UPDATE: Britney Spears is now completely screwed in custody battle

January 4th, 2008 // 91 Comments

Britney Spears meltdown last night will obviously cause permanent damage in her custody battle with Kevin Federline. Former prosecutor Susan Filan, and MSNBC’s senior legal analyst, says that Britney’s refusal to turn over her children to police was “a very serious no-no in the world of courts.” People reports:

As for the standoff that ensued, as well as, it has been assumed, arguments in front of the children by the parents, Filan said the courts are also likely to take a very dim view. She also said that this could pave the way for Federline to be in charge of determining all future decisions involving the boys.

Susan offered her opinion on the final outcome of Britney’s actions:

“The court may very well have to intervene and cut off visitation, which is tough for a court , because a court doesn’t want to deprive a child from its mom. This is really emotional stuff.”
Concluded Filan: “These kids are now, I think, directly being harmed by the mother who … is spiraling out of control. I think she’s just about done.”

She’s the senior legal analyst for MSNBC and Susan Filan is just now starting to think Britney Spears is a danger to her kids. Hmm, those are some keen observational skills. It only took her about a year to reach the most obvious conclusion in the history of family law. Someone get Susan Filan a cookie. She earned it today.

UPDATE: Kevin Federline slipped into court under the radar and will testify in the emergency hearing that is currently in progress, according to TMZ.

Photo: Splash News

  1. diet pepsi

    49- your name isn’t funny and neither are you.
    go back to eating your boogers and cutting yourself.
    You sound fat.


    I say that it is all a big misunderstanding by ‘The Authorities’. Ms. Britney Spears is an innocent person, maybe refusing ‘Mr. Kevin Federline’ access to the children maybe for the reason that he has offered one or both of them narcotic drugs.

    I mean, the current President of the U.S.A. is a Cuckoo of England (of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest) and his name is Mr. Dennis Norris (alias ‘Mr. George Walker Bush’) and the ex-President of the U.S.A. is another Cuckoo of England named Mr. William Harris (alias ‘Mr. William Jefferson Clinton’).

    In August 1995 I was unlawfully detained (for a few hours) at Rikers Island, N.Y. because of malfunctioning ‘Authorities’.

    In England malfuntioning ‘Authorities’ e.g. Government Officials, Judges, Police and barristers tried to MURDER me (and they succeeded in murdering many people; Gatwick Airport, 1996).

    Whilst (TRAPPED) in England malfunctioning ‘Authorities’ have thieved land mail from me, libeled me in the U.S.A. e.g. March 2005 and generally harassed and obstructed me culminating in me being unpleasantly TRAPPED in England.

    So, ‘The Authorities’ are often WRONG, sometimes VERY WRONG. Are they Authorities at all?

    Look at the salaries that ‘The Authorties’ are often paid i.e. quite low and correlate this to their knowledge and reliability – unoffensively, also quite low on both counts. I think that ‘The Authorities’ don’t know what they are doing here.

    Look at Ms. Britney Spears’ face and see an honest, decent face. Look at ‘Mr. Kevin Federline’s’ face and see a dishonest, indecent face.

    Partnerships end usually because of one of the persons in the partnership being wrong about something and in this case it was obviously ‘Mr. Kevin Federline’ at fault, criminally at fault.

    How can there be trust of ‘The Authorities’ in the U.S.A. with Cuckoos ‘at-the-top’? Is Ms. Britney Spears being treated properly or is she a victim of malfunctioning ‘Authorities’ and being misportrayed as a Whacko? What if she is 100% innocent, 100% of sane mind suffering a weird conspiracy/a weird murder attempt by malfunctioning ‘Authorities’?

    Is there ANY law in the U.S.A.? Or is there just a false version of law?

    Leave Ms. Britney Spears alone. Give her custody of the children, if she wants that. Injunct ‘Mr. Kevin Federline’. Then that’s it. Problem solved.

  3. geecee

    Look at that glassy eyes! I pray that she will be successful in her next suicide attempt or her brain gets toast beyond repair. That is the best thing that can happen to her kids.

  4. Bob

    Post something besides friggin’ Britney today, okay? Lame lame lame. Even all bikini day is more interesting.

  5. Benarsi Kaka

    I has it on good word that this was a reverse stand off. Ms. Britney was trying to exit the premises, but the polace were keeps her in. There is something fishy here

  6. my comment

    Is this a dream?

  7. nipolian

    See kids…..what we have here is the tragic result of in-breeding…….not Brit but #’s 21 and 42…………….Oh yeah, and #52.

  8. Auntie Kryst

    @51 Your transference is obvious, now get back to class.


    omg i feel really bad 4 britney. God be with her, her family, and her little boys. i hope they really do help her out. those doctors…unprofessional much? seriously…wow anyways britney’s gonna make a comeback and i pray that she’ll be alright.


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  10. Thomas

    For the record, I’m Thomas from #14, not the others. I have no desire to cyber in comments. :P I suspect #16 spoofed me because of the “batshit insane Islamic fucks” comment. Sorry, but trufax.

    Yeah: Vivica A. Fox BJ video. Have you seen it? Is it real?

  11. Honestly

    The only people anyone should feel sorry for in this situation are the kids. They didn’t ask to be brought into this world, and did not ask to be in the middle of all of this media and family drama. It would be awesome if people stopped pretending to have any type of sincere compassion or understanding for celebrities they have never met. Bunch of phonies. I have more respect for someone like “Sophie” who just says what she honestly feels than all you holier than thou “Wah wah, she needs help, i feel so sorry for her”. No you don’t, and here’s the proof. You’re on this website reading these stories. You’re watching the trainwreck just like everyone else and deep down you enjoy that you have something to entertain you while you are taking a break from work. Get over yourselves.

  12. Sigmund Fraud

    “The “id” is responsible for our basic drives such as food, sex, and aggressive impulses. It is amoral and egocentric, ruled by the pleasure-pain principle; it is without a sense of time, completely illogical, primarily sexual, infantile in its emotional development, and will not take “no” for an answer. It is regarded as the reservoir of the libido or “love energy”". -wiki

    Britney, call me for a session – Siggy

  13. Silo

    Once Britney gets past this, I hope she turns to doing porn. She once said she loves it when a guy kisses and licks her feet. Foot porn would be a good start.

  14. Kate

    she was probably just jealous of little Jamie Lynn getting all the attention and thought “hey I got me an idea! ” also in regard to drug test coming back clean many drugs are out of you’re system pretty quick (i.e LSD) but the effects last for hours.

  15. This woman has clearly lost all her marbles!! She needs some serious help and a makeover bad!

  16. diet pepsi

    no, I was referring to only you. Maybe you assumed that because your earlier comment about doll playing was a transreference… in that case, 13 is kinda old to be playing with britney spears dolls.

  17. PETERsin

    that joke isn’t even funny. You know she will be dead soon.

  18. Oh Please . . .

    @ 46. Capt. Super Sperm didn’t tank Britney’s career. There are too many methods of birth control that would have prevented this situation. She should have invested in one of them instead of breeding drooling hillbilly/wigger hybrids that are just ticking time bombs of insanity. Instead, she chose to “play” mommy because all the celebrities were doing it and realized too late that you actually have to take care of children and put their needs first. (Though I can’t fault her. It’s not like she has a nurturing mother figure to serve as an example of good parenting.) Cry me a fucking river. When will people stop blaming K-Fag? Yeah, he’s a douche, but even a blind person could see that. Anyone with an ounce of common sense would have ran for the hills when they saw him coming. Instead this silly bitch married the dirtbag.

  19. vodka for brekky

    Kate @ 64, you are on the right track, here’s the scenario. Shitney is losing her grip on reality, daily (media) trips to do all kinds of dull shit, that any able bodied assistant could do. Her underage sis turns up preggo, so Shitney fux the ugliest pap she could find. Up the ante, the Pap is working NYE and takes a pic of Paris and FKed, and boing, there went Shitneys last capable cell. NOW WHAT HAS SHE DONE WITH HER SON???

  20. teddy304


    she’s gonna keep topping it off for into 2008! i love britney

  21. fearsarewishes

    Former prosecutor Susan Filan, and MSNBC’s senior legal analyst, says that Britney’s refusal to turn over her children to police was “a very serious no-no in the world of courts.”

    A lawyer that describes this or any event as “a very serious no-no” is a complete moron. A “serious no-no” is an oxymoron. In fact, anyone over the age of 5 that uses the phrase “no-no” is an idiot.

    Yes, that includes you.

  22. uh oh

    breaking news says that jayden james was/is injured from this incident.

  23. lalaland

    2girls1cup now it that is the video i think you’re talking about…thats just WRONG!

  24. uh oh

    breaking news says that jayden james was/is injured from this incident.

  25. yo yo yo

    She just needs to top this latest episode off with a sex video and a theft from a department store then she will have done everything and she can retire from celebrity life knowing she has done evry crazy ass thing possible. (without suicide why would anyone want that??? superficial would be forced to shut down!)

  26. Auntie Kryst

    @66 That’s your comeback, writing out my nickname? Wow, you just passed the obvious test. You’re safely within 90% who also caught that can of corn. Playing with dolls doesn’t bother me any, mine are to scale. I don’t want to come across as too mean. You write well and I’m sure you are a credit to the yearbook staff. Britney would be proud of you as well.

  27. Auto-Erotic-Asphixiation

    Twas the night before christmas and all through the house….The whole god damn family was drunk as a louse !!! Or pregnant – or OD’d – or batshit insane!
    Even daddy Is pissed off because everybody but HIM is making gross amounts of money off daddys little darlings.
    What brilliant role models these two girls have eh?

  28. Ted from LA

    That is not-not true and you know-know it.

  29. Ript1&0

    You know, I just have to point out here – Brit, all ya had to do if you wanted to keep the kids longer was show up and fucking tell people that. Not really that hard. Wouldn’t have been much of a show though.

    You could of had a couple of costume changes, maybe some lights and pole dancing, you know? Choreography? Keep it interesting. That shit’s just not enough anymore I guess.

  30. AD

    Ah shit, now I’m gonna be wondering what happened at the emergency hearing all day. This shit is better than reality T.V. Seriously….

  31. Ah shit, now I’m gonna be wondering what happened at the emergency hearing all day. This shit is better than reality T.V. Seriously….

  32. bat*shit*crazy

    I work with the severely and persistently mentally ill…and she exhibits all the signs of an unmedicated bi-polar person in a manic state. Plus the photos are scary coupled with the video on another site, you see her in a matter of minutes go from , happy, to flirting with fireman, to crying and she WAS not strapped down when the wheeled her out but she was in leg restraints in the ambulance shortly after she kicks off the covers. The LAPD has said they are not pressing charges which would also lead me to believe she is suffering from an actual mental illness of some severity. Oh but even that kind of illness does not require hourly pills !!

  33. put the ugly people in the back

    All you fucking morons just don’t get it, why does Brit just do this or do that? You are expecting Britney Spears to behave in a normal manner. Look it folks the girl is fucking batshit crazy. What do batshit crazy people do? The exact fucking opposite of what a normal healthy sane person would do. A sane person would go fight for her kids a batshit crazy girl would pretend to be sick miss the court hearing and then go out to buy her 1 billionth Starbucks shitlatte when she knows her every move is videotaped.

    Why does she not get help for her insanity because she is too dumb(this is not a bright girl) too crazy and too much of a spoiled brat to take fucking responsibility.

    Why won’t her family help her because as much as they say they care about her they are worthless hillbilly trash and her horrific mother is one of the people who helped her get this fucked up, her Mom pimped her out like a ho for fame and money and now she’s doing the same thing with her pregnant 16 year old daughter(she sold her daughters pregnancy story for 1 mill to OK (we admit it we suck) magazine what kind of whore pimp mother does that, oh I just answered my question.

    So why don’t the courts intervene and instead of slapping Brat on the wrist take her kids away permanently and then put her in an asylum. Good fucking question. I’d like to fucking know why Tatum O’Neal who went through similar shit has never seen her kids and yet no one is really making Brit responsible for her actions. I and many others have been saying it for a long time.



    I feel so bad for those kids with the shit they’ve been through they will be fucked up and in a few years you’ll be reading about all about the misery and hell they’ve gotten themselves into. It’s a long and vicious cycle and dumbass hillbilly trash just don’t have the skills or brains to break the cycle.

    When oh when will the legal system finally deal with this bullshit and get this woman on permanent lockdown and get her the fucking help she and her pis worthy family don’t t have the mental capacity to get.

  34. MIA

    I know she’d done crazy stupid things as of the past year to get all this ridiciulous attention. I think that if she had a mother, friend or someone that served as a real support base in her life in the first place, it wouldn’t have gotten this far. I feel bad for her and her sons. She was raised to be a cash cow and now everything’s going down hill in her life, and I’m sure something’s biochemically off with her head too.

    But people on here can be judgemental and cruel. I’m sure if she were rational, she wouldn’t choose to be in this position with her family, career and media in the first place. I hope she gets the help she needs.

  35. Jonah

    Britney tested negative for all drugs at Cedars-Sinai, Dr. Pinsky says that “she has a serious psychological problem. Her chances for recovery are poor. Her prognosis is bad.”
    In other words, if she’s gonna get treatment, it’s now or never. If she is released without treatment, she will probably kill herself. And I, for one, will mourn her.

  36. I think what she need is more fans to love her and buy her CDs. and girls on HTTP://WWW.FEMMATE.COM did it. We always love you!

  37. There’s one thing Britney forgot at the hospital.

  38. IWONKY

    Brit on the gurney: I’m takin’ these here pannies off!!!!!
    Uniform in her face: Look, I’m serious, we’re gonna shove this sheet down yer crazy fuckin’ throat if you remove yer drawers in here. Nobody wants to smell that. I’d rather smell this armpit.

  39. Sure Britney is responsible for her actions. Or at least she was once. Certainly her own actions lead her here, but no doubt circumstances have too. She’s never been to bright, and has been exploited by people who have put her mental health at risk as much as she has by continuing to interview, make albums, organize tours, and all the myriad of other things that keep the cash flowing in.

    It’s funny how a child can be turned into a singing, dancing cash cow…how those in charge of raising her can fail to instill in her the emotional maturity and internal strength one would need to become a balanced adult in such a high pressure industry…but when she grows into neurotic, drug-taking, emotionally stunted, irresponsible adult, all their hands are clean. All our hands are clean.

    We say Britney is responsible for herself…and certainly she ultimately needs to dig herself out of this hole, if she’s to have any future…but she certainly was not the only one frantically shoveling the ground beneath her as the celebrity furvour has raged above.

    We are ALL responsible…ALL of us…collectively. We all in our little way keeps the buzz going which feeds into this destructive situation. Maybe some idiot making a dumb comment on a blog is only a tiny speck in the roar of attention that creates her celebrity, but let’s not forget that no raindrop thinks it’s responsible for the deluge, right? If we can’t even cease our tiny contribution her situation, how can we point our fingers and say that Britney Spears…who is now clearly past the point where she can make sensible decisions for herself, should now dig herself out of this?

    We’re all hypocrites.

  40. I hate Brit's Perpetual Whore Pimp Mother

    OPRAH, would you PLEASE come WHEEL the GIANT LOAD of violin strings and ASSCRAP that #89 just dumped in here, OUT???? You know you want it.

  41. Juliana

    My dream is to fly ova da rainbow so high

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