Britney Spears might be reading this

Britney Spears has become increasingly concerned with her appearance. Instead of promoting her album or planning a tour to revive her dying career, Britney is gearing up for a slew of plastic surgery, according to OK! Magazine:

“She’s always worrying about what she looks like,” one friend of the “Toxic” songtress reveals to OK!. “She checks pictures of herself on the Internet every night and criticizes every single one.”

Britney had lip injections done in October and her line-up of cosmetic work will reportedly include her second nose job and third boob job:

On her checklist: liposuction of the abdomen, hips and thighs ($18,000); a breast lift with change of silicone implants ($25,000); a mini tummy tuck ($18,000); and work on her nose ($20,000). Grand total: $81,000!

Dear Britney,

I’m into writing letters this week. Now that I know you spend every night critiquing pictures of yourself on the Internet, I thought I’d take a minute and extend the proverbial olive branch by recommending an awesome plastic surgeron. The guy’s fantastic. His name is Dr. Jan Adams and he did some amazing work on Kanye West’s mom. I even hear there’s a Starbucks next to his office. You should seriously check him out. Like right now. In fact, I’ll even book the appointment. No need to thank me. It’s what friends do.


The Superficial Writer

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