Britney Spears is blonde again and.. clubbing?

August 3rd, 2009 // 84 Comments

Presumably by court order, Britney Spears spent nine hours at the salon yesterday returning her hair to it’s original, blonde, ticket-selling color. She then went clubbing that night which is odd considering Jamie forbids anyone from even drinking around her. I bet he kissed her goodnight only to find an entire Thanksgiving dinner under the blankets. “That’s my little angel. Always smelling like gravy- wait, is that cranberry sauce? *lifts up covers* BRITNEY!


  1. eva

    This’s sad.

  2. dontlooknow

    #14: that is so obviously NOT an engagement ring.
    And why the nasty look on her face in every picture?

  3. jojo

    the crazy Brit is back! She is back to her old ways – partying, no bra, slutty clothes, bad makeup, horrible hair! This girl needs serious psychiatric help!

  4. IKE


  5. dave

    she looks exactly like jessica simpson in picture #5… and like she’s on something that i would like to be on in all of them. love this girl.

  6. She looks so unhappy. I kinda feel bad for her..Is it beacause her break with the handsome military man on “Militaryflirting.c o m”,oh ,I also just know this when I skim the web last week.Cheer up ,baby.

  7. welcome back brit

    how come no one commented on how fucking high on drugs she is???!!! don’t you guys see it? she is fucked up on either meth or extazy. look at her dilated pupils. look at her mouth. she can’t even open it! clear indicators of drug use. I don’t disapprove of it, I do it myself every once in a while. just pointing it out to those who don’t see it. Britney is coming back! yay!!

  8. qtpie

    YUP… she’s high as a kite on somethin! Just in time for the end of her dads conservatorship. And why is she wearing a cross? I thought she was converting to Judaism!? Or was it to be trendy… like Madonna & Kabbalah?

  9. qtpie

    Yup… she’s high as a kite on somethin (check out her pupils & melting face)! Just in time for the end of her dads conservatorship too! And why is she wearing a cross? I thought she was converting to Judaism!? Or was it that just to be trendy… like Madonna & Kabbalah?

  10. roxy

    She looks so damn hot. If I were a man I’d be crazy about her. lol

  11. Bo

    Thank you no.18, you are one of the few non-retarded ones here it seems.

  12. Darth

    That blond hair looks great on her! Didn’t she used to be a blonde?

  13. Boogeyman King Dong

    62. Darth –
    Do we need some serious cash again?

  14. Darth

    I was just thinking that we might have a serious fanbase.I’m not always aware of that.If it’s only half as big as i think then it’s interesting enough to do something with that.

  15. Galtacticus

    The fruits taste sour and bitter here.We’ve to move to somewhere else.

  16. Rhialto

    65. Galtacticus –

    What fruits?

  17. Galtacticus

    I’m working on some great new plans. . . We must look for some good people. . .

  18. uh

    I don’t like being too critical of celebs’ bodie, but come ON! Pic 8 is just gross. If I had any of her natural beauty (and she’s gorgeous if you’ll recall what she looked like at 19) I would shape the eff up and milk it for all its worth.

  19. britney and her nipple..

  20. £it

    Uh-oh! The downward spiral begins… again. Hide the umbrellas, close up the barber shops and hair salons early. Britney is out and about. She’s off her leash *excitedly jumps up and down* and that can only mean that the REAL CIRCUS is arriving! Hold on to your butts, ’cause nobody does psychobilly freakouts, with some cajun style, like Brit-Brit. Hear that paparazzi?! Get your crotch angle shots blocked out. Keep an eye on her every move for any tell tale signs that she’s off her meds. You could be the next, Adnan! So shave up your goatees and soul patches, hit the gym, and get your douchebag on! Brit-Brit’s about to repeat a little history, and you can help her do it!

  21. LOLITA

    Such a pity her tastes are so white-trashy.

  22. leid-girl

    not much changes…
    chewed up nails, bleached out hair, slutty trashy clothes, sloppy, no bra…

    just goes to show even people with money are braindead. Wait, britney…..brain…….dead. hmmm?

    She looks fucked up dazed out on some fucking meds. Wait, she prolly is!!

  23. yowillie

    looks great

  24. pervert

    I wanna to her in the butt

  25. pervert

    I wanna to her in the butt

  26. pervert

    I wanna to her in the butt

  27. No one got a camera up her dress?


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  30. ashley

    She looks sober, good for her! –

  31. robert

    Britney seemed to be doing so well while her dad was helping her. I foresee her falling into that same hole when dad backs away. :( She has talent, I hope she makes it.

  32. getAlife09

    omg britney you need 2 wakeup before you step outside…i use to really think she was gorgoeus but geez she looks haggered ..the shot from the back is just embarrasing .im not perfect either but i dont go around flaunting what i dont have anymore ……grow up and learn how to dress like a woman

  33. m

    Cold, Britney?

  34. But clearly something is here, who is scheduled or not – he’s tripping his balls off. Boo. Wagon to get back, Brit. You’ve got kids to take care of it depend on you. For shame.

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