Britney Spears Is Overprotective

*britney_spears_thumb4.jpgBritney Spears is so protective over her baby son Sean Preston that she will only let her own mother Lynne hold him. Lynne joined her daughters, Jamie Lynn, Britney and son-in-law Kevin Federline in Las Vegas, Nevada, over the weekend, where she said, “Britney’s really picky. She’s doesn’t let just anybody hold Sean, but she lets me.” She also lashed out at reports Britney and Federline’s marriage was on the rocks, saying, “She’s very happy. Kevin does change diapers. I’m very close to him.”

Well I think this marks the first time that anyone anywhere has accused Britney of being picky. It’s hard to be labeled picky when you dress like its “Kathy Bates look-alike day” at the Salvation Army and marry a man who stands in front of a mirror all day calling himself “Federlicious.” As for being overprotective – I don’t think the kid has much to fear. As long as Kevin doesn’t sell him for pot. And as long as they don’t run out of cheetos. Otherwise Britney’s likely to eat him.