Britney Spears is very truly out of her mind

August 4th, 2006 // 287 Comments

If at any point in your life you ever thought Britney Spears wasn’t insane this video should change your mind. You know you’re pushing the limits of human stupidity when you make Kevin Federline sound intelligent. It’s hard to fathom that this is even real. If you read a transcript you’d think it was a draft for a new Kevin Smith movie. And the fact that this woman has more money than the GDP of Albania (that’s probably not true) is depressing on so many levels. If you don’t normally watch the videos on the site I highly recommend you check this one out. If nothing else because the very meaning of life is contained in it somewhere. Along with burping, moaning, and the strangest behavior you will ever witness in your entire life.

Thanks to the saucy Kirsten and Selene for the tip.


  1. David N. Scott


  2. Hopeless_Screenwriter

    @1 Gayvid. It’s FIRST!!!!!, not first? get it straight ASS-WIPE!!!!!!!!!!

  3. combustion8

    She sownds smert to me.

  4. Reli

    I don’t really know what to say.

  5. Nikky Raney

    wow. she seemed smarter when she was on the mickey mouse club.

  6. pinky_nip

    I love at the end she says “some people are ahead of us.” or something like that… GEE, you fucking think?

    If I didn’t know better I’d say she’s a chromosome short.

  7. purplepuppy

    What year is this vid from, is it recent? Looks like it was from she was still skinny and had a tight body.

    I couldn’t get the damn sound to work…she looks BONKERS from what I saw! Yes, she is bonkers!

  8. She is having a mid-life crisis already.

  9. oceanpark

    have you ever seen “back to the future”?]

  10. tallchicksarebetter

    holy. freaking. god.

  11. oceanpark

    i think she’s on mushrooms.

  12. Giggles

    This is just sad. She’s obviously has no social skills and is stoned and/or drunk beyond her ability to behave (burping on film? duh) and speak like any normal human being. No wonder she thinks she’s behind. SHE IS!!

  13. WD-40

    her nipples make my eyes water.

    oh…and howard huges aint got nothin on her.

  14. Ivana Mandalay

    After watching that, I feel like the most fucking brilliant, sober and stunning poster child for the human race EVER.


  15. Hopeless_Screenwriter

    @7 Pinky, I think it’s the other way around. When Britney was born the doctor told her moms that she had an extra chromosome, and her mom was like, “HOT DOG!! any extra chromosome, I knew my baby was spacial!!!”

    Her mom really said Spacial, but I think she meant Special??? not sure though.

    P.s. I want to suck your juicebox!!!


  16. jrzmommy

    This has to be old…..there’s no Vampira of the Darkness black hair and she doesn’t look like Daisy the Cow here.

  17. Judge Smails

    time track travel speed.


  18. RichPort

    Wow. So that settles it… K Fed is with her because she’s the only person in the whole fucking planet dumber than him. She makes Jessica look like a PH fucking D.

  19. It is old, she mentioned “When did Spawn come out”. That film was out in 1997. If I had to take a guess, this video was probably filmed between 1997-1999.

  20. she sounds very smart.

    granted, i don’t have sound on my computer.

    but with all the epileptic head bobs on thsi video and then seeing the meals-on-wheels she’s eating… I figure any complete sentence indicates growth here.

  21. courtkneeyo

    waste of my life.

  22. oceanpark

    #20 – had she met k. fed then? wasn’t she still dating justin timberlake around 99?

    i think its probably an outtage from that horrible reality show they did which was just thrown together from movies britney and k.fed made together when they first started dating

  23. pinky_nip

    @16: Hopeless, My juicebox is chock full of 100% Vitamins B12 & E. Enjoy!

  24. Judge Smails

    Those, my friends, are Rock Star drugs. Must be nice.

    “Spawn”? I thought she said “Spun” I gave her too much credit. I thought she was looking for tips.

  25. oceanpark

    *er i mean outtake not outtage

  26. Kate


    She was asking about the movie “Spun” which came out in 2002.

    I’m guessing this was apart of her and Kevin’s Chaotic series on television.

  27. That video is so disturbing on so many levels. Where to begin? She eats like a lowland gorilla, tearing things apart with her fingers and shoving them messily into her mouth. She belches like a truckdriving man, not pretty. She talks like a RETARDED product of incest. She is the epitome of hick, the hickest hick of all hickdom. Her idiotic reactions, meant I’m sure to be humorous, instead come off as sad and desperate. And last, but tragically not least, she makes K-Fag come off as the brains of the two. Listening to him gently advise her that time travel is not possible, and that if it were it would “mess shit up” was akin to hearing the great Stephen Hawking lecture about black hole anomalies. If that’s “country”, I’m all for medical castration.

  28. Equalparts

    All I see when I watch that clip is a young drunk/stoned girl from Louisiana. I’m not a big fan of her, but the girl does have talent.

    I predict she’ll be doing fine in a few more years.

  29. andrewthezeppo

    OMG, I know its not related but I LOVED seeing that Marcia Cross ad, I adore her.

  30. O. M. G. This is absolutely golden.

  31. hzb10910

    HUH!? I r smart…..

  32. Hopeless_Screenwriter


    And it’s my most favorite flavor of all time. PINK. mmmm pink.

    Second favorite flavor electric blue.

    Lickums and butterflies,


  33. Jacq

    Holy moly – she is THE stupidest bitch EVER.

    I – HUH?! *table thump* I am missing out on life. HUH?! I feel, so, uh *burp* behind.
    Well, honey that’s because you’re making an ASS of yourself. After witnessing that horrific piece of footage, I really don’t know if I feel sorry for him or her.

    It merits one comment: Der.

  34. And you people think I’M fucked in the head!!!

    The link is looking at you Hopeless.

  35. Cat

    By about the 12th “HUH?” I was ready to plunge my fist through the screen and rip out her vocal cords.

    @7, I was going to say the same thing. “Ah thank some people are ahaid of us.” No shit, honey.

  36. blueballs

    She burps better than she sings.

  37. Jacq

    Me fail english? That’s unpossible!

    I liken her boobs to a wet egg. Her nipple is the drop of water *just* about to drip off of the bottom. Fuck-nasty.

  38. Hopeless_Screenwriter

    @35 You have something against pink flavored juice boxes? Have you ever tasted Pinky_nips juicebox if you had, I guarantee your favorite flavor would be pink, which is a combination of labiabia and golden honey!!!!

    Now shut the fuck up gaywad, before I pile drive your corn-eye with my meat-sabor!!!!!!!


  39. spatz

    all i think of when i read 38 that is ralphie and he is obviously way smarter than britney spears

  40. The VZA

    I bet after having this leaked out for a while, she’ll really wish time travel was possible so she could go back in time and erase alll evidence of this particualr retardation. This just beggars belief.

  41. Jacq

    Dis thread make me want type like stoopid. I din grajooate from skool cuz me’s a singer. Me love Looseyana and fancie tings. I want be fwends with Ana-Nikole two. Wurs my baby? Oops, me eated him. I like to fink out lowd to de camra becuz it love me. I’s how old? Dis many!! Oh, and I’s bon wif big gums.

  42. GossipMonkey

    wow. I mean, I knew the bitch was stupid but…. WOW. WTF with the table slap? HUH? See and all this time, we thought HE ruined HER…

  43. jacq, that CRACKED me up

  44. mimuk

    now i really need to get the number of her dealer, the shit she gets must be hardcore…
    shes gettin better and better at bein smart. soon shell be half as clever as a chicken nugget.

  45. jrzmommy

    “Oops me eated him” HA!

  46. I think this is best thing I have ever seen.

    Britney Spears is richer and more famous than any of you will ever be. I think this also finally disproves Darwinian evolution.

    I am coming to realize that youtube is greatest human advance since the advent of fire.

    If this doesn’t prove it, then I don’t know what will.

  47. ktdid

    #20, she said SPUN, she’s just such a fucking hick you couldn’t understand her country white trash ass. Has anyone seen the SNL sketch where Jennifer Aniston is playing Britney Spears. The sketch is supposed to be night she decided to marry that guy who was not K-Fed in Vegas. I thought it was funny when I first saw it but that shit was DEAD ON. It

  48. andrewthezeppo

    The real question is how did she last so long giving people the impression she was a sweet and well spoken girl? I remember 1999-2002 pretty well, I didn’t like her but she knew how to speak like a human.

    and Spun came out in 2002, but she met Kevin in 2004….I don’t know why I’m happy she didn’t know the movie had been out for so long.

  49. kenzier

    She’s either stoned or her intelligence level is that of a stoned person.

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