Britney Spears Is Overprotective

January 10th, 2006 // 27 Comments

*britney_spears_thumb4.jpgBritney Spears is so protective over her baby son Sean Preston that she will only let her own mother Lynne hold him. Lynne joined her daughters, Jamie Lynn, Britney and son-in-law Kevin Federline in Las Vegas, Nevada, over the weekend, where she said, “Britney’s really picky. She’s doesn’t let just anybody hold Sean, but she lets me.” She also lashed out at reports Britney and Federline’s marriage was on the rocks, saying, “She’s very happy. Kevin does change diapers. I’m very close to him.”

Well I think this marks the first time that anyone anywhere has accused Britney of being picky. It’s hard to be labeled picky when you dress like its “Kathy Bates look-alike day” at the Salvation Army and marry a man who stands in front of a mirror all day calling himself “Federlicious.” As for being overprotective – I don’t think the kid has much to fear. As long as Kevin doesn’t sell him for pot. And as long as they don’t run out of cheetos. Otherwise Britney’s likely to eat him.


  1. Juliette

    That pic of her is hilarious…never gets old.
    Poor lil baby Sean…

  2. She won’t let anybody but her mom hold the baby because only her mom knows the real father:

  3. Lynette Carrington

    Overprotective? Puleeeaase………. She should have been overprotective when K-Fed came a’swinging his scholong her way!

  4. No, it’s true. I heard she’s so overprotective that she covers him in her folds of bellyflab, Emperor Penguin-style. KFed, that is, not Sean P.

  5. andrewthezeppo

    IMDB attributed that quote to Britney’s father, Jamie….also if her dad is Jamie and her mom is Lynne and her sister is Jamie Lynne her parents must be really lazy and self centered.

    Anybody else waiting for her to dangle this baby over a balcony? While smoking, and exposing her privets and possibly having sex?

  6. ShanDourdan

    If she’s so overprotective how comes she supposedly left the baby in a car with her bodyguard while she played on the swings like a drunk looking five year old the other week?. Bullshit.

    I love how her mum’s idea of a good dad is Kevin changing diapers. Yeah he’s the champion of good dads, I bet he even lets baby Sean take a draw of his weed every once and a while as well hey?.

  7. MortyFishbein

    I heard that the redbreasted-hillbilly warbler skank (scientific name: slutticus nastius) is a species that isn’t genetically predisposed to being overprotective.

    It is out of necessity that this creature is protective because the baby gives her extended access to her mate’s, ahem, “schlong” when the creature is heat (constantly). It also allows the warbler skank access to resources like WIC, Welfare, and Section 8 housing privileges, etc. which allow it to thrive.

    (This is NOT condemnation of people actually using these resources who geuninely need them.)

  8. MacMac

    Hey, I’m an overprotective mommy too, but I let my mom hold my baby!

    And this is such bullshit. That lazy skank has a nanny. Does the nanny not hold the kid?

  9. That picture is terrible. Not that she has many good ones. She looks like she was up all night snorting coke, cut with baking soda, trying to accept that her kid will follow in daddy’s footsteps.

    Anyways that BT girl is hot isn’t she? Compare the two pictures and you start to see Britteny’s man face features.

  10. WaitWhat?

    She should’ve been as protective over her cooch as well, but she’s a skank, and skanks aren’t protective over their cooches

  11. Escribo

    She looks like the haggard, not too distant relative of the “Coffee Talk” lady.

  12. Kelly

    Protective? Yes we all know that she has a great sense of good choices. I mean take a man who has a baby and another in the way. She rocks so much that she can change him,he will never leave or cheat on her. Would serve her right if he did like she cheated on justin. Then she gets married to a friend in vegas to be divorced with in 48 hours. Then she goes after Kev, gets pregnant. She is so instable. She sells out her kid pictures.
    Can’t wait for the VH1 where are they now.

  13. HughJorganthethird

    When I read the headline I thought the article would be refering to donuts, becuse that is way more believable.

  14. sammygirl

    In the featured photo, it looks like Britney is taking puffs of her cigarette while chomping on the cheetos stored inside her cheeks. Now that’s talent ladies and gentlemen.

  15. hafaball

    “She’s doesn’t let just anybody hold Sean,”

    is this supposed to make her sound like a good mother? Just because she doesn’t let bob the hobo hold her baby doesn’t mean she should have a child. But I guess if the kids not dead by now, it’s got a chance.

  16. HollyJ

    I’ll wager she’s already carrying his second demon seed in her war-torn babybox. I bet that shit was planted the day she took his car away.

    “Oh, shit, I’ve gotta go lay the salami again to get my pimpride back”

  17. firecat

    Somebody has to hold that kid when Brittney has her pork hooved arm wrapped around a bucket of KFC extra crispy and a can of Keystone in the other.

  18. derekd

    GOD! I love that pic! She looks just like Miss Piggy. Like the first comment said, “that pic never gets old.”

  19. HughJorganthethird

    When I see what having a child has done to Britney I thank the lord Angelina was smart enough to adopt.

  20. Zed

    Well, golly, Brit actually lets her mother Lynne hold Sean? That’s just astonishing, isn’t it? Isn’t it? Isn’t it, huh? Huh? The GRANDMOTHER is allowed to hold the baby?? Have you ever heard of such a thing? Well, you could just knock me over with the shock of hearing this.

    Grrr. Make them all go away. Please. Pretty pul-eeeaaa-se?

  21. here

    Right. Lynne and Kevin. Deep thoughts, deep talk, deep connection. Profound closeness with mother-in-law. She douses her last joint; holds the child while, with a free hand, she loads the murder weapon and waits.

  22. MsNoMore

    HEY!! This is a perfect example of childish, insecure people who happen to become famous, have had behinds kissed like crazy, not knowing what else to do. Does anybody remember Cleveland, Brits other dancer, who was married with a pregnant wife, who Brit had an affair with and broke up that marriage? This TRAILER TRASH does not seem to get it. That was just a mere 18 months before the K-Fed mess. Why does she have to go after men with spouses? Has anyone noticed she only chases men with kids? Why are the relationships she busts up to get men, all the women are black? If I was so desperate for a man, I would not get one with that kind of baggage, and let the world know that I am that insecure. Justin should thank his lucky stars he got away from that homewrecking, non singing wannabe!

  23. Pearly

    Exactly how “protective” is a woman who sells her babys first pics to People magazine before he is even born?

  24. Ing

    Britney looks terrible in every photo i have seen of her since she got pregnant..she really need a stylist or something..with all the money she has how the hell does she still manage to pass herself off as white trailer trash!!

  25. Hartigan'sGirl

    So… If I became a fat lazy skank who lived in a trailer in the backyard of my multi-million dollar home (becuase we all know she does.) I would keep a close eye on my small child too. Who knows when God may raelize he made a mistake in letting her hillbilly ass reproduce and come down to take him back. Which actually isn’t a bad idea, I’m gonna go give him a call now…

  26. yeah, overprotective? well, then try getting that shaved ape out of the house

    really, I mean get that butler out of there –

  27. Zenya Bonn

    Russell Crowe is a great actor. just wanted to start out at that. Now, he may not be the greatest vocal for a band but the bloke has a good taste in music. Feeling. Emotion. more than most of you have.

    He lives in Australia. Is not gay, though there was a rumor that he questioned his sexuality when he was younger. TOFOG does stand for Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts, and Russell is not a “Cheapskate” as said, simply the guy can save money for the band members. I’d personally like to know why everyone hates him? Or (hate being a “strong” word for some people) severly dislike Russell Crowe.

    It’s odd that people who have never met him feel so strongly negative about him.

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