Britney Spears is crazy? Poppycock!

Addiction expert Marty Brenner is claiming that Britney Spears is living in “a bubble of illusion” that “could end in suicide.” Her weekend exploits hooking up with a member of the paparazzi and wearing a shirt with no bra are both disturbing attempts to regain attention after Jamie Lynn announced her pregnany, Brenner tells The Sun:

“Britney appears to be crazy.

“She is disconnected from life. She’s losing it now, and she’s going to eventually lose it altogether if she doesn’t get the help she needs.

“She’s exhibiting bipolar signs and she’s clearly fighting depression.”

I think everyone needs to see the big picture here: At least Britney Spears is only flashing her nipples and publicly flaunting her rampant promiscuity. She could be trying to upstage Jamie Lynn by getting pregnant. I think that’s the worst case scenario and God, I hope I didn’t just jinx us all by making that statement. If another child comes out of Britney’s uterus, I’m going to drink myself into a stupor and, in sheer defiance of the laws of science, not yell “Woo!” before I pass out this time.