Britney Spears’ dating her agent

May 27th, 2008 // 93 Comments

Britney Spears made an appearance at designer Christian Audigiers’s 50th birthday party and brought her agent/new man-toy Jason Trawick. You may remember him as the other gelatinous figure standing next to Britney during her Costa Rican getaway. Take note: This guy got an up close look at Britney Spears in a bikini and went “Hmm. How does one mount such a thing?” Answer: You don’t. It mounts you. ABORT!

Photos: Splash News

  1. It's me Fuckers

    What happened to her boytoy pap?

  2. Barely Stearn

    Bacon!!!! Gotta’ tell ya’ — she’s looking good here! I’m positively moist…

  3. Mel

    She’s looking rough…

  4. Hardeeharhar

    She always looks rough

  5. Jay Fro

    What we all need to remember here is that even though yes she is 30lbs overweight and has a litter of children, she is insanely rich and not horrible looking. Would I date her? Heck yeah I would.. she would probably buy me really nice stuff and after a few beers I would probably want to bang her. And guys, we all know that the crazy chics are awesome in the sack. Then I could update my Facebook status with “is fucking Britney Spears”. How cool wold that be for all your old high-school friends to see? I would definitely try and get her prego as once you have your bun in her oven you are locked in and can’t as easily be cast aside by her daily fancy.

    So to summarize.. yes we can make fun of her for her crazy behaviour and losing her good looks. But in a New York second any one of us should jump at the chance to mount that.

  6. tabby

    Is that a L’oreal lipstick that she’s holding?

  7. Harry Ballzack

    Last time she looked this good was about 10 years ago

  8. Barak Obama

    I would mount her in a heart beat! Just dont tell my wife. Because she will not only hate America, she will hate me. And that bitch is crazy!

  9. fygu

    #5 You are right
    #7 You are an idiot, and at least partially blind.

  10. Shecky Vegas

    Britney attened the party because she was told Dior was having a traditional Louisiana style seven course meal, a six-pack and a possum.. Ha cha cha cha!

  11. Guy

    She looks so sad

  12. Jumpin_J

    Is she taking tanning lessons from Victoria Beckham? I’ve got a craving for a creamsicle and I can’t figure out why.

  13. ph7

    Funny looking jew.

  14. Harry Ballzack

    @9 – and you have the brains of a kumquat – but enough about semantics –

  15. Sport

    That’s what he sees between her legs.

  16. veggi

    Is that a print out of a yahooligans maze I see??

    You stay sharp Brit!!

  17. fygu

    #7 You think that she looks as good as she did when she was 16 years old (that’s what you get when you subtract ten years–I know you’re slow.) Please go look at some pics of her at that age (I know you can find some with minimal internet research even though that might be challenging for you) and then come back with an informed and intelligent opinion. Kthanxdie.

  18. PunkA

    I guess getting off the drugs can make you fat..go figure. Who knew Meth helped you lose weight????

    Seriously, this tub needs to start a diet and get a trainer and bust it for 3 months. Then, she might be back to her fit standard. As of now, she looks like she is on her way to Elizabeth Taylorville. Chicks that were hot and thin when young, but then ate there way to fat-ugly hell.

  19. ToTellTheTruth

    This bitche’s mind is STILL on “vacation”, and right now anyone and everyone is taking advantage of THAT. Wonder what kinda car he’ll dupe her into buying for him…..

  20. Anonymous

    Poor misguided bastard.

  21. #8…Hey there Barack….very funny. LMAO

  22. Gabs

    This is the downside of the so called ‘American Dream’. I feel a little bad for her…

  23. The guy looks so enthusiastic about dating her too. I had the same expression the time they cancelled MASH

  24. U.S Treasury Dept

    17 – i think she was at her prime at 19.

  25. U.S Treasury Dept

    17 – i think she was at her prime at 19.

  26. hotness

    and this is important because……………..
    bitch is old raged and used lets just turn our backs on her so she can get lost

  27. mimi

    Keep up the good work Britney!

    You’re doin’ GREAT!

  28. mimi

    Keep up the good work Britney!

    You’re doin’ GREAT!

  29. tips fpr brit

    britney- lose some eye shadow, add some base ,powder and masacara. Do a side part and wear a stomach girdle, and try a nude lip instead of orange red.

  30. hmmmm

    christian dior died in the 1950s…i’m confused.

  31. English Bob

    Did any of you stop to think she may have just come straight from an audition for one of the Lollipop men in the new Wizard of Oz movie???? Yeh, i bet you all feel retarded now, huh!!

  32. Show Me the $

    Mounted by Brit? Sign me up!…Them hips, tush and thighs poppin down on me would be ALMOSTTHEAVEN! Luv to be controlled by Brit…Since she definitely cant control herself.

  33. nipolian

    Bitch needs some Lava soap.

  34. not hot tranny

    check the nasty deodorant stains on her dress thats what i call classy
    (pic 7 and 11)

  35. emma frost

    8th grade prom from 93 Britt?

  36. Kate Hudson's long gone dignity

    Lithium, Marlboro lights in a box, and some cheap Revlon lipstick in Camaro Orange.

  37. @34 Get a life tranny. How far did you have to blow those pics up before you could see the stains? Dickwad!!

  38. Loser for a Day

    Okay, so generally I’m a Britney fan (when she’s looking 1/2 way decent of course) but ya know it amazes me that she is willing to pay upwards of $1,000 for a pair of Christian Louboutin’s but cheaps out on $3.99 lipstick? I’m so dissapointed.

  39. sharpeidude

    Bad skin, bad teeth, bad hair, smokers breath and a stanky cooter. Oh yeah, let me have somma dat!

  40. Corlyss

    All evidence pointing to her being “better”? Wiped off the table with these pictures. Isn’t this a party? Why is there only one picture of her smiling in this set? The last one…. you suck at fake smiles, Brit. Just stop pretending and tell Daddy wazamattah?

  41. dude_on_a_wire

    Damn has she gone downhill – but at least she’s a wonderful mother and overall great person. I can’t wait for her comeback (no pun intended).

  42. Mos

    This is exactly why the legal age of consent needs to be lowered to sixteen. For those of you who forget that BS used to be masturbatory material>>>

  43. pigkeepr31

    I saw the satins too, the picture was a little close, there was no need to blow it up to see it. But, at least she’s wearing deo.

  44. pigkeepr31

    That was supposed to be “Stains”

  45. Quinn

    dermatologist nightmare

  46. fygu

    #41 are you really Randal?
    Since when is someone a “wonderful mother” when they’ve lost custody of their children?

  47. summer

    she look ugly. why she is not starting to take care of herself insted of looking for a publisty?

  48. summer

    she look ugly. why she is not starting to take care of herself insted of looking for a publisty?

  49. Mal Gusto

    Looks like Kato Kaitlin.

  50. Uuuuhhh, “summer”, when your legs look that good despite your weight going up and down more than Lindsay Lohan’s neck in the bathroom stall of a C-List Hollywood party, then I’ll agree with you. And then, and only then, will I ax yu wat da fukk ‘publisty’ meens.

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