Britney Spears is done doing this

September 28th, 2009 // 52 Comments

Britney Spears performed her last Circus concert in Vegas last night (above) which means she’s no longer any use to her dad, so it’s time to release her into the wild. I don’t know about you guys, but now would be a good time to buy stock in KFC, and vagina Bedazzlers.

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  1. firsthearmerawr

    i call a third child on the way!

  2. Dave

    i <3!

  3. secondhearmerawr

    and lots of coke!

  4. tk

    I would throw it in her so hard its not even funny

  5. fourthhearmerawr

    and maybe some twizzlers!

  6. LMA

    Las fotos se ven como el 8=======D

  7. Jeremiah

    She should do herself a huge fucking favor and take her money and move into a log cabin (that gets nickelodeon)*so she will have something to do. And stay there for the rest of her useless life.

  8. Moto Moto

    Chunky, chunky,
    I like ‘em big
    I like ‘em chunky
    I like ‘em big
    I like ‘em plumpy
    I like ‘em round
    With something, something
    They Like my sound
    They think I’m funky

    My name is Moto Moto
    You say it double
    Say my name
    Moto Moto
    Say it again
    Moto Moto
    I am nice and smooth
    So nice and sassy

    No other Hippos
    Don’t wanna get next to me
    I like em chunky, chunky, chunky
    Plumpy, plumpy, plumpy
    Chunky, chunky, chunky
    Plumpy, plumpy, plumpy
    I like em hippos
    That’s in the wild
    I like they attitude
    I like they style
    The way they walk, walk
    The way they talk, talk
    I like ‘em witta appetite
    To eat a shark, shark
    And when a dog barks, she’ll eat em too

    I love every inch,
    Oh yes I do
    I like em chunky, chunky, chunky
    Plumpy, plumpy, plumpy
    Chunky, chunky, chunky
    Plumpy, plumpy, plumpy

    Ain’t nuttin’ wrong
    With lovin’ chunky
    I like ‘em funny
    I like ‘em spunky
    I like ‘em witty
    I like ‘em smart… with brains
    Girl I Like your big…
    What you say
    Your big ol’ heart
    Girl you crazy
    She drive me crazy
    I love my lady
    She nice and shapely
    She nice and spacey
    Take so much space up
    Like a big ol’ spaceship
    Movin’ so gracious
    It’s all in the way she moves
    It’s all in the way she moves
    It’s all in the way
    It’s all in the way she moves
    When she do, what she do
    What she do, what she do, what she do, what she do
    Get it girl
    Ain’t nuttin’ wrong
    Ain’t nuttin’ wrong

  9. whatever


  10. Angel

    Woohoo Moto Moto #8. Nicely done. LOL

  11. Kim

    You know she’s really not FAT but she’s not exactly thin. And if you are going to parade yourself around in outfits like that you damn well better be thin!

  12. Willie Dixon

    Lady Gaga in 6 years.

  13. j m

    Inferior losers will always be jealous of superior people like Britney.
    They know that they will never have her talent,beauty,wealth and success.
    We’ll just have to put up with their anger and hate and lack of brains.

  14. Kim, I wasn’t aware there was a RULE as to what you could wear when you have a fit body like hers (you know, since she isn’t “thin” and all). Have you seen this girl in PERSON? I’m a female, and I’m comfortable enough with myself to say that besides her thick neck…her body is pretty freakin’ awesome. So yes, she CAN parade around in that type of attire. It’s her job…and she looks great doing it.

  15. freebie

    @14 – I wouldn’t exactly say “she looks great doing it”. She looks porky Kim @11 is right – if you are going to parade in public and charge money for people to see you in those kind of outfits, you should be thinner than she is.

  16. Anonymous



    We all know you’re just being sarcastic.

  17. girliegirl18

    i agree with you! go brit. you all are so jealous of her and its funny to read. if you could switch spots with her for a day you would do it in a heartbeat. she looks great and her concert was amazing!!

  18. What a fat, white trash pig. Don’t wear that shit if you can’t keep the rolls from bulging out.

  19. EuropeanGirl

    It’s incredible how she keeps staying fugly, chubby and totally trashy.
    I’m pretty sure she has wooden mirrors all around in her house and dressing rooms.
    Her hair, makeup, clothes, all of this woman seems to arrive directly from a trailer park.

  20. Bert

    God Damn!! That bitch must weight at least 200 lbs!!!

  21. ali

    those slutty outfits aren’t doing her any justice.

  22. Jenna

    She wouldn’t be kicked out of most men’s beds looking like that, but as a paid performer – she’s too big to wear those costumes. 11 is right.

    I don’t know why they’re pushing her to wear costumes that they damned well know don’t look right on her.

  23. Rosie

    No matter what she wears or how bad others say she looks BRITNEY is getting paid. Go Brit.

  24. Anon

    Yeah where are all the morons now saying she thin? She’s just strapping it all in with girdles, spandex and corsets.

  25. Quadzilla

    Toned but thick. Still much better than Jessica-poo.

  26. Randal

    Congratulations Britney!

    You’ve worked so hard and proved so many people wrong who had written you off and here you are, still on top of it all and in VEGAS! Talk about going out in style for your Circus tour.

    The fact that your recent album is still on the charts and selling well is a sign of your legacy in the industry. Looking forward to your next big thing.


  27. crazypants

    She’s no twig but the cop outift is hot – every straight guy seeing that just got wood and wants to apply that wood to her crazy hillbilly ass for like 48hrs straight.

    She can take the hat off, maybe, but the rest of it stays on.

  28. Darth

    Looks like she’s been a good girl.And i bet her pockets are loaded again!

  29. Nero

    Could still lose a few pounds though.Before going down under.

  30. HerPlasticSurgeon

    I see a paycheck for lipo in my near future. Britney don’t have to work out and watch what she eats. She’s got me!

  31. Tim

    Wow she really is FAT.

  32. The Rough report

    lol @ that guy. Now that’s what I call a shirt.

  33. fatney rears

    Britney is built like a man. She has a bull neck, linebacker legs, wide shoulders big arms and a big back.

  34. LIKE I SAID, until you have seen this chick in person, I think it’s quite unfair to call her FAT. She sure as hell isn’t a skinny or thin female, but I find it hilaaaaaaaaaarious that anyone would dare call her FAT. I hate to sound unoriginal (but I will anyway): I guarantee she has a better body than 90% of the people that come to this site.

  35. shitney sucks

    She’s not fat; she’s THICK. Thick neck, thick body, thick stubby legs. She’s built like a female gymnast, and god knows how unapplealing that is. Time to let methead shitney have her own way again. I suspect we’ll be seeing pictures of her soon, standing at an intersection naked from the waist down, pissing on herself…

  36. Obvious

    I heard squatney loves to be f*cked doggy style…

  37. huh

    shut up fags, your lisps are so loud the whole office can hear them from my computer
    cute little face, hot ass.

  38. me

    Tour is over? Whoa.. here comes the MAJOR weight gain.. and by the way………she looks like a 56 year old woman in pic one.

  39. amy

    I know girls who sing better, look better, are much thinner, and dance better . . . and they aren’t getting paid a gazillion bucks. Go branding!

  40. h

    It isn’t her weight that bothers me, it’s the fact that she is really masculine and manly. she looks like she takes steroids.

  41. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    I bet all the people defending her body, are fat themselves. Only a fat person would get offended by it.

  42. Rasputins Liver


    Ha! Twatney Sperms!


    That country-ghetto, trailer trash neadnerbilly should’ve called her lip-synch tour: CHUNKZILLA LIP-SYNCHS TOUR!


    Goddamn that stink footed, stank crotched/ass, ststinkin’ ciggie breathed ho-bag’s one fuckin’ ugly, cankled, porkified pile of shit!


    Guess that’s why so many call her…….SHITNEY!



  43. KB

    Whether or not she looks “good” for someone her age who had two kids is not the point here. It is her job as the type of entertainer she is to stay in shape. And she has the money and resources that should allow her to do this.

    But no — she is stumpy and over-weight — and she really has no excuse to not be in fantastic shape.

  44. What is looking like a cow, Alex.

  45. take a little care..

  46. Fribble

    Hey! It’s the dancing hippo from Fantasia!
    “Mommy! Mommy! I’m scared!”

  47. cc

    Actually, I find this more comical than anything. I mean, who the hell other than someone in almost perfect shape would put something like that on and say ‘Yes, this looks good.’

    BTW, who the fuck is left out there that pays to see this dimwit? College-aged girls trying to recapture their youth or something?

  48. sunshine

    It ain’t over ’til the Fat Lady sings. . . She just did?? Oh, uh, never mind.

  49. snakecat

    Rare Britney drunk striptease video

  50. received some weight .. but still very good.

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