Britney Spears is pregnant again

bspears-pregnant-again.jpgIn her continuing efforts to be made fun of, Britney Spears is reportedly pregnant with her second child.

Shoppers in Malibu were stunned when the former pop princess grabbed her belly and announced to the entire centre “That’s right, number two!”. The star was apparently distressed that so many people were looking at her in the high-end furniture store Shabby Chic that she felt the need to retaliate. One of Britney’s closest friends told In Touch magazine: “Britney is definitely pregnant again. She’s acting the same way she did when she was pregnant with her first child.”

You know that kid in your fourth grade class that used to eat glue and lick the floor? That’s this kid. It’s some sort of cruel joke that the mentally handicapped are the ones that have the most babies. Albert Einstein didn’t have a single child, and yet Britney Spears and Kevin Federline aren’t going to be happy until they’ve got 12-13 little buggers running around eating dirt, occasionally pausing to turn on mommy’s stories and fetch her Cheetos.