Britney Spears is still wearing those boots

September 23rd, 2009 // 57 Comments

Here’s Britney Spears outside of Starbucks yesterday which I probably didn’t even need to write. It’s pretty much implied anytime you see her. That said, looking at her in those boots is really getting me stoked for the end of her conservatorship. Mostly because it’ll be like her dad just fired a slingshot full of batshit all over southern California.

JAMIE SPEARS: You’re a free woman now, Britney. It’s time.
BRITNEY: *sprouts Wolverine claws* TACOS! ROOOOAR! *bursts through wall*
JAMIE SPEARS: Well, at least she kept her pants on.


NEIGHBOR: Ma’am, you’ve got a barista stuck in your va- AH! WHY ARE YOU EATING MY ARM?!
JAMIE SPEARS: Oh, that Britney.

Photos: Flynet

  1. moka


  2. moka

    and second too ;) haha

  3. Let's revist "CRAZYTOWN"!

    Yup, little miss meth habit is batshit crazy again. She’s got all the indicators; greasy unwashed hair piled up, oversized “I’m important, fuck you” sunglasses, disheveled unmatched clothing threatening to fall off her body (which, by the way, is NOT a dancer’s body; too doughy), stupid vacant drugged out stare & those dumbass boots.

    Get your cameras ready, papparazzi; there’s gonna be some snatch flashing soon…

  4. JADEJ

    Yep those old moon boots bring bring back memories of a pink wig!! Don’t go there Brittney, step away from the ugly boots.

  5. #3, I bet you’re one hot piece of ass yourself. Doughy, pimpled ass and all. =)

  6. joho777

    Britney may be only stumbling/lip-synching entertainment to you, but we in Southern Calif have to live with her. And my home in Woodland Hills is only a couple of miles from the Britneycave!

    Believe me, everyone around here can’t wait until Britney starts going wherever and whenever she wants without a keeper telling what she can do and can’t do.

    Just letting Britney follow her instincts and no longer have to act as if she’s (more or less) normal is going to be a revelation.

    The really crazy Britney is about to appear again!

  7. Kelley

    She still is … those boots, no bra and trashy outfits … still … and you sure can tell that she is medicated. Still …

  8. Dayum!

    We’re about to see SLUTney spears again. Time to buy stock in hotels, bars and gas stations.

    #5, go back to the trailerpark.

  9. Durr Hurr

    Which smells worse?…the inside of her vag or the inside of those boots?

  10. j m

    Yes. Britney is beautiful & talented.
    Yes. Losers will always be jealous of her.
    Yes. She looks great in any clothing.

    However those boots look like something that
    a person would wear in Canada in the winter,
    not something for summer wear in California.

  11. Valerie

    HAHAHAHA! YES! A joke with no Frappicinos mentioned, right on.

  12. abby

    It is 75 degrees in CT today, too warm for boots. I couldn’t imagine those boots breath well.

  13. Danielle

    we all have our crazy boot, wild hair, big sunglasses, etc days. hers are just caught on camera everywhere she goes. you try living that life and see how well you do. i bet you wouldn’t last a week in her shoes. hahaha.

  14. KIKI

    Those boots are made for crazy. The shorts are made for a slimmer kinda crazy.

  15. abby

    It is 90 degrees today in L.A.

  16. abby

    It is 90 degrees today in L.A.

    #13 – I’d take that Pepsi challenge

  17. Sport

    “…you can take the girl out of the trailer park….but you can;t take the trailer park out of the girl….”

  18. Fartz

    @ 13, Yes we all have bad days but it looks like a 12 year old’s closet threw up on her. Nothing matches or fits and those boots are an abomination.

  19. Nameless

    I bet her feet smell like she walks barefoot into gas station bathrooms…oh, wait….

  20. cletus

    them are great for cold trailers floors

  21. j_bryon

    Good to see she’s still brafree and nipplicious!

  22. canada-bitch

    @ # 10:
    They do look like boots we wear in Canada! Except us Canadians wear them much better than she does… Also, put a bra on nasty – and think about doing your hair once in a while!


    wtf is she wearing? All of it. Gross. What a stupid retarded ho.

  24. Ambrose

    Woah! Woah! There are 2 beached whales in CA right now. Is anyone a marine biologist? Are her and her assistant trying to compete for the widest load, and the most mismatched clothing? She is a mess! She needs to take a lesson from Anna Nicole and her doctors. I guess she can say she is not as fat as Kfed – but that’s not saying much.

  25. michie

    I just saw her show the other night. I was 5 feet away from her on stage. She looks much better in person, very toned, not thick at all – not even her neck which always looks thick in photos. She just does not take good pictures at all. I was surprised to see how great she actually does look when she’s right in front of you.

  26. Randal

    It seems lately that a more funky, vibrant Britney Spears has emerged onto the scene, giving a little hint at retro with a touch of modern mixed in. Certainly a trend setter from the start and still a trend setter to the end.


  27. jojo

    I need to be upwind of those boots, considering her well documented foot odor issues, probably why she is KEPT in Cali…

  28. HOOTERS!

    Awwww B Spears…I’m not gonna be mean and bitchly like all ya’ll are being but seriously…girl needs help :(

  29. PJ Party

    She’s wearing her PJ’s. You know how everyone does that when they go to Starbucks. Hell, I used to wear my PJ’s to High School because I didn’t want to be late for the bus. You guys act like you think there’s something wrong with this. Now, when I drive my kids to school, I wear my PJ’s and I’m sure all the other moms do too.

  30. Nattles

    I’ll give her this much:

    If my work required me to perform all sorts of antics on stage while pretending to sing every other day, I’d be pretty damn exhausted and would probably not give too much though to looking presentable during my off time. Kind of like an off-duty stripper.

  31. lola

    This does not look good, but Britney doesn’t give a f*ck. She can dress however she wants and this particular look is sure to get her attention. This outfit would only look somewhat passable on an 80 pound Japanese girl. No one should wear a particular style just because it looks good on them, but the idea is to compromise with more figure flattering cuts and lengths of styles that you like.

  32. Jonny

    Sorry but I fail to see how anyone could find this “woman” attractive.
    Her legs are short, fat and stumpy, she has a very masculine build, she could play linebacker with those big manly legs and neck. And she looks WAY older than her real age. It amazes me how anyone can think she looks good. She looks gross. I have seen women with 6 kids who look better.

  33. Fatney Rears

    Fat- check
    Tree Trunk legs-check
    granny blouse-check
    lunch lady arms -check
    retarded skank-check

  34. Dread not


  35. she is thick but cuter than most

    32, 33 youtube her with michael jackson the way you make me feel. she looks like a goddess there and her legs are heaven. she is blonde, perfect smile, button nosed cute even still. There isn’t anyone who would look hot with her standard outfits and hair. I think she is well above average. If she was 15 pounds thinner – she would look hot even in this crap she wears.

  36. Fuck You

    Wow.. I’ll bet her feet smell like…. well…. feet that have been in a fugly-assed pair of fur lined boots all day long.

  37. #8 JOIN ME at the trailer park.

  38. Aleesha

    You all are way too judgmental. Sure she has her crazy moments but how good of a person are you for sitting on here and talking shit about her? Why don’t we turn the tables around and put you all on blast. Would every comment be a nice one, and could you really handle all that? Bottom line: stop hiding behind your computer and get a life.

  39. t

    She may have been hot 10 years ago, but now she is an ugly, fat heffer.

  40. u

    she was in her prime in 2002

  41. the dentist

    Does her front tooth look rotten in the first pic?

  42. Rasputins Liver


    GodDAMMIT that country-ghetto neanderbilly skank’s fuckin’ ugly!!!!!


    Imagine the stink comin’ off that bitch! From her stink feet, her stink cooze and ass and her stink ciggie breath….


    ………….fuckin’ ‘eh that’s a whole lotta goddamn stink!!!!!



  43. Jime

    Britney I love you, don’t listen all those idiots!

  44. Hymen Roth

    can’t believe nobody’s mentioned the heinous groucho marx mustache in the main picture. gross!

  45. Patrick Bateman

    You know why she wears uggs in the heat, hide the smell of her stank snatch. She can blame her sweaty aroma on the boots instead. By the way, I don’t mind her legs. Not a fan of stick legs, like a bit of shape myself.

  46. take this ugg for a change?

  47. greezzLee

    She is sexy in bikini or without :-)
    Some Britney’s sexy photos here –

  48. vaginal puss

    “Get your cameras ready, paparazzi; there’s gonna be some snatch flashing soon…”

    I hope not. Her TWAT looks like a dogs leather (chew toy), that has been seriously worked over.

  49. Darth

    Hmm her boots reminds on Jessica Simpson’s Daisy somehow.

  50. baxi

    I’d give the world for Brit to wrestle me to the ground, wrap me in those thighs, take off them boots and force me to sniff and taste her incredible moist, socked-feet. That for me is almosttheaven

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