Britney Spears is homeless


Britney Spears has put her Beverly Hills mansion back on the market for $7.5 million and is offering it fully furnished. She first put it up for sale last February but took it down after deciding to move back in after rehab. Additionally, her Malibu house has been on sale since November. It was originally listed for $13.5 million but Britney has since lowered the price to just under $12 million.

Although $7.5 million for Britney’s Beverly Hills mansion fully furnished is a bargain. There’s got to be at least $2 million worth of Twinkies alone. Plus after you moved in if you opened up the oven you’d probably find one of her kids. So, you know, free baby!

And since both her mansions are up for sale, Britney has been staying in a hotel in Beverly Hills, smoking her way back to stardom.