Britney Spears is homeless

July 12th, 2007 // 114 Comments

Britney Spears has put her Beverly Hills mansion back on the market for $7.5 million and is offering it fully furnished. She first put it up for sale last February but took it down after deciding to move back in after rehab. Additionally, her Malibu house has been on sale since November. It was originally listed for $13.5 million but Britney has since lowered the price to just under $12 million.

Although $7.5 million for Britney’s Beverly Hills mansion fully furnished is a bargain. There’s got to be at least $2 million worth of Twinkies alone. Plus after you moved in if you opened up the oven you’d probably find one of her kids. So, you know, free baby!

And since both her mansions are up for sale, Britney has been staying in a hotel in Beverly Hills, smoking her way back to stardom.



  1. Ryan


  2. Hash

    first non-first.

  3. JM

    That’s the most expensive double-wide I’ve ever come across. Seriously. My shot barely made it to the other side. ZING!

  4. Aubree

    can we get some new people on here! rrrrr

  5. Skeets O'Reilly

    “Fully furnished”? I don’t know if that’s a plus. She’s been eating those Cheetos made with Olestra, to try to lose weight…I’m guessing the furniture she sat on needs to be burned.

  6. Stix

    :D aaawww look at britneypoo

  7. Superevil

    I’ve got 40$ in my pocket right now Britney, that good enough for a carton of cigarettes and a few twinkies, what do you say?

  8. Guy

    So what your saying is, she isn’t really homeless, you are just trying to make it sound more dramatic.

  9. Anexio

    Sounds like a great deal until you consider the cost of hiring a 1000 man army to disinfect the place.

    It would be impractical to boil the entire house in formaldehyde.

  10. veggi

    teehee. free baby.

    oh, and nice giant hershy kiss on yer head brit.

    and @10- duh.

  11. Is she wearing a hat made out of cow pies?

  12. FirstTimeCaller

    @8 – Made me lol

  13. Chauncey Gardner

    She’s entered a new phase in her career:


  14. melissa

    she looks so cute here!!

  15. mafme

    “Hmmm I wonder if they didn’t really like me because of my sheer talent… gosh…”

    What did we learn today britbrit?

    “Uuuuhhmm… gettin’ bah on mah looks ain’t gonna last fer ever?”

    Good girl.

  16. michelle

    each picture her breasts get smaller and smaller but other places get bigger and bigger.

  17. Kamiki

    What a great role model – smoking and looking trashy, does this girl have an education? Bringing up two kids, stealing another pregnant womans guy, smoking, broken marriage, no education(?), dressing like a whore? Is this what she wants for herself and for her kids to see her as. It’s pathetic.

  18. Britney Spears

    I miss Kevin. He was the wind beneath my tail.

  19. Tortured Soul

    #10 — hello, Capt. Obvious!!

    She looks like some woman in a trailer park pulling at the top of her dress like that and smoking that cigarette. And what’s with the two-toned hair? We’re gonna see pics of her in a hairnet and rollers soon…

    oh, wait…we saw that already, too, haven’t we?

  20. pickles!

    Someone needs to burst through those doors and give her a good shove off the balcony. Many people would be better off.

  21. Bite Me!

    Are you sure that is a hotel and not her new double wide in Fontana?

  22. She’ll be in a double-wide in no time.

  23. nannernannernanner

    @21- 12 already said that.

  24. tonya

    she need to grow she has two kids and dont deserve them. but then if social serves had a clue she wouldnt have those kids

  25. Danklin24

    She’s classy! I wish she was my momma.

  26. Matthew Patin

    God it;s hard to believe she was hot. alll along just F’in trailer trash

  27. Bite Me!

    @27 What the fuck are you retarded? Do you live in a single wide and hoping to double you living space?

  28. Penis Mightier

    ^ Preston?

  29. Vicky from Uruguay

    Mr. Superfish U R hilarious!!!

    “opened up the oven you’d probably find one of her kids. So, you know, free baby!” hahahhahahah

  30. andrew

    I actually thought she looked vaguely hot here.

  31. veggi

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and say 27 was being something called sarcastic. But I’ve been wrong before. Once when I thought I was wrong but I was really right. That’s when I was wrong before.

  32. Texas Tranny

    Awwwwwwwwwww porr baby, she can cum live with me.

  33. Bite Me!

    @33 Veggi I did not think you were ever wrong? How is the hang over today?

  34. ihavealife

    A person has to be a complete ASS-HOLE to sit by a computer all day waiting for a new posting just to write FIRST. Get a life you ASS-HOLES

  35. veggi

    ahem, excuse me. Bite me? Have I possibly known you by another name? And I actually don’t have one today……but I will tomorrow.

  36. Bite Me!

    @33 Yes you do. Check your mail!!

  37. Hey dumbfuck!

    People like #36 are such fucking dirty whores. But at least you have a life. Of whoring. And dirtiness. That’s all for now.

  38. Peshe

    What an asshole she is, why stay at the 4seasons just cause your house is up for sale…thats like getting evicted and moving into your cardboard box before the sheriff comes , you just dont do it….

  39. DancingQueen

    With her hair like that she reminds me of Harshna down at the QuickieMart. You know with the little bun on top and all. Oh yeah, I bet she smells just like chicken soup like he does too.

  40. skinnyEuropean

    @29 you stupid idiot..haven’t you heard of sarcasm?

  41. biteme2

    @42- I bet you’re fat. hahaha!!!! take that you little shit.

  42. veggi

    peace out, word, yo. and all that jiggity jazz. I’m outta here. see ya biteme.

  43. Bite Me!

    @42 Not from from asshole European’s

  44. k

    Britney is so ugly, she looks like a man, really butch and disgusting

  45. lambman

    The free baby is only a good deal if you get the little cute one. Sean Preston’s damaged goods by now, but at least he knows how to drive.

  46. Miserable Bastard

    She looks like she could be standing on the balcony of any sleazy motel in the US…

    a. waiting for a call from her common-law ex-husband who’s late bringing back the kids.

    b. waiting for a text message from her dealer.

    c. checking the time and hoping that the pizza delivery guy, who’s on minute 29 of the “30 minutes or less or it’s free” policy, shows up late.

    d. killing time waiting for the cops to fish the dead body out of the pool so she can get back to floating in her inflatable lounge chair.

  47. Lisa

    I didn’t know she smokes now. She’s getting trashier by the day, and I didn’t even think that was possible before.

    I don’t get it when people have kids and then smoke. Around 40 per cent of children under 14 with asthma live with smokers. It is estimated that children of parents who smoke are exposed to the same amount of nicotine as if they were actively smoking 60 to 150 cigarettes a year. That’s truly the act of a loving parent there.

  48. Rosie's Mustach

    Eeeeee God the old Britney really isn’t coming back is she? I feel like this is a cheap soap opera and the real brit brit was kiled by her evil, chain smoking, fat, ugly, psychotis jealous twin (who is mentally retarded and fat, did I say fat, bah it bears mentioning twice).

    This creature really gives me the willies with her brain dead the lights are on but nobody’s home perma glazed stare. Euhrrrck. Me really really NO likey!

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