Britney Spears has awesome priorities

January 15th, 2008 // 117 Comments

After Britney Spears left the courthouse yesterday and was supposedly freaked out by the paparazzi, she headed to the Gaucho Grill in San Fernando with Sam Lufti and Adnan Ghalib. Britney could’ve taken the private entrance to the restaurant but instead used the escalator swarmed with paps, according to TMZ.

You’ll also notice Britney is wearing her wedding dress – again. Apparently Saturday wasn’t enough. Some say she’s trying to send a message that she wants to marry Adnan Ghalib. I disagree. If Britney really wanted to announce her plans, she’d write it in pudding on her bare chest. She may have gone Hollywood, but deep down she’s still a Southern belle.

Photos: Flynet

  1. BunnyButt

    I think this guy a great catch for Britney. He’s already proven he’s got her best interests at heart. He’s helping to promote her career through high quality photo and video production, he makes sure she looks her best when in public, and he ensures she does all she can to regain custody of/visitation with her children. Really, he seems like such a great guy, the kind who would make an ideal husband. If you don’t believe me, just ask his wife.

  2. Gerald_Tarrant

    Hey BunnyButt, don’t forget he is also helping BritBrit develop her British accent. She’ll be able to expand the film offers to include Guy Ritchie films. Brit and Madonna can join forces to kill any credibility Guy has left (if any).

  3. comm

    It is a pity. Leave Britney alone. Just saw her profile on millionaire dating site called W e a l t h yR o m a n c e. c o m last week. It seems she is seeking true love now.

  4. Richard

    I agree with #44 Martha. There comes a time when decent folks need to back off and stop pummeling a helpless victim. Once it became clear that Britney suffers from severe psychiatric illness, the joke was over. The only people laughing now are the weaklings who wait to kick until their target is safely on the ground and unable to retaliate.

  5. Bob

    Ghalib looks like he’s trying to grow an anatomically-correct vagina on his face.

  6. How many kids will Brit end up having?

    Look it obviously she’s fucking out to lunch and her behavior is infuriating but newsflash that’s what crazy is. Crazy folks do the opposite of what’s logical and reasonable and they will infuriate the fuck out of you because they are so fucking erratic and off the wall. Why do you think so many homeless people are fucking nutso? Cause no one could deal with them anymore and they ended up alone on the street, it’s actually kind of sad.

    However I still blame Britney because she is responsible as we all are for ourselves and our actions. But I also blame the sick bastard that turned a young girl into a sex selling money making lobotomized fembot and I blame her fucking useless shitfaced parents who pimped out their daughters for something as worthless as fame. “Oh well my kids wanted to be stars I was just supporting them”. Ya well when I was a kid I wanted to kidnap a fucking lobster from a tank at some shitty seafood restaurant who was missing a claw that I felt sorry for (I thought the other lobsters were being mean to him) and get my Mom to drive for days in our piece of shit neon that could barely make it around the block to the fucking ocean to release into back into nature… Where of course Mr. One Pinch would be even more terrorized than in that little tank (I hadn’t thought that part out). So did we go to the ocean with Mr. Claw? Fuck no my Ma ate him for dinner and I cried all the way home and then the next week I forgot all about it. You see the moral is my mother (crazy stuff coming up here) actually acted like a mother and since I was just a little kid with no clue she um didn’t let me do whatever the fuck I wanted to do because if she did we would have lived in a pink polka dot house over run by cabbage patch dolls made out of candy that housed all the stray cats and dogs from the neighborhood and Mr. pinchy would be swimming free in the ocean instead of a septic tank.


    And someone please get this bitch into an asylum. Where are the straight jackets is that shit considered inhumane now or what? Does she have to kill one of her kids before anything gets done? So a fucking crazy person is supposed to have the clarity of mind to realize they need help and check themselves into a facility. Ok I’m just going to hold my breath and wait for that to happen.

    o Insert the sound of loud mouth fart.

    And of course this asshole is clearly taking advantage of her but, anyone with a brain would know that, he’s a fucking paparazzo you don’t date the enemy when your out of your mind and totally fucking vulnerable. Oh wait I guess that’s exactly what you do when you are bat shit crazy. He will marry her, then divorce her and take every fucking last cent, mark my words. Lastly I find it a little sick that not ONE family member is here to stand by her side. If she were my daughter I would be there for her every step of the way but, then again were she my child she’d never be in this mess in the first place because I would never let my minor child be a part of anything as sick as the world of Hollywood and it’s bloodsucking sociopaths also she wouldn’t be fat or dress like a whore.

    So I have done my best to make this as annoyingly long as possible, just like my legs, my endless list of qualities and attributes, and my husband’s thick cock.
    I’m sorry if hooked on phonics didn’t work for you.

  7. Auto-Erotic-Asphixiation

    HOLY CRAP! You mean to tell me the “Skank-H0″ is also a media whore?
    Aww man … that just blew my wholesome image of her

  8. normal folks

    #56 if I knew you and saw you walking down the street I’d keep my head down and quickly cross to the other side.

  9. Shallow Val

    56 – Remember the good old days when not every ant, flower and amoeba had rights and you could lock up people for being crazy and irresponsible? Bring back the good ole days, that’s what I say.

  10. my comment

    #56- Greatest comment ever. You should start your own blog.

    At least we know what all the writers are doing during the strike.

  11. Andrea

    Nobody gives a shit about Britney’s kids. They only say the do in order to trash her. And the people who trash her don’t care about anybody.

  12. Gerald_Tarrant

    A scarlet “A” for Britney. Achmed is married.

  13. jrz

    She looks smelly.

  14. Anonymous

    Hey comm:

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  15. I agree, #56 – greatest comment ever, you should start your own blog. Seriously, go away and start your own blog.

  16. El-Coyote

    I guess he got that chin skid when he tossed her salad?
    And here I thought Muslims could not eat pork….

  17. Auntie Kryst

    @26 spell your nickname correct dumbass.

  18. MikeyB

    Is it just me or does Adnan look like a douche?

  19. shanipie

    First of all Adnan…nice mustache douche bag.

    Second of all…can someone please shoot this hag and put us out of OUR misery??

  20. tommygun

    #68 I think Adnan (Adnan=Goat-banger in Arabic) is going for that 1985 Bass Player for Bon Jovi Look. I think he’s just about nailed it.

  21. Cara

    He’s got drool dripping down his chin….wait that must be the new trailer trash style.

    If that is britt’s wedding dress shes needs some fashion tips…

  22. Stace

    My favourite part of those pics is that the people behind them on the escalator are taking pictures of someone else – even they don’t give a rat’s ass about Britney anymore.

  23. Rome

    What’s it with Achmed’s facial landing strip anyway? Gross.

  24. PEG

    I’m not sure she really does have a mental problem. I think it might be more of an issue that she is totally spoiled and selfish and immature — plus has no brains. So when things don’t go her way, or when she tried to do things on her own, things go really screwy.

    She only surrounds herself with enablers these days, since in the past (since she was so stupid), people were constantly telling her what to do. She now refuses to listen to anyone, which is not a good decision, because she is too stupid to act on her own behalf. She also has way too much money, so she can continue on her merry stupid way because there are no real financial consequences when she makes a mistake.

  25. law student

    5. Separation Of Siblings: California policy affords strong protection to sibling relationships. Absent compelling circumstances, such as extraordinary emotional, medical or educational need, an order separating siblings between custodial households ordinarily will be reversed as detrimental to the children’s best interest. [Marriage of Williams (2001) 88 Cal.App.4th 808, 814-815, 105 Cal.Rptr.2d 923, 927-998]

    6. Child’s Wishes: The court must “consider” and give “due weight” to the wishes of children who are of “sufficient age and capacity to reason so as to form an intelligent preference as to custody.” [Ca Fam § 3042(a); see also Ca Fam § 3030(c)(1)]. THEY ARE TOO YOUNG

  26. Apolina

    Everybody thinks mentally ill people are selfish or at least self-absorbed, and just need to snap out of it and shoulder the load of everyday work like everybody else and stop complaining. Then somebody close to you develops a serious psychiatric problem and you don’t think that anymore.

  27. sharpeidude

    Why this judge hasn’t slapped her with a contempt charge yet is beyond me.

  28. Lush Spice

    #56 for president

    Also, I hope they sterilize her when she finally gets put away in the crazy bin

    Also, a big “thank you” to Lynne Spears. Thanks for giving the world this useless, selfish little bitch who is mentally still a child b/c you were so busy raking in the bucks you never taught her how to be a grown up

  29. Truth

    She’s one pig. Being watched and hooted at by thousands of pigs.

  30. PunkA

    Sam Lufti and Adnan Ghalib are waging holy jihad on Britney Spears and oing everything they can to bring her down and make her look bad. Look out poeple, you are next. They are bringing down the country one fallen pop star at a time.

  31. Shallow Val

    Sorry 76, but I’m with 74. I’ve had several people close to me with “psychiatric” problems, and I still stand by 74.

    A person CAN drive themselves crazy, esp a self-serving, spoiled, super-self-absorbed person like Britney Spears. Narcissism is a bitch, I tell you. It will keep you looking at your reflection in a pond until you fucking starve to death.

    “if it’s not about me, it’s not about anybody.” (what I think BS thinks every second)

  32. PunkA

    Two types of psyciatric problems #76. Genetic and learned. BS is clearly of the learned type. She used to function, not she does not. She drove herself to this place. It was not brought on early by genetic isues. It was brought on by poor parenting, idiots around her who fed her indulgent obsessions, and an absolute lack of normal boundaries in her life. She is a grade a narcissist who has allowed herself to become bi-polar. The only that sucks more about this is that she now has 2 leeches sucking the remaining life out of her. Same Lufti and Adnan Ghalib are probably robbing her blind and performing johad on her overall welfare. Those 2 suck the hardest.

  33. LayDeeBug

    I once know a stupid cooze (a Sagittarian like Britney Spears) who, I kid you not, while in a crowd of people, trying to tell a useless story about her pink sneakers, had the attention taken away from her for a minute when another woman approached our group and yelled out “Nobody’s paying attention to me.”

    I also knew of another one who, while in an elevator, had the attention taken away from her because of an important conversation and just blurted out of the blue (in a whiny pouty voice) “I want some champagne.” We all just stopped and looked at her, then at each other, and kept on talking.

  34. SuckIt

    I HATE this douche bag guy!!!! He thinks he’s the shit cause he’s with nitwit. UGHHHH someone please shoot him. and WTF is on his chin?!!! TERRIBLE!

  35. Kathleen

    What is everyone in the background taking pictures of?

  36. EuroNeckPain

    To #56: did you ever wonder why so many children have natural compassion towards animals ? Why most adults don’t ? It is something I have been wondering for a long time. Do indifference and cruelty come with age ?

  37. FCS

    You know I really didn’t think it was possible for her to find a bigger douchebag than K Fed. I just didn’t. I will never doubt you again Shitney.

    Fuck I want to punch that greasy mudbunny square in the nads. Just once. oK maybe twice.

  38. commish

    If I paid $46.99 for the best dress Forever 21 had to offer, I’d wear the shit out of it too!

  39. Spanky

    Has anyone checked this fucktards green card yet.? Lou Dobbs wants you out of our country NOW Assnan or whatever your fucking name is.

  40. Dr. Freud

    Uh, 82- nobody allows themselves to become bi-polar. You might want to brush up on your psychiatry 101 before spouting all of your nonsense. Mental disorders are not learned, and genetics only play a part in whether or not someone shows signs of a mental disorder. Narcissism is a personality disorder, and cannot be helped or fixed.
    That being said, Britney is an asshole. Pure and simple.

  41. HolyFuck

    Is that the one way escalator the inbreds anonymous meeting? I think my computer just crashed from douchebag overload. W, nuke LA already and do us all a favour OK?

  42. Italian Stallion

    When did she start dating all of the band members from Menudo?

  43. no one's fan

    #87, #88 LOL and LOL. Thank you.

    Justin Timbersnake (gay)
    Collin the Alchy Farell (gay)
    Highschool Hillbilly Superdouche (gay)
    K-Fuck (the gayest)
    Countless random nameless losers
    and now Mr. Paparazzi (the enemy) ???

    You can’t write better shit than this… who on earth could be next? Joe Simpson? OJ Simpson?

    Man Hollwood this is the best reality show I have ever seen, thanks for the laughs. Brilliant just brilliant.

  44. gurgle

    that is not her wedding dress:but i love that she is challenging the virginal sanctity of the dress in the stunt where she is wearing it. Go brit! you are my favorite artist yet!

  45. doctor who

    People can debate all the theories of mental illness all they want but psychiatry and psychology are loose sciences (looser than Paris Hilton’s snatchy, okay nothing that loose) that encourage practices like elctroshock therapy (which can be incredibly dangerous and cause massive neurological problems). Furthermore the idiots in the field of psychology have absolutely NO knowledge of medicine or understanding of the human body and therefore can cause much more harm than good with their unscientific of often dangerous treatments. There is absolutely NO final word on mental illness. Psychology and psychiatry are in many ways as worthless as Scientology. If they were concrete and effective they would actually have some success in rehabilitation and not just in numbing the pea brains of the idiots who buy into that fucking worthless drivel. Just like religion psychiatric pseudo science and the idiots who buy into it neatly separates the intelligent from the unintelligent. BTW the psychologist and Psychiatrist are usually the MOST narcissistic people of all and more often than not the most emotionally and mentally fucked up.

  46. Dr. Spock

    She’s either Borderline or bipolar. Her supports say bipolar because if you’re going to have a serious psychiatric disorder, that’s the coolest one to have (it’s a favorite for “artists”). But she seems more like a Borderline to me – as the joke goes, that’s a disorder that was created for patients that therapists hate. Why is all the craziness showing up now? Her mom and her manager kept it under tight wraps when she was young, and earning lots of money (for them). Then she rebelled, threw them off and made her own choices, and fucked up everything. Believe it or not, youngsters, we’ve seen this story many times before.

  47. Jesus wants you to stop spreading hate and find the love that He has to offer.

  48. lizliz

    i don’t even know the true definition of the patch of hair that adnan has. is it a soul patch or a soul goatee? i am confused by this.

  49. Webster

    Word up, Dr. Who.

  50. Webster

    Dr. Who…Word up!

    97 – tell Jesus I’m busy….

    On another note, do you know how many people in NArcotics Anonymous all of a sudden share about how they have been diagnosed as bipolar/clinically depressed/Schizophrenic? Well, Nancy…..I don’t have enough fingers and toes to even begin counting how many times I personally have heard that.

    My name is Webster and thanks for letting me share.

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