Britney Spears is so grounded

Britney Spears’ father Jamie Spears is currently fighting to get a permanent restraining order against Sam Lutfi. Jamie appeared in court yesterday to testify that Sam has been contacting Britney in an attempt to disrupt the conservatorship. Except all this might be because Britney Spears got caught with a prepaid phone. People reports:

Under her father’s care and control, Britney Spears now lives a protected life, her access even to telephones strictly restricted.
So when the 27-year-old pop star managed to get a prepaid cell phone recently, her security team confiscated it from her purse while she was at a dance practice. Confronted, she revealed the phone was given to her by someone during a hotel stay.
And that person, she disclosed, got it from two men whom her father wants to keep permanently in the singer’s troubled past: ex-manager Sam Lutfi and former boyfriend, paparazzo Adnan Ghalib.

For the record, Sam Lutfi and his douchebeard should be allowed nowhere near Britney Spears. Yeah, the Predator look was hot, but it’s kind of a turn off when the SWAT team shows up to take her kids. That said, I think Britney has found the ultimate scapegoat while under her dad’s supervision.

JAMIE: Britney, who used my laptop as a cheese grater?
BRITNEY: Sam Lutfi.
JAMIE: Britney, who drove the BMW into the pool?
BRITNEY: Sam Lutfi.
JAMIE: Britney… who won the VMAs?
BRITNEY: Sam Lutfi. I mean, wait-
JAMIE: Ah HA! Gotcha.
BRITNEY: Uh, Sam Lutfi made me do it?
JAMIE: …. That bastard.

Photo: WENN