Britney Spears is very truly out of her mind

August 4th, 2006 // 287 Comments

If at any point in your life you ever thought Britney Spears wasn’t insane this video should change your mind. You know you’re pushing the limits of human stupidity when you make Kevin Federline sound intelligent. It’s hard to fathom that this is even real. If you read a transcript you’d think it was a draft for a new Kevin Smith movie. And the fact that this woman has more money than the GDP of Albania (that’s probably not true) is depressing on so many levels. If you don’t normally watch the videos on the site I highly recommend you check this one out. If nothing else because the very meaning of life is contained in it somewhere. Along with burping, moaning, and the strangest behavior you will ever witness in your entire life.

Thanks to the saucy Kirsten and Selene for the tip.


  1. DancingQueen

    The comments on this one remind me of the email pic of the little black kid holding a huge crayon with the caption “I has a crayon.” Anybody see that one? Now that was some funny shit.

  2. lomies

    What has she just finished smoking?

    Is she cross-eyed for half this thing?

    She kinda reminds me of the way my ex’s new gf acts … you know the one who gave him a VD … ‘cept she’s not as sexy as Britney is in this vid.

  3. Bellisima


  4. I'd Hit It!!!

    I’d Hit It!!!

  5. @ 27 & 48

    Thanks for the correction on “Spun”. That makes more sense. I can’t imagine her being interested in Spawn anyways.

  6. CMonster0125

    Does she practice speaking english for her interviews? Her hick accent is so thick you’d need a chainsaw to cut thru it. Yeesh! Dumber then a bowl of mice, that one.

  7. BurnedBright

    Wow she is hammered.

    I think cheating on Justin Timberlake was a mistake she could never forgive herself for. Therefore, becoming self destructive.

  8. YoMamma

    whuuuhhh? huhhhhh?
    chomping on food the whole time…her and George W. should hang out. THey would get along famously.

  9. Kitty

    WOW. Bitch must be FUCKED UP on drugs, must be pot since she’s eating fried food.

    Kevin earns his sugar momma money by living with her. I have a new respect for him…or maybe I have so little respect for Britney now that he is the more respectable one?

    How did Justin put up with her???

  10. DancingQueen

    I don’t buy the whole hick accent thing because, like Madonna’s British accent, it seems to come and go in different interviews. Plus how could she still have that heavy of an accent when she pretty much spent her entire childhood in Orlando, Florida?

  11. This is a Rock 'n Roll Takeover

    I hate her even more now for making me feel sorry for Kevin.

  12. wawawetards

    i’m guessing the table slapping and random shouts are tourettes related. i’ve never watched anything on this website (not even paris’ music video) that has made me want to punch myself in the boob as badly as that clip just did. i like kevin federline more now for dealing with that f*cktwit…what!?!?!

  13. She sounds like she’s auditioning for the lead role in “The Reba Story”.

    I haven’t heard anyone say “huh?” that much since I tried to explain “Memento” to Keanu Reeves.

  14. Wanna Pet My Beaver?

    O. Ma. Gawd, y’all.

  15. happy_bunny

    She’s not pregnant, and K-Fed mentions something about her having been on tour, so it’s probably pre-Sean Preston. Maybe this was supposed to have made it onto that reality show they did. Remember that? The beginning of the end.

  16. oceanpark

    “my jaw hurts” – maybe she’s on E.

  17. @39 Hopeless_, may I call you Hopeless_, click the link and speak into the mic!!!

    Not as Hopeless_
    but quite Suicidal

  18. mrs.t

    She is clearly stoned. And stupid.

  19. Kitty

    if she were on E or coke or acid or mushrooms she would not be eating that food. The only drug I can think of where you can eat while you are high is pot

  20. GossipMonkey

    @62 – I read your name and almost spit my water out. wawawetards – fucking awesome.

  21. brandybuggz

    #66–she’s not on E. the only time I’ve ever said my jaw hurts is when i finished sucking dick. which would also explain why she’s shoving food down her maw–to get out k-fed’s nasty essence.

  22. Jessica

    The girl is completely LIT! Plus, she thinks she’s cuter than she is. Man she’s annoying. And the fact that Kevin sounded like the rational one is scaring the crap outta me!

  23. slickwilliejr

    #69 is right….but she is definitely on something.

    she may be the biggest flippin retard on the planet. and how is it possible k-fag sounds more intelligent than her.

  24. strong

    these people do too many drugs

  25. @56 – “bowl of mice”… sounds tasty!!!

    The link is for (or of) jrzmommy.
    You can look too Mr Hopeless_Screenwriter sir!

  26. Nedra93

    I sooo would have hit that six years ago. I wish I would have died after I fist saw her then, before the pedistal we all put her on came tumbling down. I need a new role model… Quick

  27. ccdeville

    i can tell you as someone who does party from time to time, that is definitely NOT marijuana she is on (and if it is–where can i find some of that??!). some people are able to eat on drugs. and this is BRITNEY SPEARS we are talking about here. how could you possibly question britney spears’ ability to eat? that girl could probably do a lb of cocaine and still be eatin french fries!!

    i say E. definitely. that “my jaw hurts” comment gives it all away.

  28. miss uh huh her

    I don’t think Britney is insane. She is simply an immature, rambling moron, (the southern twang only adds to that statement)who is so stoned out of her mind that she thinks her thoughts are profound. In most cases, people scribble down their pot inflicted thoughts and throw them out when they sober up and realize their retardedness, they don’t air them for the world to see…

  29. sistermadly44

    She is HIIIIIIGH!

  30. Hopeless_Screenwriter

    @67 Suicidal. I can’t click your fucking link because I’m at work and this gay ass company has practically everything blocked. Sorry. Can you tell me what the picture is on your link? Or what it is you’d like me to see or do? Probably some pictures of dicks and stuff. Whoopdie whooperston!!!


    P.s. Fuck You gaywad!!!!

  31. Melissa

    first off, shes stoned. Second off.. I don’t ever want to hear that girl talking about time travel again. She does not have the intelligence to understand it. NO Ms. Spears, you can’t travel back in time. Yes Ms. Spears some day it could be possible to go forward in time. It is all about finding the worm hole and discovering that you can travel faster than the speed of light(which is true.) I’ll stop with the quantum physics shit. Britney Spears, please do us all a favor and drink your self into coma.

  32. I read somewhere that Britney Spears died in a fire. This is probably some sort of government conspiracy.

  33. tuckerkatt

    Definitely E. Not everyone likes to eat on E but some people do. Amongst other things (time travel (“Yes it is, Kevin!”), “things…like things”, giggling), the jaw hurting is a dead giveaway.

    Yet another chapter in the amazing book of “Dumb Shit Celebs Do On Camera And Don’t Erase”.

  34. Wanna Pet My Beaver?

    Ah, wasted people trying to be all deep and philosophical…

    She feels like she is missing out on “things” and “things.”

    Clearly what she is missing are a few brain cells.

  35. Hopeless_Screenwriter

    @82 Cheeks is that you? WTF? Did you get your computer back? Are you home? Are you back? Are you at your parents? Where are you right now? Virginia? Florida? New Zealand? Is the price of gas going to go down? What’s the air speed velocity of an african sparrow? Aunty M… Aunty M…. Talk to me????

    Sorry about raping your web-site!!!!!!!!!

  36. FirstTimeLongTime

    “Miss Spears, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

  37. combustion8

    she was on something fo sho.

  38. Jacq

    Look, her saw hurts from eating constantly. I’m sure that even an elephants jaw starts to hurt sometimes.
    And quit lookin’ at her pee-hole! You’re cheating! You’re doin’ something! Quit looking at her pee-hole!

    #86 – Props to you. Well done.

    I’d still rather be subjected to this than Britney’s first sex-romp video.

  39. smurfette

    She makes Anna Nicole sound intelligent. So sad.

  40. Mandi Rewis

    Was anyone else a little creeped out by the bit where he zoomed in real close and she starred wide-eyed into the camera and then had an epileptic, head twitching fit?
    *Shudders* That was worse then The Exorcist.

  41. pop

    u think she’s nuts? u should meet my ballsack….yeah…BALLSACK!!

  42. Jacq

    Hi everyone. It be me, Britney, again. Sometime I sound sofa kind we todd dead on ekstacie. I shur am glad that I have muney becuz I don’t have to wurk and I bot me a husband. Unless I can wurk a tha Cheetow faktory. That wood be the awesomest. My jaw hurts becuz I put me mouf on Kevin’s erekshun. He calls it a wee-wee but whutever. How are babys mayd? Time travel? I have to go fri a sammich now wif Anna cuz we’re pregnated.

  43. Jacq

    *king* – dammit! Way to blow it, Jacq.

  44. BestNameEver

    She seems like she’s just drunk, all those damn burps are like beer burps. And she’s SUCH a hillbilly. But let’s focus on the stupidity–it’s there, drunk or sober. And the woman reproduced. *sobs*

  45. justlikehoney1

    “Cocaine is a helluva drug.”
    -Rick James

  46. chanel_bear

    uuhhhhhhh…okay? why did she start going on about back to the future?

  47. twzzlrgirl

    This would have been part of the reality series…THIS should have made it on tv, it’s hilarious.

    When she says she feels “behind,” does she mean “slow” as in “retarded?” If she did, it’s the only insightful thing she said the whole time.

    Hopeless_, you are hilarious, too. I have to offer my boyfriend a juicebox when he gets home ;)

  48. What a bint. K-Fed’s looking better all the time. :*(

  49. techiedude

    I think I lost brain cells watching that video.

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