UPDATE: Britney Spears is now completely screwed in custody battle

January 4th, 2008 // 91 Comments

Britney Spears meltdown last night will obviously cause permanent damage in her custody battle with Kevin Federline. Former prosecutor Susan Filan, and MSNBC’s senior legal analyst, says that Britney’s refusal to turn over her children to police was “a very serious no-no in the world of courts.” People reports:

As for the standoff that ensued, as well as, it has been assumed, arguments in front of the children by the parents, Filan said the courts are also likely to take a very dim view. She also said that this could pave the way for Federline to be in charge of determining all future decisions involving the boys.

Susan offered her opinion on the final outcome of Britney’s actions:

“The court may very well have to intervene and cut off visitation, which is tough for a court , because a court doesn’t want to deprive a child from its mom. This is really emotional stuff.”
Concluded Filan: “These kids are now, I think, directly being harmed by the mother who … is spiraling out of control. I think she’s just about done.”

She’s the senior legal analyst for MSNBC and Susan Filan is just now starting to think Britney Spears is a danger to her kids. Hmm, those are some keen observational skills. It only took her about a year to reach the most obvious conclusion in the history of family law. Someone get Susan Filan a cookie. She earned it today.

UPDATE: Kevin Federline slipped into court under the radar and will testify in the emergency hearing that is currently in progress, according to TMZ.

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  1. yes

    i see.
    linsdsay lohan sucks

  2. Doug

    I love her more by the minute.

  3. Tito Feuntes

    Just another trip to the dentist is all I see here.


  4. keller1974

    It certainly can’t be easy living in the public limelight, but then again, plenty of celebrities balance it just fine. It seems that Britney is mentally ill, and while I’m not really a “fan” of hers, it would be nice to see her get the professional help she needs.

  5. Concerned Mom

    I feel so sorry for Britney. I really do.

  6. Snarf

    Why am I important???


  7. JackBlack

    I see a suicide in whack-job’s future. Let’s just hope that she doesn’t take the boys with her…

  8. How can you seriously feel sorry for this piece of shit?

  9. Cameron

    At this point, I just feel sorry for her. It’s gone beyond the point of mockery and jokes…I sincerely hope she gets better.

  10. leatherdaddy

    she really went all out to top her sister. shell be the talk of all of next week. wheres her mom in all of this?

    good point #7. im starting to wonder if she might just be suffering from ppd.

  11. nipolian

    #3- She needs professional help alright. But not the medical or psychological kind…….She needs the three caps to the fucking head kind of professional help. Look at the redneck bitch laughing, not even realizing what a waste of tax payer’s money she is, or that while she is wasting the police/fire dept/EMT/ etc’s time with her fucked up attention getting game, they could be helping people that might really be worth helping.

  12. shallow val

    How ’bout if I just punch Susan in the cookie, that dumb bitch. Lawyers, always over-extending everything in order to pluc in those billable hours. Lawyers…….Pigs……can’t tell the difference.


  14. Thomas

    Jesus! Where’s the Vivica A. Fox blowjob video already?

    Britney is a batshit insane trainwreck, we got it. Thanks

    The Titanic sank, the Hindenberg blew up and some batshit crazy Islamic fucks flew into the Twin Towers. Got all that too.

    Now where’s the T&A? This penis isn’t about to stroke itself, ya know.

  15. sharpeidude

    “And in tonight’s headlines; the suicide death of former pop star Britney Spears at her home in Los Angeles. The singer was found motionless by an assistant early this morning after telephone calls to her home went unanswered late last night. Attempts to resusitate her failed, and she was pronounced dead on arrival at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center. A formal statement is pending from family members at this hour.”

    You know it’s coming folks!




  17. Thomas

    Oh baby, please tell me more about your tight pussy and bangin asshole. I’ve got my cock out and slowly stroking it for you sweetie.

  18. Unbelievable

    #8 — how can we feel sorry for her? Well, I’m no Britney fan, but let’s just say her parents have used both Brit and her sister as cash cows for years. I don’t think anyone really cares about her, except for the money she brings in (whether it be from a legitimate source, or from making a fool of herself).

    Yeah, I feel sorry for her and her two boys. I feel sorrier for the people of America who eat this stuff up. Let’s see how all of you would handle spiraling out of control with a camera in your face.

  19. I feel sorry for you

    8- Because it is not your fault that you are really ugly and fat and full of hate Sophie. God just made you that way.

  20. HELP

    Thomas, you sad, sad excuse for man. I put you at 2 1/2 inches. Try to find it so you can stroke it, ok.

  21. get off it

    11- she is a tax payer too. because she is very rich, she pays a much higher percentage of taxes than you do.
    maybe we should just bomb mental wards for taking our tax dollars.

  22. jrz

    What’s more disgusting? the pictures of Britney Spears or the budding romance between Thomas and #16 or 2girls1cup?

  23. under_where

    Britney is done. Even her hardcore fans must be putting all of their Britney posters, CDs and merchandise out on the curb at this moment. Too sad. She should have taken a page from Angelina Jolie’s book – you only go crazy for a LITTLE WHILE. The you scale back on the crazy a bit, except for short, infrequent bursts here and there.

    Oh well. She was never really destined to be much more than a post-Disney piece of pop fluff. She and firecrotch will be broke and unmarketable by the end of 2008.

  24. 18

    You still didn’t answer the question.

    & 19

    Don’t feel sorry for me. I have a great life!

    Love ya!

  25. Unbelievable

    Hey, Sophie. If you had any brain or any human compassion, you’d realize I did answer you question. You feel sorry for people when they are spiraling out of control due to a lack of people intervening who care about them.

    Glad you have a great life. Unfortunately, it’s left you nasty, unappreciative, and inconsiderate of others. Enjoy yourself.

  26. Thomas

    Keep it up ladies, I love when you talk to me that way, I almost there, please humilate me for what I am.

  27. Ng Chang

    Did i miss something where all of Hollywood got bombed and Britney is the only one left there?

  28. dr.pepper

    why pretend to be a positive person, when you are a bitter old meany that has contempt for insane and highly depressed people.

    britney is not playing with a full deck.

  29. Sheva

    Kevin Federline’s lawyers lie in wait. The custody payments are now in sight.
    This will be bigger than his divorce settlement.

    K-dick will be doing tons of good dope and lines of blow when the judge swings the gavel. And it could be going down right about now.


  30. dr.pepper

    why pretend to be a positive person, when you are a bitter old meany that has contempt for insane and highly depressed people.

    britney is not playing with a full deck.

  31. kati

    this just gets more and more ridiculous.
    i’m honestly tired of hearing about it….
    she’s a nut job.
    she won’t get her kids back.
    end of story.
    lets move on…haha

  32. Honestly, a few years ago, if you told me that K-Fed would look like a caring and responsible father, I would have called you crazy. Guess the only thing crazy about this situation is Unfitney. It really sucks that these children are being put through this. Makes me appreciate my folks even more.

  33. me

    This is what happens when you get involved with a wigger.

  34. gotmilk?

    just because someone is mentally ill doesn’t mean i have to feel bad for them. compassion is not in my vocabulary.

    Team Sophie

  35. With all due respect to the bleeding hearts, this story would only be tragic if the kids were not retarded. If you’ve got any professional knowledge at all, one look at their pictures tells you that they’re both retarded, likely due to congenital factors (but you can’t completely rule out genetics given the parents). So it’s like that proverb about a tree falling in the woods…if a kid is dropped on his head and he’s already a retard, will there be any sign that it happened? A year from now – hell, a week from now – these tards won’t remember any of this. They’re saving up their brain cells to learn, someday, like when they’re 25 years old, how to make an “X” next to their names.

  36. Gerald Tarrant

    Having a stand-off with the police is a no-no in the courts eyes. Well finally something is a no-no. I guess missing every court appointed deposition and drug test is ok, just don’t pull a police stand-off. Someone should have told Brit the rules before she pulled that stunt last night.

  37. norton

    Her demise was kinda funny in the past…. watching her self destroy, but this? Obviously this kid is really, really fucked up and needs a LOT of help.

    Thank god her “mother” or is that mothra – wrote a book. Help Brit and her kid sister but take that piece of shit out back and shoot her.

  38. p0nk

    stick to your guns, sophie. all of these pseudo-compassionate dimwits are forgetting a very important piece of this picture – BritBrit slammed everybody in her life that tried to help her. How can you feel sorry for somebody who is determined to fuck up not only their own life, but also anyone who tries to help.

    i’ll care about her when she decides to live in reality and actually do something positive with all she’s been given. karma caught up to this selfish piece of shit a little sooner than it has for LiLo, Paris, et al, but it gets everyone in the end.

  39. blahblah

    this drama is great and everything, but can I get a post NOT dedicated to the one who flew over the cuckoo’s nest?


  40. Auntie Kryst

    @38 Well said, that about covers it all. Britney was a willful and stupid bitch that, and she is fully responsible for her actions. No one should buy into that crap that she’s really sick in the head.

  41. moobs

    all you idiots who keep saying “the fans should lay off… the media should lay off.. poor britney, too much attention… blah blah” need to realize, she THRIVES on the attention, and creates her own media “hype” via that publicist of hers.

    you ask for the bull, you get the farkin horns.

    screw this loser idiot retard, she needs to get a real job in the real world to know what it’s like to actually have “responsibilities”

    she’s a no talent ass clown

  42. Chris Crocker

    “SHE’S A HUMAN!”

  43. veggi

    Has anybody else noticed that she looks pretty good – for her – in all these pictures? The best she has in years, in fact.

  44. i think she is crazy

    she is insane, not just some silly quirky diva. she is insane where she can hurt others and herself. her insanity should not be fueled.
    some insane people might like it when people pull out their finger nails.
    is that ok?
    whether she thinks she likes being followed by paps or not is irrelevant. she shouldn’t be.

    who are you to say what people should buy into?
    are you a scientologist who doesn’t believe that crazy exists?
    because it does, and she is def it.

  45. Xanthia

    jrz@22: I will take door #2; immediately followed by the Shitneyscapade.

  46. bone daddio

    if she had an attorney who is worth a hoot – or cared – they would introduce her behavior as post-partum depression enhanced by Britney having to deal with losing her career to become a mom. honestly, her “singing” was the only thing she had in her life…that was pulled out from under her by Capt. Super Sperm and a lack of cock wrappers. she’s honestly a 12 year old who was never allowed to grow up.

  47. Concerned Mom

    Wow…..some interesting comments have been posted about Britney!

    I feel sorry for her because she’s clearly not mentally stable. She obviously has gone into some sort of deep depression and doesn’t know how to get out. It’s easy for us to judge as we’re on the outside of her mess. If you had a shaky upbringing and were put in the spotlight at a young age, you’d crack under pressure too…..and that’s a fact. It also doesn’t help that her body didn’t recover from her first pregnancy and got pregnant again 3 months postpartum. Hormones can and will do some serious mental crap to a woman. (Shaving one’s head is not a normal thing to do!)

    ……And please, please, please don’t make nasty comments about her kids. It’s not their fault! They’re completely innocent in all of this! That’s just being insensitive and mean.

  48. Judas Iscariot

    Okay! Okay! Britney is Bat Shit Crazy.

    Move along. Nothing more to see here.

    Now post some more fucking pics of hot chicks in bikinis.

  49. Auntie Kryst

    @44 I’m neither a scientologist nor psychiatrist. You aren’t either so shut the fuck up, and go rearrange your doll collection. Britney is getting what she deserves.

  50. People, be advised that this is the most appropriate moment to offer a sacrifice to the deity of your reckoning

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