Britney Spears is still wearing those boots

Here’s Britney Spears outside of Starbucks yesterday which I probably didn’t even need to write. It’s pretty much implied anytime you see her. That said, looking at her in those boots is really getting me stoked for the end of her conservatorship. Mostly because it’ll be like her dad just fired a slingshot full of batshit all over southern California.

JAMIE SPEARS: You’re a free woman now, Britney. It’s time.
BRITNEY: *sprouts Wolverine claws* TACOS! ROOOOAR! *bursts through wall*
JAMIE SPEARS: Well, at least she kept her pants on.


NEIGHBOR: Ma’am, you’ve got a barista stuck in your va- AH! WHY ARE YOU EATING MY ARM?!
JAMIE SPEARS: Oh, that Britney.

Photos: Flynet