Britney Spears is blonde again and.. clubbing?

August 3rd, 2009 // 84 Comments

Presumably by court order, Britney Spears spent nine hours at the salon yesterday returning her hair to it’s original, blonde, ticket-selling color. She then went clubbing that night which is odd considering Jamie forbids anyone from even drinking around her. I bet he kissed her goodnight only to find an entire Thanksgiving dinner under the blankets. “That’s my little angel. Always smelling like gravy- wait, is that cranberry sauce? *lifts up covers* BRITNEY!


  1. FUAll

    i hope not not first

  2. miggs

    Her left one just located water.

  3. okthen

    whats up with her face

  4. the heckler


  5. Adrienne

    “mah pussy’s a hangin out….”

  6. Taz

    id suck on those low hangers

  7. She looks like a typical $40 hooker, but I’d still use her thighs for earmuffs…

  8. j

    Her face looks like an old oil painting,… better than a finger painting I guess

  9. Kellie

    She is not aging well one bit. And is always SO SLOPPY looking. Clean it up, bitch.

  10. ishi-san


  11. Anon

    She isn’t aging well but she could look so much better if she tried.
    It’s not like she doesn’t know how to.
    She was once the most desired woman on the planet and always looked perfect. She has the money and contacts to hire make up artist and stylist etc again but she just isn’t interested.

    Or maybe in her fucked up head her frsgile ego makes her see herself as that young girl

  12. KK

    She always looks so haggard.

  13. ewwww

    she has dog titties

  14. MrGreenGenes

    Did anyone else notice it looks like she is wearing an engagement ring? Is this the prelude to her popping out a few more (soon to be forgotten) puppies?

  15. MrGreenGenes

    Did anyone else notice she appears to be wearing an engagement ring?

  16. anon

    Schloppy is right. She should get a decent haircut and learn how to apply her make-up.

  17. spaceyQQQ

    Great, here we go again with the vag shots. And her tits hang to the floor.

  18. me

    oh just shut up everyone, she looks pretty damn good, Her tit is hanging because she is bending over getting out of the car, real boobs do that!!!!!!
    Keep in mind that shes pushing 30 and has two kids she looks better than 99.9% of other women that are in that same situation.

  19. Dob

    Looks like a bit of hail damage in pix #8

  20. Pablo

    Britney should hook up with Jessica Simpson. Now THAT would be hot!!!

  21. Krissy

    OMG will she ever learn, WEAR A BRA WOMAN!

    this site has pretty cool stuff too!


  22. chris

    she looks like she is tripping on mushrooms

  23. FTheRedSox

    Dear god those are some saggy ass tits and is that a wig? Hideous. Take it away

  24. Sport

    Train wreck. Still and forever.

  25. Got caught in #3

  26. Upinya

    She needs clubbing, like a baby seal.

  27. Upinya

    She’s all crazy and dirty and greasy looking. Ewww

  28. thatdude

    Dayum, I love that first shot!!! That is a great looking tit!

    I love how dudes say they wouldn’t touch her when they’ve never seen pussy in real life. She’s hotter than anything you have ever touched and you know it

  29. Mikey

    That banner pic is a fabulous on of her tit. I’d suck on that thing like my life depended on it!!

  30. Annie Loves Anal

    Look’s like the crazy train is about to head into the Brit Spears station again! I can’t wait. She was SO much more fun totally nuts and suicidal! I’m wondering if I should put her back on my Celebrity Death Watch list.

  31. Lindsay

    She looks like she’s unhappy and on drugs. I feel bad for her.

  32. Venom

    She’s pushing 30 and with two kids… considering that, I say her boobs don’t look bad at all. As for her overall appearance, she has looked far worse, so give the girl a break.

    Lindsay is 23, always looks like shit, weighs like 100lbs, and her tits sag lower than Britney’s. Sorry Gollum lovers, but that’s the truth.

  33. angela

    I’m sorry – I want for her to come back – if for no other reason than I don’t want my high school years to fade away into… that.

    But look at pic #8 – and tell me how she could not be aware the back of her legs look like that and still wear that in public. And how could she not know?!?!?!? I mean – come on. I’m pushing 30 myself and by no means overweight – and yeah so mine look like that too –

    there gets to be a point where you realize you’re not 18 anymore and genetics is a bitch and it gave you cellulite. not a big deal. you just don’t EVER, EVER wear something that shows it. EVER.

  34. angela

    PS – she is clearly on something here, whatever it is, prescribed or not – she is tripping her balls off. boo. get back on the wagon, brit. you’ve got kids to take care of that depend on you. for shame.

  35. Venom

    @ angela: Good point. But a few months ago she was prancing around in bikinis and looked very toned all around. It was the best she’d looked in at least 4 years, so I don’t know what happened…

    … maybe she quit dating her personal trainer? Ehh. Either way, she still looks do-able to me.

  36. Superbiggerevil

    Back to blond again??? She’s trying to recapture the glory days of her brief career……..BITCH, YOU WE’RE 15 THEN!!!!

  37. Urbanspaceman

    Let the crashing & burning begin (anew)!! (It already has).

  38. Well…I LOVE her legs.

  39. California Red

    Put aside her hair style and clothing choices, and her fitness and figure. I would so totally take some of what she is on and get down with the Britney. That chick is on something good in these pics.

  40. Freddo

    I forget…was the superficial writer ever funny?

  41. pal

    How can any of you retards say that those are amazing tits???? Those are some of the ugliest tits I’ve ever seen. Small and saggy with nipples pointing at her feet. If it were anyone else you’d call them gross, but you can’t get over that this bitch ain’t hot anymore (it’s debatable that she ever even was.) She’s a nasty average gross bitch with the IQ of a plate of scrambled eggs with zero class or taste in anything.

  42. Chugga Chugga


    All things considered, she has pretty nice tits. she’s bending over douche nozzle.

    In fact, I’d love to suckle on ol’ lefty right now. I bet it tastes like a frappucinno…

  43. sara


    Can we get some…Megan Fox up in here ?

    #42: lol

  44. techman

    There isn’t one guy posting here that wouldn’t give his left nut to bang this bitch. She’d probably be one of the wildest rides you could ever have and you could walk away in the morning and she wouldn’t care or probably even realize you were gone. What more could you ask for?

  45. Hans

    Your ugly mother f………………………

  46. kevfin

    looks like she’s going braless again…slut

  47. KatyMakaMeCome

    She looks so unhappy. I kinda feel bad for her…I got something in my pants to make it all better!

  48. KatyMakaMeCome

    She looks so unhappy. I kinda feel bad for her…I got something in my pants to make it all better!

  49. OMG YES! she got the summertime mix I gave her. (pic 5)

  50. mimi

    Typical Anglo girl. Pig.

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