Britney Spears has awesome priorities

January 15th, 2008 // 117 Comments

After Britney Spears left the courthouse yesterday and was supposedly freaked out by the paparazzi, she headed to the Gaucho Grill in San Fernando with Sam Lufti and Adnan Ghalib. Britney could’ve taken the private entrance to the restaurant but instead used the escalator swarmed with paps, according to TMZ.

You’ll also notice Britney is wearing her wedding dress – again. Apparently Saturday wasn’t enough. Some say she’s trying to send a message that she wants to marry Adnan Ghalib. I disagree. If Britney really wanted to announce her plans, she’d write it in pudding on her bare chest. She may have gone Hollywood, but deep down she’s still a Southern belle.

Photos: Flynet

  1. BunnyButt

    86, I don’t know what kind of people you’re hanging around with, but I cannot think of one adult I know who does NOT have compassion towards animals. Meanwhile, just about every child I know is completely happy to pull animals’ ears and tails, hit them hard, sit on them, and otherwise cause them pain and suffering. As with most socially responsible behaviors, compassion is learned, it’s taught by parents and/or society, it is not something a person is born with. While the capacity for learning such behaviors is innate (to most people – some people seem incapable of learning positive behaviors), the behaviors themselves are not. Humans are born with the instinct to survive – being the center of your world, thinking it’s all about you. Children are taught how to look beyond themselves and care about others through the hard work of their parents, teachers, and other adults in their lives. From what I can see, I’d say Britney had no one around her when she was growing up to teach her she wasn’t the center of the universe; instead, she was encouraged to believe it. She still has time to learn she’s not the center of it all, but she must be willing to. Awfully hard to do when she’s been as successful as she has and when she’s clearly demonstrated she doesn’t have a lot of personal insight.

  2. w

    I’m sorry, I’d just like to point out the fact that that isn’t the same dress she was seen wearing a few days ago. The dress worn a few days ago was the dress she wore to her wedding RECEPTION, however, that is not the dress…it just happens to look almost exactly like the other.

  3. mercedes

    What the hecks up with those big ass toes escaping from the front of her shoes?????

  4. fudgie

    That thing on his face is so douchy.

  5. It looks like Britney wants to become Adnan’s second wife. That is, second concurrent wife. A Muslim man can have up to four wives at the same time. Plus, if he is Shi’ite (I don’t think Adnan is), he can have an unlimited number of temporary wives, from 20 minutes to 20 years. In any case, Adnan fuck her and throw her away like a used tissue. After all, Britney is an infidel. There’s a chance she would convert to Islam so she could marry him. (Not required by Islam, but by Adnan’s parents.) Imagine Britney in a burqa. I actually would rather see her fat and naked.

  6. fuzzywuzzy

    And now I hear there are rumors that she wrote a suicide note. My ex-husband threatened to kill himself. My pastor told me there was no more selfish act than to threaten to or commit suicide as it is so painful to those who care about a person. Figures . . . she absolutely should be kept away from her children!

  7. Chris

    In the first pic it looks like Sam Lufti’s trying to do the “MySpace-self-photography” thing. “Look at me! I’m the personal bitch of a washed-up former teen idol!”
    And Adnan’s just hoping nobody realizes his new facial hair is actually chewing tobacco drooling down his chin. Or whatever the fuck those al-Quaeda motherfuckers eat.

  8. Kmart

    Looks like its sword-fightin’ time!

  9. starship

    Jesus thinks Adnan is a giant walking douchebag. That’s why Jesus hooked him up with Twatney.

  10. FRT

    Hey Look…!!!

    It’s Princess Brit and Dodi Ghalib…!!!

    Maybe Rosie isn’t having hallucinations from smoking to much crack…???

  11. john starrrr

    I didn’t know Brittney was dating Joe Hashem the pro poker player that won the WSOP a couple years back.

  12. Shallow Val

    Just a simple observation….whoever made up the name “Shitney” is a frigging genius. I love it.

  13. Cattytude

    22: *cheers!*

    54: I don´t think she is sick. I think she is nacisistic and fickle and childlish, envious and so on. I anything, you can blame her swingin´ modes on too much coke. I think the only reason she is doing this is because she can.

    86: Disney.

    95: Psyquiatrists can only help you if you are really sick and not just having a temporary imbalance. Psycologists can only help if they are good and you let them help. And meds don´t work if you don´t take them. Might want to keep that in mind.

    97: Jesus said you shouldn´t worry, because Britney loves herself and we love it here.

    What really puzzles me is why does she want the kids back so bad. She can acsesorize just as well with London. And Asnab. Who is just fugly, but hey, it´s her thing.

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  15. Britney again? why are people interested in talking about her even though these are fake things? you should know the fake news about her pregnancy and her joining the famous bbw and plus size singles dating club I can not believe any piece of her news.

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