Britney Spears is pregnant again…again

March 7th, 2006 // 81 Comments

britney-spears-pregnant-aga.jpgStar is reporting that Britney Spears is pregnant again, and that while she, Kevin, and their baby Sean were staying in a $12,000-a-night suite at Maui’s Four Seasons Hotel she allegedly told a woman at the hotel’s spa: “I’m pregnant!”

Federline, 27, also delivered the bombshell baby news to a friend, who told Star: “Kevin said, ‘Britney’s pregnant again,’ and when I expressed surprise he said, ‘Yeah, it shocked the sh– out of me too.’”

“Britney seems very cheerful and happy, an eye-witness at the Four Seasons told Star. “She certainly looks pregnant. And she doesn’t seem to be making any effort to disguise the fact. She’s wearing clothes that clearly show a large tummy bump.”

After three tabloids say the same thing, it’s usually safe to assume it’s true. Although they also reported once that Brad Pitt used to eat infants to retain his youthful good looks, so maybe they’re just full of shit. Or maybe they’re not, and Britney Spears really is pregnant and Brad Pitt really does have a box of infants in his fridge that he occasionally pulls out to eat.



  1. Mr. Fritz

    OH GOD, here we go again……

  2. Violet

    Pregnant? Sweet Jesus, can you imagine? Either way, it’s pretty bad.

    Either she IS pregnant, and her career is officially flushed down the toilet faster than a cheeto-and-red bull-greased turd, or she must really, really, REALLY love to walk around wearing tight clothes over her pudgy belly, thus looking like she’s permanently 4 months pregnant.

    Actually, neither option is all that great. Poor Britney.

  3. Sheva

    Awesome, another payday for K-dick.

  4. CheekyChops

    Well at least the first one will have someone to back up the stories its sure to tell on Oprah (or Social Services) one day.

  5. Bellisima

    Hmmm…maybe that’s why Brad and Angelina keep adopting babies. I hope someone is keeping track of them in case they start to go missing.

  6. brewerpatriot

    Even the most conservative of republicans finds this to be a compelling argument for abortion – forced abortions (although if we had forced sterilization we wouldn’t need forced abortions).

    And in a corner somewhere, duckboy softly weeps. But, really, she never had any talent, and wasn’t all that goodlooking either (airbrushing and studio voice enhancements don’t count, ducky).

  7. Hohlraum

    Someone needs to let Kevin know about the other available holes on his wife.

  8. LinguisticAnthro

    This Republican says that bitch needs to be forcibly sterilized, in her sleep if necessary.

  9. CoJo

    I wonder if this is the “let’s try and make it work” baby?

    How far along was Char Jackson when Federfuck left her? I think we should start a pool…

    On a good note, maybe her bump isn’t a new baby, maybe it’s just Madonna’s “energy” taking affect.

  10. dimestoredetective

    Wait, I don’t understand. Brad Pitt is pregnant?

  11. lomies

    WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with her mouth???!

  12. Doug

    “She’s wearing clothes that clearly show a large tummy bump.”

    Umm, she was wearing clothes that clearly showed “a large tummy bump” before she got pregnant, too. It’s called turning into a porky white-trash slob who’s stopped caring about how she looks.

  13. Don'tPanic

    I don’t know if I believe these rumors or not, but I could just be trying to hold on to sweet denial for a bit longer. I am positive that she will have another baby. Dumb fucks like her always do.

  14. popcornsuite

    What is so shocking about this, Kevin? You haven’t figured out by now how babies are made?

    #9: No doubt. I wonder how many more puppies Britney will squeeze out in order to “make it work.”

    Brit and Kev are the two biggest idiots I’ve seen in a long time. And damned if I haven’t seen my share of ‘em in *my* lifetime.

  15. nbk

    Her career is pretty much over and she is responsible for an unemployed husband, a baby, and an unborn child. Not to mension she is throwing money away like going out of style (what’s with that $12,000-a-night hotel room?) Am I the only one thinking her two kids are going to starve to death anytime real soon?

  16. MonKey

    Do you think they got pregnant on purpose? I am having a hard time believing KFed’s sperm is stronger than birth control.

  17. Kimmie

    Somebody wanted to know why I read this sight and it is because I live here in SoCal and I know who does read this as well.

    Anyways, Kevin is kinda hot in a bad boy way and Brittany is soooooooo hot so their babies will be gorgeous. I think it is fantastic that talented and gorgeous people have babies. Although Angelina is a b*tch and poisoned Brad’s mind, but their child will be a cutie pie :)

    Maybe you all should try to understand how difficult it is to be a celebrity and the huge contribution that people like Brittany make to the world. We LOVE YOU BRIT :) :) :)

  18. Wild Rose

    This explains all of Brit’s bizarre antics in the past month or so…she’s suffering from “Placenta Brain” (this is a legitimate disorder I read about on a medical site…so there)!

    Oh, and brewerpatriot–your keen observation about duckboy made me laugh out loud!

  19. Miss_Marple

    This is too weird… and as far as hubby dipping his wick in other holes… Maybe Brit wouldn’t let him. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to suck it and I wouldn’t want to take it up the poop chute either!

  20. DaveBenner

    Dear Kimmie (#18),
    Earlier today on the Tara Reid post I mentioned that I wanted to have sex with you because I fantasize about banging retarded chicks.
    Now I’m torn. Is it all a character? If so, excellent job. You’ve really got the ruances of a teenaged brain-dead basket-case down pat. My hat goes off to you, good joke.
    However, if it’s not a joke . . . I want you to know that I’ll still trade you a unicorn for one night in the bunk-bed, you retarded idiot.

  21. chelleann66

    I think she is having another baby so they can now have a passenger side airbag in their car as well…

  22. playahater101

    Some people should be introduced to the concept of birth control.

    #18, You must smoke a whole lotta weed. Or you must have never left SoCal and seen the real world.

  23. thisone

    #18 – Bwahahahahahaha! That is some funny shit! Ah the jokes!

    “Kevin is kinda hot” – Haha
    “their babies will be gorgeous” – Hahaha!
    “how difficult it is to be a celebrity” – Hahahahaha!
    “the huge contribution that people like Brittany make to the world” – Bahahahahahahaha!

    Oh my sides hurt…

  24. gogoboots

    Wow oops she did NOT do it again! Another whitetrash baby from Hollywood’s favorite white trash couple. She’s gonna be like fat forever, that’s like so not HOT (as Paris Hilton would say…)!

  25. GoState

    my guess is that she is too lazy to lose the baby weight so why not have another cheeto? it gives her an excuse to continue looking like trash.

  26. Nadine

    oh great….

  27. Jayne

    awwwwwwww she wants a girl this time.

    #18… it’s BRITNEY not BRITTANY.

  28. Alia

    ahahahahahhhahaa….. Please Duckboy come in her and tell us all again how she is back to her normal weight and is sooo beautiful… K-Fed hits payday twice now…

  29. playahater101

    I wonder if her got her pregnant before or after he started sleeping with that french girl.

  30. Grphdesi23

    K-Fed told me that he’s now going to impregnate a hot Asian girl. Then a Latina.

    He figures he needs to prove to the world that he isn’t a racist pig like everyone thought.

  31. Grphdesi23

    Before K-Fed impregnated Britney, he used this line from Scarface.

    “Say hello to my li-i-tle friend!”

  32. manunited

    so much for all those medical types that warn you against smoking pot all the time because it kills your soldiers & causes sterility. totally erroneous. This guy cannot be stopped.

  33. What a moron!!!

  34. manunited

    #18: What is with you Southern California people? Has the sun fried your brains that badly that it turns you all into zombie morons? I ran into one of your kind on here a few weeks back and she was as clueless as you are. Keep up the good work, you’re doing a fine job in this world.

  35. Maeve97

    #18 (Kimmie): all of your posts are so positive and celebrity-supporting. i think you are a fake.

  36. tits_on_snack

    #36… i agree. an alias concocted to antagonize everyone.

  37. BoardBetty

    #18 – ever heard of recessive genes? All of these super good-looking people are gonna have butt-ugly babies. Hasn’t anyone ever taken biology 101?!?!

    P.S. I’m originally from So. Cal (born and raised) and there are some smart ones still there, but they don’t live in a double-wide, tornado-bait neighborhood in Oklahoma and claim to be from So. Cal.

  38. pixiewoman

    I’m more distracted by the bargain-bin rug on her head than anything else…

  39. WherezMyFuz


    Do you know how retarded you sound? Thanks for making us SoCal people look even more idiotic than the rest of of country already thinks we are.

    Oh, and by the way… it’s SITE not SIGHT. “Sight” would be the thing you are LACKING, as evidenced by you thinking Kevin is “hot”

    If what you mean by “hot” is a classless, wana-be hip-hip star from a trialer park… sure I guess you are right.

    If you pride yourself so much about being from SoCal, maybe you should up your standard a bit. Federline is not SoCal hot. He’s not even NorCal hot. He’s not even white boy from Missouri trailer park hot.

    Again, thanks for being an advocate for spreading phrases like “People from Southern California are materialistic, fake and RETARDED” Now, thanks to you, we can add “BLIND” to phrases like that.

    -A smart person from “SoCal”

  40. Kimmie

    A fake? Fake what? Maybe I didn’t grow up watching black and white tv or whatever, and I think different. Too bad for you if you hate that, and I dont like everyone. I hate Fez and Angelina and creepy old guys at the mall that stare at teenagers. But I think Brit is awesome and K, well hes ok, she could have done better but she is a big girl and makes her own decisions.

  41. Jacq

    If she wasn’t famous and didn’t have major cashola, Brit would be swatting flies in a trailer in the Lousy-ana swamp pregnant & barefoot. How big a surprise is it that she’s knocked-up again?

  42. Wombat

    #18 – You are an oxygen thief.

  43. xaputa

    #18: OMGROTFLMAO LOLOLOL!!!!!!1!!1!!!11


    You made the mistake of talking to long about babies and cute stuff trying to immitate a juvenile brainless brat. You should have pounded on the posters at least for another 20 paragrafs in a circular reasoning about how we are all jobless losers full of hate.
    ‘Cos she says so!!

  44. ESQ

    OOOpppppppppSSSSSSSSSSS! They did it again. SPAWN OF SATAN!

  45. ESQ

    # 18 – I hear in the distance your mother is calling you so hop on off your soapbox and head on home.

  46. BoardBetty

    #46 – hmmmmm . . . do you think #18 even knows what the metaphor of “getting on/off a soapbox” means? She’s probably wondering why you think she’s standing on her Tide box.

  47. lolapalola

    You can take the girl out of the trash, but I guess you can’t take the trash out of the girl…

  48. abiaust

    #18 “Kevin is kinda hot in a bad boy way and Brittany is soooooooo hot so their babies will be gorgeous”

    The current baby is not gorgeous, he’s a little blimp, probably caused by the fact that his lazy ass mum doesn’t breastfeed. Then again, I wouldn’t want to be breastfed by that fugly creature either…

  49. hilary


    dont call Louisiana “lousy-ana”… you have never been here to know if it is lousy or not and we dont live in swamps. sorry. and just for the record, we dont have pet alligators either.

    and britney may be a trashy slut but she sure made a lot of money doing it. so what if she ruins her career, she has enough money to last her the rest of her life even if she stayed in a $12,000 hotel every night.

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