Britney Spears is desperate

March 14th, 2006 // 56 Comments

12:00 – smear picture of Brad Pitt with glazed donuts. 12:01 – Britney Spears bursts into room, sweating and gasping for breath (“me want sweeties! sweeeeetieeesss…*breaks off into garbled snorting, drooling*). Either that or someone let a walrus into the local frame shop. You know what I’d like to frame? Her tongue. I’d put it in a museum where little kids could poke it (“eww, it smells like cheetos and pubes”).

Thanks to Kim for the tip.


  1. bella1218

    #17…”Shitney!!!” oh my god, i laughed so hard!!!! that is great!

  2. Becky

    There’s one sure way to tell if this is real: Flip over her Kabbalah ID bracelet. (Come on, you know it has beaded letters spelling out her name on the other side…and maybe a little heart dotting the ‘i’).

  3. brunette15

    brits just horney because of the lack of attention at home cuz k-fed is out at a strip club, somewhere he actucally feels wanted and welcomed even though he has to pay the strippers 10x more then a normal customer to touch his herpie covered bent penis thats the size of roll of pennies.

  4. slinkhard

    ‘k-fed is out at a strip club, somewhere he actucally feels wanted and welcomed’

    Feeling sorry for K-FED now, 53? This might be a warning sign that you’re suicidal.

  5. dodah1

    She is such a disaster.

  6. please, give them all a break!

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