Britney Spears is on the loose

March 21st, 2007 // 82 Comments

Britney Spears has finished her one-month stay in rehab and has left the facility. Her manager announced in a statement late last night that she “has been released by the Promises Malibu Treatment Center after successfully completing their program.” The typical stay at Promises is about 45 days but Britney stayed for 27 because, well, she’s Britney Spears.

I give it less than a week before she starts drinking again and heads back out to the clubs. And by clubs I mean hitting up a restaurant and ordering a “deep fried piggy covered in Cheetos and chocoate. I’mma gonna eat it all up!”



  1. julyper

    I think I’ve seen her with her dogs more than with her own kids. At least she doesn’t drop them on their heads.

  2. jrzmommy

    Jessica, you should study the Sociology of Being a Corn Farmer’s Wife…that will prove to be of way more use to you than Britney Spears.

  3. ImaCracka

    Is it just me or does she have a dog climbing out of her snatch in that picture?

  4. Cookie V.


  5. So I see her Vagina has finally gotten angry enough to crawl out and attack her.

  6. Oh puhleeze….she looks like a 15 year old boy. And that poor dog…

  7. Conky

    Glad she had time for a manicure while she got rehabbed. yikes.

  8. Carsten5577

    She looks like a fucking tennis ball. What a messed up, stupid bitch. I feel for her kids.

  9. Jennifer Ward

    Poor lil’ pup!

  10. neo_maxie_zoom_dweebie

    P.S. You so fat your cereal bowl has a lifeguard.

  11. didey23

    at least she has her snatch covered….poor dog though.

    Oh ya…and the pearls with the sweatshirt is a real interesting fashion statement.

  12. neo_maxie_zoom_dweebie

    ^not even the right thread^ good work, typekey, WTF?

  13. Wow Just Wow

    She looks exactly like Kfed in that photo.


  14. wedgeone

    OK – I took Jessica’s survey. And skewed the shit out of her results.
    Maybe she’ll realize that querying the Internet is a sure fire way of getting untruthful answers. Dumbass.

  15. wedgeone

    Before any of you rag of me, I was bored.

  16. kamihi

    Looks like that dog is giving her an oral sex job! Is that what rehab does to you!

  17. HughJorganthethird

    # 48 congrats, easily the most non-senscial thing I have ever read on here.

    “Let me guess.. You’re a jew trying to get rich off of other people’s problems.”

    what does that mean anyway? Did you forget to take you meds again taoday? I mean I know Nebraska has a HUGE jewish community and all but..

    ah fuck it, why bother. there is obviously no use trying to figure out someone who’s parents were so obviously related.

  18. sharpei dude

    Fuck it! She’s still in the top 5 on the celebrity death list for 2007. It’s gonna be either acute cocaine intoxication, drug overdose in front of some club (ala River Phoenix), or alcohol poisoning.

    GO BRIT!!!!

  19. Whammer Jammer

    #68: I’m going with the drug overdose, but INSIDE some club, after she swaps clothes with the stripper.

  20. Truthseeker013

    To quote Conrad, “The horror…the *horror*…” Hide your children, folks.

  21. Navdoug

    My dog used to roll around in things that smelled like shit too

  22. iburl

    Watch out Louisiana, here comes another disaster.

  23. cayana

    Is that a dog’s head coming out of her vagina?

  24. cayana

    Also I like how she’s “wearing” her seatbelt. It’s like when God was making her, he got up to the brain part and just said “oh hell, forget it y’all.”

  25. rmeno

    she looks like such a dyke in this picture…the manly one.

  26. Britney is one of the featured celebs on the Talking CelebFic site:

    Celebrity Fiction with Britney, Paris, Lindsay and many others. Wild Hollywood Sex.

  27. I can’t understand how Superfish neglected to mention the doggie fur thong … some of the people commenting did a better job of writing the article than Fishie Crackers here. WTF?

  28. Beavis

    I know the dog in the pic my be a factor, but i am more concerned with the obvious time warp stemming from her upper shin. WTF?
    Maybe her post nuclear holocost hair-did is swaying me towards thoughts of science fiction.

    PS- Exactly when are Angie and Brad adopting her children?? Is the paper work being processed?

  29. Using a dog as a dildo. Now why didn’t I think of that?

  30. tar

    ur sister is ugly an r u kick out of zoey 101!!!!!!!!! call me 225-262-0864

  31. I like…so beautiful and sexy,good!

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