Britney Spears is great with living creatures


Britney Spears visited Petco over the weekend and bought herself two new goldfish, a bird and some other items for her dog London. She even demonstrated her awesome ability to know jackshit about taking care of anything, according to Ok! Magazine:

Store employees say that the “Gimme More” singer had wanted to keep both goldfish in the same bowl, but they advised her against doing so.
“We warned her about it,” says one pet expert at the store. “I would not be surprised if the goldfish were both dead in the morning.”

Really? By morning? That’s quite a vote of confidence. I wouldn’t be surprised if those fish died on the way to the car. Guess what, Britney, fish can’t breathe under-Frappucino. Who knew? But at least you have the bird. No, wait, don’t put it on a bun and – dammit! McDonald’s is right there. You parked your car in the drive-thru, remember? You even wrote “Milkshake now!” on the windshield.