Britney Spears is going British again

Britney Spears is set to promote her new album in two weeks on British television’s The X Factor which features American Idol’s Simon Cowell. The Daily Mail reports:

The star will be singing her new record Womaniser on the show later this month, because Simon Cowell is a fan.
He said: ‘I’m really excited about it, because she has got her act together and the new record is terrific.
‘She has come back from a very dark place and is a terrific artist.’

Great. Let’s put Britney Spears around a bunch of people with English accents and see if she doesn’t come back talking like them again. Real smart. Why don’t I just start using her kids as roller skates and save everybody the rush? Then, while I’m at it, maybe start posting pics of cold cuts, so no one’s alarmed when Britney’s vagina starts popping up. No, seriously, I think I have some prosciutto in the fridge…

UPDATE: Even better; Corned beef hash.

Photos: WENN