media creation or bad dream or something…right?

  15. Wow, I respect her more even now. She’s awesome. I’d love to just sit down and talk with her awhile, it’d be really fun

  16. jamiew

    I can imagine her buying this think it was for her baby:

  17. twzzlrgirl

    #108 Polygamy = the more the merrier. (Find another woman who’ll say that :)

  18. geeklover

    You people really need to quit. I don’t know what drugs Brit is on, but personally, I think her attitude/personality is a result of genetics. Please. Stop giving us stoners bad names. We are not like Brit.

  19. metimoteo

    Good Lord, I have no words for what I saw.

    Does this mean the end is near? I don’t mean for her, I mean for civilization.

  20. EJ

    She has to be on *something*. I don’t know what, but no one is that… that… whatever that was. Everytime he said something, she’d really struggle to understand that someone was talking. You could just see her thoughts tumbling to a halt as she realized, “Someone said something!” And then, “What? What? What?”

    Very very disturbing.

  21. BarbadoSlim

    Two words kids: crystal meth.

    Oh, and I’m pretty sure oral sex was performed at some point during that conversation.

  22. Ali

    It’s pretty obvious that all this is staged, much like baby Suri’s supposed inexistence. For fading stars like Britney, any press is good press.

    In summary, joke’s on you, America!

  23. keksr

    why can’t people simply give her Dr. Emmett Brown’s number and stop criticizing her?



  24. jFp

    the intellect of a 12 year old

    that’s just sad

  25. BestNameEver

    You know, I’m actually starting to think K-Fed’s the one who settled.

  26. ptprez

    no wonder anna nicole wants to be her friend…

    i would pay to see that conversation…

    i hope her jaw hurts because k-fuck crammed his cock in her mouth…

  27. PunjabPete

    A video from 4 years ago… What excitement… This just in… Man lands on moon… Yippee super fish…

  28. archyros

    this looks and sounds completely staged. her southern accent is a put-on. she and k-fed probably decided to make their own comedy short for fun. and it is very old, as others have pointed out. like the silly stuff people do when they first start to date…

    wish it was done yesterday, and for real.

  29. alaskanchicsickle

    This makes K-Fed, Jessica, and Anna Nicole look like Harvard grads. Its mind boggling. She used to seem normal, wtf happened? I’m sure Tom Cruise is to blame somehow.

  30. SugarTits

    Ten seconds before K-Fed started looking through the “peephole”….

    “Puff puff, give. Puff puff, give. You’re fuckin’ up the rotation.”

  31. Piledriver

    Saddest part of this:
    When she moans at the beggining or whatever about being ugly, holy shit. What the FUCK. That shit just makes me wanna give that bitch a… PILEDRIVER BAM MOTHAFUCKA

    Funniest part of this:
    Britney: “Thats liek uh, new muvie n schtuff..”
    K.Fed: “Baby, I fuckin saw that shit 4 months ago ON DVD.”


  32. PunjabPete

    You know what scares me? Some one out there told B and Kfed that…

    “Chaotic is a GREAT idea. Everyone wants to know more about your lives”

    And they actually believed it too…

  33. PelvicBoogie

    Holy sh*t, that bitch is stupid. I never thought I’d have to admit that K-Fag sounded like an Oxford professor, compared to anyone.

  34. parishaswarts

    #121 barbadoslim

    i agree. all the twitching and random movements indicate meth…but who knows. there is def SOME kind of drugs going on here, but its unclear what. K fed def looks like a methhead tho…

  35. PunjabPete

    This just in… Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson make sex video… Coming soon to Super Fish…

  36. for_the_love_of_jerusha

    You know, I have tried to give this creature the benefit of the doubt. All of the pics and interviews of Britney are taken out of context by the tabloids to sell tons of magazines, right? Well, now I know I was being WAY too naive. What in the name of God is this girl on? A person that vapid and clueless should NEVER be allowed to mingle in society, much less procreate! Geesh! Somebody get this girl some Seroquel and a straight jacket..

  37. krisdylee

    Seriously, I would fucking LOVE to party with her. Oh, the cunty fun I would have at her unaware and dumb expense….

  38. somethingoriginal

    she’s scattered.

    i wonder if that’s what she looks back on and thinks “aah, happier times”

  39. alaskanchicsickle

    @137, you wicked evil girl! I’d pay to watch that.

  40. chelsea_423

    The video won’t play for me, any ideas?

  41. 3dogowner

    I had to force myself to go back and watch this a second time. The first time, half way through, my brain shut down. I wonder who was shooting this thing and for what purpose?
    Obviously K-Fed knew it was being filmed. I never thought she was very bright, but she actually makes Kevin sound smart in comparison. The way she was chowing down made me think she was high. She really sounded more high than crazy. Maybe she was both.

  42. ToiletDuck

    Well, now we know she really IS stupid…

  43. EJ

    She had to be on something. She’s not quite *that* stupid – she can be lucid when necessary – and no way is that an act. It’s way too convincing. This is Britney, not the Shakespeare troupe.

  44. BubBuff

    I have never felt compelled to put any comments on a blog, this is my first. All I can say to this is – WOW. Her past public persona (which this was not) was clearly a product of skilful managers, stylist, and media training. Now that all that has changed and/or vanished we see this display of Britney-Reality. Things like this, and the “real Britney” that we have seen in the past 2 years is at minimum very sad.

    If she would have admitted that she was into the Mary Jane through this clip, at least we could all have a laugh at it and give a reasoning for it. Too bad she would rather appear stupid than admit she was high.

  45. alaskanchicsickle

    Being high is no excuse for behaving that retarded.

  46. phapiggy

    This is incredibly disturbing. I cant believe that this thing is given so much attention. :( This is so disturbing..

  47. ChickenScratch

    What a lady.

    She burps like a sailor, and she smacks when she eats, a real class act.

  48. Marhaba

    HUH? HUH?

    Great Oden’s raven, she’s breeding more of her kind!

    For all of his issues, it really sounds like Kevin is the brains in the family. I really don’t know why or how he puts up with her.

  49. hisforalways

    “Quit looking throught the peep ho!”


  50. ImSuicidal

    She burped twice and didn’t even offer up an “excuse me”. It’s obvious K-Fed doesn’t understand what those two words mean because he didn’t say word one – she probably picks her nose and eats it too.

    @136 Great use of the word vapid!!

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