Britney Spears is mean to her mom

May 16th, 2007 // 96 Comments

Britney Spears is allegedly so mad at her mom for urging her into rehab she’s cut off all communication with her and even refused to visit her in the hospital on Mother’s Day.

“Britney has cut off all communication with her mom,” a “friend” of the 25-year-old singer told the National Enquirer. “She’s gone from calling Lynne ten times a day to flat-out refusing to speak to her.” Lynne, 52, was hospitalized in southern California recently when a bout of the flu turned into pneumonia. The Star is reporting a similar story. “Britney says her mom betrayed her and she refuses to get over it,” the source told the Enquirer. “When she was told to give her mom a call, Britney said: ‘I’m busy, I have my own kids now.’ “

Britney Spears has always had really good judgement and makes great decisions, so I’m sure this was for the best. As was me finding that giant treasure chest full of gold. At first I wasn’t so sure, but then I bought myself a space shuttle and decided , hey, maybe having a giant treasure chest full of gold isn’t so bad.

And here’s Britney at Millennium Dance Studio again, this time sporting ripped fishnets and a gigantic ass.

britney-spears-big-butt-candids-01-thumb.jpg britney-spears-big-butt-candids-02-thumb.jpg britney-spears-big-butt-candids-03-thumb.jpg britney-spears-big-butt-candids-04-thumb.jpg britney-spears-big-butt-candids-05-thumb.jpg britney-spears-big-butt-candids-06-thumb.jpg britney-spears-big-butt-candids-07-thumb.jpg britney-spears-big-butt-candids-08-thumb.jpg britney-spears-big-butt-candids-09-thumb.jpg britney-spears-big-butt-candids-10-thumb.jpg britney-spears-big-butt-candids-11-thumb.jpg britney-spears-big-butt-candids-12-thumb.jpg



  1. holly

    those pictures with the pylon..

  2. Dirty Sanchez

    Fat is the new black.

  3. The_Squizz

    Moooo. She starting to push Maximum Density.

  4. TexasTranny

    Damn, looks like a fucking hooker. I can dress better than this cunt.

  5. JungleRed

    That look is perfect if her comeback video an 80s jazzercize tape. If we’re lucky, Paula Abdul’s choreographing it.

  6. Kamihi

    She looks like a cheap whore touting for business, except that revolting get up was probably very expensive. Hideous Vile Hag.

  7. Here I sit, all brokenhearted.
    Tried try shit, but only farted.

  8. Fishstick

    peep. she looks like she smells.

  9. BarbadoSlim

    more cowbell?

    I’ve got the fevah…

  10. slash

    The nerve of her mom, to express concern. What a bitch.

    Britney’s a hard-working single mother now herself, so she doesn’t have time to visit her own mother in the hospital. Working on your stripper routine and your lip-synching really takes up a lot of time and effort. And selecting your batshit crazy outfits to be photographed in every day. The hat shopping alone must consume hours every week. That Britney is such a trouper… I hope the Nobel committee is paying attention.

  11. Petite

    WHY does she even keep trying?
    NO ONE likes her, and NO ONE wants to pay to see her lip-synch!

  12. Dan

    Well, her mom’s probably the one who whored her out and gave her mental fuck-job in the first place, so it probably serves her right. Not that Britney Spears understands any of that.

  13. PODER~!

    Something just moved in my pants.

  14. PMF

    It is amazing how an outfit that so offends the brain can so excite EVERYTHING else.

  15. Laura

    Those fishnets must stink.
    You know she doesn’t wash them.

  16. whoneedsenemies

    Can you IMAGINE what those fishnets smell like. Good HELL.

    **vomits in garbage can next to desk**

  17. Danzig

    Baby Got Ass

  18. Her Mom should throw a party.

  19. faggot

    dude wtf. she was bordering svelte not too long ago and in a matter of weeks she ballooned back up to lard thighs.

  20. Kris

    Yeah, her mom is such a horrible person for convincing her to get her life back on track.

  21. captain obvious

    I wouldn’t blame her, she should have started hating on her mom a long time ago considering they way she whored young Britney out for fame & fortune. But on the other hand, not so sure these rumors are 100% true; didn’t those papers also report something abt Britney blowing her mom off on her bday too? But I thought there were pics posted here on thesuperficial of Brit in some hideous outfit going to dinner for her mom’s bday. I could be mistaken. All in all, its time to retire the sexed up image Brit, you’s a has been! And have alittle respect for yourself, at least for your children’s sake, by not dressing like a street walker. I pray she doesn’t have a comeback, she is so unworthy of it. I think I would have more respect for her if she didn’t wear wigs and stood proud. Its not like we don’t already know…

  22. darockwilder

    She looks like someone who spends her afternoons and evenings soliciting “dates” under am overpass.

    p.s. Bern, new boob shot is way better. Chocolate Lovin’!

  23. BarbadoSlim

    Things to bring on a date with Clitney:

    1. condoms

    2. 800cc’s of penicillin

    3. 80oz can of bowling alley strength shoe deodorizer (I can’t stress that one enough people)

  24. Jimbo ?

    Does the stupid bitch only have one pair of fishnet hose? These are the same ones we have been watching the holes get bigger and bigger each week. Pretty soon the holes with be as big as her twat

  25. suzy

    I love you Brit, but Jack Sparrow wants his boots back!

  26. #22 – Thanks. I try to keep the boobs on my blog fresh … and sometimes black.

  27. LeeLee

    @13, Poder– maybe you should get the checked out.

    whateves. Britney is so totally ahead of us in style once again. Calling your mother is like, sooo 5 minutes ago.

  28. .
    Um…it was her MOM that forced her to get Feder-swine to sign the pre-nup. Brittney didn’t want him to have to sign one. She should kiss her mom’s ass for that or she would have lost a HUGE amount of money in her divorce.

  29. Alayney

    Somebody get that girl a bra!!!!!!!!! Her tits look like cow udders and it’s so gross! What’s the MATTER with her???

  30. Jimbo ?

    @26 Nice boobs Bern

  31. GreatRack

    You know what is truly sad…

    She actually thinks that anyone will care that she dresses “hot” or that she will have a comeback….

    Reality check Ho… You sold because you had a 18 year rack and tight abs… Two babies, a mile of cocaine and one Kfed later and you are all used up Skankster….

    Cannot wait to see the fall….

  32. Whammer Jammer

    She needs to be about a foot taller to fit into those monstrous thighs. They’ll be chafing together in 10 years or so.

  33. yolatengo

    she makes baby jesus cry…and turn a little of the gay

  34. lambman

    Brit was over weight, bloated, drugged out and had been passing out in clubs on a regular basis before rehab. Shaving her head and attacking cars.

    Since rehab she’s lost 20 pounds, started working again and is finally spending time with her kids.

    It’s insane that she still thinks it was the wrong decision.

  35. Yoho

    Fuck, her fat is coming out of the holes on her fishnets like volcanoes

  36. TexasTranny

    I’d really LOVE to sniff those fishnets while jacking-off into her pretty panties.

  37. meee

    hahaha #29.

    what’s with those massive fucking thighs? jesus christ.

  38. Jules

    All of Brit’s mom’s actions have been designed to protect her daughter…as a form of equity. So let’s not start sucking each other’s dicks quite yet.

  39. Plastic Sturgeon

    It almost seems like the holes in her fishnets are her STDs trying to eat their way out of her cooch.

  40. Kokopelli

    …i love how her fat bulges out of the holes of her fishnets

  41. alxx

    now those… are thunder thighs.

  42. Laura

    She’s got dem thunder thighs!

  43. Laura Ann

    Oops, you beat me to it!

  44. Who keeps linking to my page over here and WHY???

  45. Jimbo ?

    @38 You have a dick? I know Texas Tranny does, but he keeps his tucked between his butt cheeks

  46. TexasTranny

    @45 You know I do, so I look all girlish. :-)

  47. tequila tramp

    Oh Fuck! I just remembered the dream I had last night with Britney in it. She was explaining that she rips each new pair she gets because it gives it a funky look. Something is seriously wrong with me if I’m having dreams about this wackjob. That or I spend too much time at the Superficial….hehehe.

  48. Robin Quiop

    I saw this on…the video that is

  49. ToiletDuck

    Here is a hilarious parody of a Britney video from MadTv…

  50. jimbo ?

    @46 doesn’t that hurt? I hate it when mine bangs off my knee cap

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