UPDATE: Britney Spears is now completely screwed in custody battle

Britney Spears meltdown last night will obviously cause permanent damage in her custody battle with Kevin Federline. Former prosecutor Susan Filan, and MSNBC’s senior legal analyst, says that Britney’s refusal to turn over her children to police was “a very serious no-no in the world of courts.” People reports:

As for the standoff that ensued, as well as, it has been assumed, arguments in front of the children by the parents, Filan said the courts are also likely to take a very dim view. She also said that this could pave the way for Federline to be in charge of determining all future decisions involving the boys.

Susan offered her opinion on the final outcome of Britney’s actions:

“The court may very well have to intervene and cut off visitation, which is tough for a court , because a court doesn’t want to deprive a child from its mom. This is really emotional stuff.”
Concluded Filan: “These kids are now, I think, directly being harmed by the mother who … is spiraling out of control. I think she’s just about done.”

She’s the senior legal analyst for MSNBC and Susan Filan is just now starting to think Britney Spears is a danger to her kids. Hmm, those are some keen observational skills. It only took her about a year to reach the most obvious conclusion in the history of family law. Someone get Susan Filan a cookie. She earned it today.

UPDATE: Kevin Federline slipped into court under the radar and will testify in the emergency hearing that is currently in progress, according to TMZ.

Photo: Splash News